2013-03-16 Paul Kocialkowskiconroe-xfire-esata2: updated device tree (to make it... conroe-xfire-esata2
2013-03-15 Paul KocialkowskiW83627EHG: Added 48Mhz Clock selection
2013-03-15 Paul KocialkowskiConRoeXFire-eSATA2: Minimal support with SuperIO serial...
2013-03-15 Mike LoptienAMD Fam14 DSDT: Add secondary bus range to PCI0
2013-03-15 Stefan ReinauerUpdate 3rdparty mark to latest repository
2013-03-15 Wolfgang KampSuper I/O W83627DHG: Enable UART B by redirecting pins
2013-03-15 Mike LoptienPersimmon DSDT: Remove INI method from AZHD device
2013-03-15 Mike LoptienPersimmon DSDT: Add OSC method
2013-03-15 Stefan ReinauerDrop CHIP_NAME from intel/baskingridge
2013-03-15 Aaron Durbinhaswell: Fix BDSM and BGSM indicies in memory map
2013-03-15 Aaron Durbinhaswell: reserve default SMRAM space
2013-03-15 Aaron Durbinhaswell: resource allocation
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: lpc resource reservations
2013-03-14 Duncan Lauriehaswell: more ULT/LP support and minor tweaks
2013-03-14 Duncan Lauriebaskingridge: Report static temperature in _TMP
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: remove CONFIG_GFXUMA
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinx86: improve lb_cleanup_memory_ranges
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinbaskingridge: dev, recovery, and WP switch support
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinbaskingridge: update gpio map documentation
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: Add VGA PCI ID mappings
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinbaskingridge: zero out alt_gp_smi_en in devicetree
2013-03-14 Stefan Reinauerbaskingridge: rename graysreef to baskingridge
2013-03-14 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Update device IDs and clock gating setup
2013-03-14 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Add new GPIO interface for Lynxpoint-LP
2013-03-14 Duncan Lauriehaswell: Add ULT CPUID and updated microcode
2013-03-14 Duncan Lauriehaswell: Add ULT device IDs
2013-03-14 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Add Kconfig entry for Low Power chipset
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: ME to BIOS Payload Updates
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinlynx point: add new ME status information
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbingraysreef: update platform information
2013-03-14 Christian GmeinerOT200: reset MFGTP7 (backlight pwm)
2013-03-14 Duncan Lauriehaswell: remove GPIO60 memory reset gate on S3 transition
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: remove explicit pcie config accesses
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: PMIR register rename
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: Management Engine Updates
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: Properly Guard Engergy Policy by CPUID
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: add PCI id support
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: Remove logic to send dram init done to ME
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinbasking ridge: update gpio, spd addresses, and OC
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: notes and updates.
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: align pei_data structure with intel-framework
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: use #defines for constants in udelay.c
2013-03-14 Aaron DurbinMainboard: Add support for Grays Reef
2013-03-14 Duncan Lauriehaswell: Add LPT LP device IDs to platform report
2013-03-14 Duncan Lauriehaswell: Update GPU power management setup
2013-03-14 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Update IOBP programming method
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinx86: SMM Module Support
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinlibpayload: add support for vboot_handoff
2013-03-14 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Turn the endian conversion macros into...
2013-03-14 Stefan ReinauerSupport ITE IT8518 embedded controller running Quanta...
2013-03-14 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Generalize and redistribute timekeeping...
2013-03-14 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Put dump_td/dump_ed in ohci.c behind #ifdef...
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: always use MMIO PCI config accesses
2013-03-14 Aaron Durbinhaswell: Add initial support for Haswell platforms
2013-03-14 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Don't declare the loop counter within the...
2013-03-13 David Hendricksexynos5250: add RAM resource beginning at physical...
2013-03-13 Mike LoptienEagleheights DSDT: Grant OS control through OSC
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Don't do unaligned accesses during LZMA...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Add size_t and ssize_t types for ARM and x86
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Move over to the payload's stack during...
2013-03-13 David Hendricksexynos5250/snow: enable branch prediction
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: ARCH-$(CONFIG_ARCH_ARMV7) was defined twice...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Add usb_generic_(create|remove) functions...
2013-03-13 Julius Wernerlibpayload: Split EHCI bulk transfers on packet boundar...
2013-03-13 Vincent Palatinlibpayload: add support for 64-bit EHCI controllers
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Stub out time keeping functions for ARM...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: If no video drivers initialize in video_ini...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: If there's no IO address space, don't try...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: If there's no IO space, complain if the...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Consolidate io vs. mem mapped serial into...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Make whether or not there's an IO address...
2013-03-13 Stefan ReinauerUpdate 3rdparty mark to latest repository
2013-03-13 Ronald G. Minnichlibpayload: Start using only internal and compiler...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Add more parenthesis to the endian conversi...
2013-03-13 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Make the source for lzma decompression...
2013-03-13 Paul Menzelsrc/mainboard: Drop redundant `CHIP_NAME` again for...
2013-03-13 Hung-Te Linlibpayloads: Provide BSD/glibc style endian functions.
2013-03-13 David Hendricksexynos5250: Don't set PS_HOLD in bootblock_cpu_init
2013-03-13 David Hendricksexynos5250/snow: call PMIC's power_init() function
2013-03-12 Gabe Blacklibpayload: Remove unnecessary include of arch/msr.h
2013-03-12 Gabe Blacklibpayload: In the USBMSC read_capacity function, make...
2013-03-12 Paul MenzelAMD CIMx SB800: Enable AHCI mode for SATA controller...
2013-03-12 Patrick Georgiwatchdog.h: Fix compile time error on disabling watchdo...
2013-03-12 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Fix reading x86 CBFS images from RAM
2013-03-12 Vadim BendeburyFix 'git describe' invocation
2013-03-11 Patrick Georgipci.h: Drop unused `mainboard_pci_subsystem*` prototypes
2013-03-11 Paul MenzelASUS M5A88-V: Kconfig: Fix mainboard model name
2013-03-08 Marc JonesAdd Intel Panther Point USB3 initialization
2013-03-08 Mike LoptienPersimmon DSDT: Add secondary bus range to PCI0
2013-03-08 David HendricksEliminate do_div().
2013-03-08 Kimarie HootAMD Inagua: Use SPD read code from F14 wrapper
2013-03-08 Paul MenzelAMD CIMx SB800 boards: platform_cfg.h: Integrate Kconfi...
2013-03-08 Paul MenzelAMD Persimmon: mainboard.c: Make comment generic to...
2013-03-08 Kimarie HootAMD Union Station: Use SPD read code from F14 wrapper
2013-03-08 Kimarie HootAMD South Station: Use SPD read code from F14 wrapper
2013-03-08 Ronald G. MinnichARMV7 and Google/Snow: Add exception support code to...
2013-03-08 Konstantin... AGESA: Fix CR0_PE bit define
2013-03-08 Konstantin... Supermicro H8QGI: set up right frequency limits for...
2013-03-08 Konstantin... AGESA: Fix bug in AMD_DISABLE_STACK_FAMILY_HOOK_F15
2013-03-07 Jens RottmannFrontRunner/Toucan-AF: lower SPI speed to 22 MHz