2016-04-19 Paul Kocialkowskichromeos: Allow disabling vboot firmware verification... libreboot
2016-04-19 Patrick Georgirockchip/rk3288: UART uses 32bit wide registers
2016-04-19 Patrick Georgilibpayload: use 32bit access when accessing 4byte wide...
2016-04-19 Paul Kocialkowskiutil: xcompile: Detect toolchains with bare arm prefix
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: allow modifying cbfstool options for... stable
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: Unwind multi-region cbfstool add commands
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: deduplicate users of cbfs-add-cmd
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: deduplicate use of cbfs-autogen-attributes
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: deduplicate the addition of alignment...
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: pass $(file) explicitly
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: separate cbfstool add invocations into...
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgibuild system: reformat cbfs-add-cmd
2016-01-29 Timothy Pearsonsouthbridge/amd/sb700: Add CMOS option to disable legac...
2016-01-29 Iru Caimainboard/cubieboard: use bootblock_mainboard_early_init
2016-01-29 Jean Lucasgoogle/peppy/Kconfig: Move select MAINBOARD_DO_NATIVE_V...
2016-01-29 Hannah Williamssoc/braswell: Fix Global NVS base address
2016-01-29 Martin Rothsrc/: Chmod 644 all .c, .h, .asl, .inc, .cb, .hex,...
2016-01-29 Martin Rothboard_status/ get rid of colons in dir...
2016-01-29 Subrata Banikintel/skylake: Implement native Cache-as-RAM (CAR)
2016-01-29 Patrick Georgiarch/arm64: Override bl31 timestamp with coreboot build...
2016-01-28 Timothy Pearsonsuperio/winbond/w83667hg-a: Add support for W83667HG-A
2016-01-28 Timothy Pearsonsouthbridge/amd/sb700: Add missing DMA setup step from...
2016-01-28 Timothy Pearsonmainboard/asus/kgpe-d16: Use stock PS/2 ACPI ASL file
2016-01-28 Timothy Pearsonmainboard/asus/kgpe-d16: Enable ASUS MIO audio option
2016-01-28 Timothy Pearsonmainboard/asus/kgpe-d16: Move memory test before IMD...
2016-01-28 Timothy Pearsonnb/amdmct/mct_ddr3: Enable mainboard voltage set
2016-01-28 Timothy Pearsoncpu/amd/fam10h-fam15h: Correctly create APIC ID on...
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitmb/gigabyte/ga-g41m-es2l: Remove PMBASE settings and...
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitmb/gigabyte/ga-g41m-es2l: Remove copy-pasted cstates
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitmb/gigabyte/ga-g41m-es2l: Move MMCONF base address...
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitnb/intel/x4x: Move to early cbmem
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitnb/intel/x4x: Cleanup gma.c
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitnb/intel/x4x: Tidy up raminit and fix msbpos() function
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitnb/intel/x4x: Tidy up northbridge
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitnb/intel/x4x: Fix memory hole with both channels populated
2016-01-28 Martin Rothsrc/: give scripts a .sh extension for easy identification
2016-01-28 Patrick Georgivia/cx700: Use zeroptr over 0
2016-01-28 Patrick GeorgiProvide a gcc-safe zero pointer
2016-01-28 shkimsoc/braswell: Add interface to program USB2_COMPBG...
2016-01-28 Freddy Paulec/google/chromeec/acpi :Enable DPTF charger/TSR1/TSR2...
2016-01-28 Jenny TCsoc/braswell/acpi/DPTF: Write TCHG state on AC connect.
2016-01-28 Divagar Mohandassintel/strago: Update DPTF parameters to higher temperature.
2016-01-28 Hannah Williamssoc/braswell/acpi: Fix CID1 offset in comment
2016-01-28 Hannah Williamssoc/braswell: Fix for auto wake from S5
2016-01-28 Kumar, Gomathiintel/strago: Fix for Crossystem "wpsw_cur" status
2016-01-28 Ravi Sarawadisoc/braswell: Fix issues found during static code analysis
2016-01-28 Hannah Williamsintel/strago: Get Boot Flash Write Protect status
2016-01-28 Kenji ChenBraswell: Separate L1 Sub State init procedure for...
2016-01-28 Shobhit SrivastavaStrago: Enable CA Mirror
2016-01-28 Hannah Williamsintel/cyan: Disable SD Card Detect Simulation in FSP
2016-01-28 Hannah WilliamsStrago: Disable SD Card Detect Simulation in FSP
2016-01-28 Divya Sasidharansoc/braswell: Disable SD card detect simulation in FSP
2016-01-28 Hannah Williamssoc/braswell: Set max frequency to be turbo frequency
2016-01-28 Hannah Williamsintel/strago: Remove support for older rev boards
2016-01-28 Hannah Williamssoc/braswell: Configure Boot Flash Write Protect status...
2016-01-28 Jagadish Krishnamoorthyintel/strago: Enable native mode on sd card cd line
2016-01-28 Jagadish Krishnamoorthyintel/strago: Disable unused lines on Gpio North Bank
2016-01-28 fdurairxsoc/braswell: Fix DSP clock
2016-01-28 Aaron Durbinutil/cbfstool: add 'compact' command
2016-01-28 Aaron Durbinutil/cbfstool: add machine parseable print
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitmb/intel/d510mo: Use SATA AHCI by default
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitmb/intel/d510mo: Use native gfx initialization
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitmb/intel/d510mo: Add CPU, SMI-trap and PIC to DSDT
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitmb/intel/d510mo: Add missing GPIO and GPEN
2016-01-28 Damien Zammitnb/intel/pineview: Native VGA init (CRT)
2016-01-28 Lee Leahydrivers/intel/fsp1_1: Remove extra include references
2016-01-27 Nico HuberMove object files to $(obj)/<class>/
2016-01-27 Nico HuberMakefile: Make full use of src-to-obj macro
2016-01-27 Kane Chenintel/strago: Set LPC_CLKRUNB to PU_20K to solve leakag...
2016-01-27 Divagar Mohandassintel/strago: EC_IN_RW gpio input configuration.
2016-01-27 Divagar Mohandassintel/strago: Clean up DDR configuration.
2016-01-27 Divagar Mohandassintel/strago: Disable unused devices.
2016-01-27 Shobhit Srivastavasoc/braswell: Fix leakage on V1P8S rail
2016-01-27 Hannah Williamssoc/braswell: Add macro NATIVE_INT_PU20K
2016-01-27 Hannah Williamsintel/strago: Fix GPIO config
2016-01-27 Hannah Williamssoc/braswell: Update FspUpdVpd.h for PcdSdDetectChk...
2016-01-27 Lee Leahydrivers/intel/fsp1_1: Enable builds without MRC cache
2016-01-27 Martin Rothintel/sklrvp: Remove mainboard
2016-01-27 Andrey Korolyovectool: fix NetBSD compilation
2016-01-27 Julius Wernerchromeos: vpd: Avoid reading uninitialized VPDs
2016-01-27 Julius Wernerchromeos: Add timestamps to measure VPD read times
2016-01-27 Werner Zehcbfstool: Fix broken alignment because of flashmap
2016-01-27 Patrick Georgibuild system: Fix UPDATE_IMAGE
2016-01-26 Stefan Reinauerarch/x86: Drop arch/pciconf.h
2016-01-26 Patrick Georgixcompile: fill in power8 64bit LE
2016-01-26 Patrick Georgixcompile: also look for *-linux compiler triplet
2016-01-26 Patrick Georgixcompile: document all the variables!
2016-01-26 Aaron Durbincbfstool: provide buffer_offset()
2016-01-26 Patrick Georgicrossgcc: Enable powerpc64-linux target without ppc64...
2016-01-26 Werner Zehcbfstool: Fix compile issue for older gcc versions
2016-01-26 Subrata BanikBraswell: Implement Gpio library functions to read...
2016-01-26 Damien Zammitnb/intel/pineview: Increase MMCONF decoding to 256...
2016-01-26 Martin error if UPDATE_IMAGE is enabled with...
2016-01-26 Andrey Korolyovsuperiotool: fix out-of-box NetBSD Makefile support
2016-01-26 Nico Huberbuildgcc: Help GMP build with 32-bit NetBSD
2016-01-26 Martin Rothsrc/arch: Update license headers missing paragraph 2
2016-01-26 Martin Rothga-g41m-es2l: Instead of forcing native VGA, make it...
2016-01-26 Damien Zammitmainboard/intel/d510mo: Licence fixes and azalia verb...
2016-01-26 Patrick Georgiarch/x86: move SetCodeSelector to .text segment
2016-01-25 Nico Huberutil: Look for python2 binary instead of python