2016-08-12 Patrick GeorgiDocumentation: add start of documentation of the build...
2016-08-12 jiazi Yangchromeec/acpi: add Tablet event and EC ACPI MEM
2016-08-12 Lee Leahydrivers/intel/fsp2_0: Fix FSP reset path
2016-08-11 Ravi Sarawadisoc/apollolake: enable access to RTC NVRAM
2016-08-11 Furquan Shaikhreef: Update chromeos.fmd
2016-08-11 Kan Yansoc/qualcomm/ipq40xx: Reduce the delay in I2C.
2016-08-11 Julius Wernerrockchip/rk3399: Add code to neuter Type-C PHY for...
2016-08-11 Jonathan Neuschäferarch/riscv: Fix the page table setup code
2016-08-11 Jonathan Neuschäferarch/riscv: Update encoding.h and dependent files
2016-08-11 Alexander Couzenslenovo/x60: add info message if dock is present
2016-08-11 Antonello Dettorilenovo/x60: add GPIOs initialisation before dock check
2016-08-11 Rizwan Qureshivendorcode/intel/fsp: Add fsp 2.0 header files for...
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgibuild system: Print the content of all regions we add...
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgibuild system: drop -cbfstool-opts variable support
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgiintel/fsp1_1: Use new per-region position override
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgibuild system: allow overriding file position and alignm...
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgibuild system: remove early stage cbfs-file sorting
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgibuild system: order per-region files to optimize placem...
2016-08-11 Bora Guvendikintel/amenia: Add MAINBOARD_FAMILY for amenia
2016-08-11 Bora Guvendikintel/amenia: set default value for BOOT_MEDIA_SPI_BUS
2016-08-11 Bora Guvendikintel/amenia: Select UART_FOR_CONSOLE for amenia
2016-08-11 Bora Guvendikintel/amenia: Update flash size to 16MB
2016-08-11 Subrata Baniksoc/intel/common: Add support for serial console based...
2016-08-11 Kevin Paul... fsp_Broadwell_DE: Do not set IRQ3 and IRQ4 to level
2016-08-11 Zheng Baobuildgcc: printf no-color before quiting
2016-08-10 Martin Rothrockchip/common: Set weekday to unknown in rtc_get()
2016-08-10 Lee Leahysoc/intel/quark: Switch to using serial routines for FSP
2016-08-10 Lee Leahydrivers/intel/fsp2_0: Add fsp_write_line function
2016-08-10 Lee Leahydrivers/intel/fsp1_1: Add fsp_write_line function
2016-08-10 Lee Leahyconsole: Add write line routine
2016-08-10 Patrick Georgibuild system: change addition order of files to go...
2016-08-10 Jonathan Neuschäferutil/cbfstool: Initialize elf_writer pointer to avoid...
2016-08-10 Martin RothMakefiles: Use $(MAINBOARD_DIR) instead of $(CONFIG_MAI...
2016-08-10 Martin Strip CONFIG_DEVICETREE quotes at top...
2016-08-10 Shaunak Sahagoogle/reef: Add mainboard handler function for gpio SMI
2016-08-10 Shaunak Sahasoc/apollolake: add GPIO SMI support
2016-08-10 Julius Wernerelog: Ensure eventlog will always get initialized when...
2016-08-09 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: provide return status for all operations
2016-08-09 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: clean up SMBIOS related code
2016-08-09 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: consolidate checks in elog_find_flash()
2016-08-09 Douglas Andersongoogle/gru: Fix rk3399-gru write protect
2016-08-09 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: remove unnecessary global state
2016-08-09 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: sync events to non-volatile storage last
2016-08-09 Stefan Reinauerflashmap: Allocate at least one entry in kv_pair_new()
2016-08-09 Antonello Dettoripayloads: add Kconfig option for bayou
2016-08-09 Arthur Heymansgigbyte/ga-g41m-es2l: add cmos.layout and cmos.default
2016-08-09 Arthur Heymansx4x: make preallocated IGD memory a cmos option
2016-08-09 Arthur Heymansx4x: add non documented vram sizes
2016-08-09 Patrick Georgivendorcode/amd: Remove dead code
2016-08-09 Omar Pakkersuperio/*: Relocate Kconfig to chip folder.
2016-08-09 Paul Kocialkowskibuildgcc: Use upstream patch for aarch64 build issue
2016-08-09 Patrick Georgibuild system: drop commented out code
2016-08-09 Lee Leahysoc/intel/quark: Remove TODO message from FspUpdVpd.h
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbinsoc/nvidia/tegra210: remove unused spi boot device...
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbinsoc/nvidia/tegra132: remove tegra132 support
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbinmainboard/google/rush_ryu: remove rush_ryu mainboard
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbinmainboard/google/rush: remove rush mainboard
2016-08-08 Julius Wernergoogle/gru: Update board/RAM ID ADC values
2016-08-08 Lin Huangrockchip/rk3399: sdram: correct read obs and set DQS...
2016-08-08 Varadarajan... soc/qualcomm/ipq40xx: Use block mode for I2C
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: treat offsets relative to start of mirror
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: use region_device for mirroring into ram
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: use offsets for checking cleared buffers
2016-08-08 Martin Rothsconfig: Reformat C code
2016-08-08 Martin Rothsconfig: Remove mainboard chip.h support
2016-08-08 Martin Rothsconfig: Remove bootblock and Kconfig modes
2016-08-08 Martin Rothsconfig: Update command line parameters
2016-08-08 Martin Rothsconfig: pass in devicetree filename
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: perform writes in terms of offsets
2016-08-08 Julius Wernerlibpayload: lzma: Allocate scratchpad on the heap
2016-08-08 Martin Rothsupermicro/h8scm: Remove last unused chip.h file
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: remove parameters from elog_flash_erase()
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: remove unnecessary check in elog_shrink()
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: use event region size when adding a clear...
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbindrivers/elog: remove unused function
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbinsoc/intel/common: fix gsmi handler
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbinchromeos chipsets: select RTC usage
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbinvendorcode/google/chromeos: remove unnecessary includes...
2016-08-08 Aaron Durbincommonlib/region: make buffer argument const for writeat
2016-08-08 Barnali Sarkarsoc/intel/skylake: Clean up SoC ASL code.
2016-08-08 Barnali Sarkarskylake/devicetree: Add PIRQ Routing programming
2016-08-08 Barnali Sarkarsoc/intel/skylake: Cleanup patch for Skylake SoC
2016-08-08 Jagadish Krishnamoorthygoogle/reef: Configure SDIO D1 to enable SCS Power...
2016-08-08 Martin Rothgoogle/chromeec: Enable/Disable ccache with config...
2016-08-08 Julius Wernerlibpayload: arm64: Fix MMU range overlap check
2016-08-08 Patrick Georgivendorcode/amd/pi/Lib: Fix reporting fatal error
2016-08-08 Furquan Shaikhcbfstool/cbfs_image: Fix resource leak for tbuff
2016-08-08 Furquan Shaikhcbfstool/cbfs_image: Check for return value of buffer_c...
2016-08-08 Furquan Shaikhcbfstool/cbfs_image: Fix resource leak for segs
2016-08-08 Furquan Shaikhcbfstool/elfheaders: Make elf_writer_destroy NULL-safe
2016-08-08 Furquan Shaikhcbfstool/cbfs_image: Initialze empty_sz to 0
2016-08-08 Paul KocialkowskiUse VBOOT_SOURCE instead of hardcoding vboot path
2016-08-06 Rizwan Qureshisoc/intel/skylake: Add Kabylake device Ids
2016-08-06 Duncan Lauriegoogle/reef: Enable I2C2 for use in bootblock
2016-08-06 Duncan Laurieacpi: Generate object for coreboot table region
2016-08-06 Aaron Durbindrivers/intel/fsp1_1: only set a base address for FSP...
2016-08-05 Furquan Shaikhdrivers/intel/fsp2_0: Ensure EC is in right mode before...
2016-08-05 Chiranjeevi... google/reef: Correct SD card pins config
2016-08-05 Lee Leahysoc/intel/quark: Add missing breaks
2016-08-05 Aaron Durbinbuild system: add easier targetting of cbfstool options...