2013-04-06 Paul KocialkowskiP5KPL-AM support. Relevant infos: p5kpl-am
2013-04-06 Ronald G. Minnichexynos5250: add a chip.h file for the display register...
2013-04-05 Aaron Durbinmtrr: add rom caching comment about hyperthreads
2013-04-05 Stefan Taunerinteltool: use inttypes for prints in memory.c
2013-04-05 Ronald G. Minnichexynos5-common: get rid of displayport trial code
2013-04-05 Paul Menzelinteltool: cpu.c: Use conversion specifier `u` for...
2013-04-04 Paul Menzellibpayload, superiotool: README: Prepend `coreboot...
2013-04-04 Paul Menzelinteltool: Cast to `intptr_t` instead of `uint64_t`
2013-04-04 Kyösti MälkkiAMD: Drop six copies of wrmsr_amd and rdmsr_amd
2013-04-04 Paul Menzelsuperiotool: Update README with Git repository URL...
2013-04-04 Paul MenzelAMD GX1: Remove useless copied header file `northbridge.h`
2013-04-03 Stefan Reinauerlynxpoint: Cosmetic cleanup
2013-04-03 Jens RottmannPartially revert "AMD Inagua: broadcom.c: Add missing...
2013-04-03 Aaron Durbinsandybridge: enable ROM caching
2013-04-03 Aaron Durbinhaswell: enable ROM caching
2013-04-03 Aaron Durbinhaswell: keep ROM cache enabled
2013-04-03 Aaron Durbinhaswell: use new interface to disable rom caching
2013-04-03 Paul Menzelintel/microcode.h: Fix typo in comment: micr*o*code
2013-04-03 Siyuan WangAdd PXE ROM selection to Kconfig menu
2013-04-03 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: Kconfig: Remove `WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS...
2013-04-03 Paul Menzelinteltool: Use `ll` instead of `l` as the length modifi...
2013-04-03 Stefan Reinauercbfstool: Replace C++ code with C code
2013-04-02 Stefan Reinauercbfstool: fix --machine
2013-04-02 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: buildOpts.c: Add missing memory related...
2013-04-02 Paul Menzellibpayload: cbfs_core.h: Add missing third person s...
2013-04-01 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Move ACPI NVS into separate CBMEM table
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinboot: add disable_cache_rom() function
2013-04-01 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Basic configuration of SerialIO devices
2013-04-01 Duncan Lauriewtm2: Enable SerialIO devices in ACPI mode
2013-04-01 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Fix LP clock gating setup for LPC
2013-04-01 Stefan TaunerMinor Kconfig help text fix
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinchromeos: honor MOCK_TPM=1
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: fix enable_pm1() function
2013-04-01 Paul MenzelPDCurses: pdcscrn.c: Use `#ifdef` instead of `#if CONFI...
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: split clearing and enabling of smm
2013-04-01 Paul Menzelinteltool: Allow to override Makefile variables
2013-04-01 Nico Huberinteltool: Add Cougar/Panther Point GPIO defaults
2013-04-01 Nico Huberinteltool: Add option to show differences in GPIO setup
2013-04-01 Paul MenzelWinbond W83627HF: Rename and move ASL snippet to `acpi...
2013-04-01 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: mptable.c: Remove unused variable `dev`
2013-04-01 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: mptable.c: Include `cpu/amd/amdfam14...
2013-04-01 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: mainboard.c: Include `cimx_util.h` for...
2013-04-01 Nico Huberinteltool: Support PM registers on Cougar/Panther Point
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinwtm2: select write-combining memory for graphics
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinlink: select write-combining memory for graphics
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinpci: don't load vga option rom before S3 check
2013-04-01 Christian Gmeinerconsole: Make use of CONFIG_USE_OPTION_TABLE
2013-04-01 Martin RothAMD hudson & SB800 - Fix issues with mawk
2013-03-31 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Rework ACPI NVS to add new SerialIO variables
2013-03-30 Duncan Lauriewtm1/wtm2/baskingridge: Enable TPM ACPI device
2013-03-30 David Hendricksarmv7: import updated cache/MMU stuff from coreboot
2013-03-30 David Hendricksarmv7: import new cache maintenance API from coreboot
2013-03-30 Kyösti Mälkkix86: Drop BOARD_HAS_FADT
2013-03-30 Nico Huberinteltool: Add Cougar/Panther Point IDs to rootcmplx.c
2013-03-30 Paul MenzelAMD Hudson boards: Use `hudson.h` for `pm_ioread` and...
2013-03-30 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: irq_tables.c: Include `cpu/amd/amdfam14...
2013-03-30 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: get_bus_conf.c: Include `agesawrapper...
2013-03-30 Paul MenzelASRock E350M1: PlatformGnbPcie.c: Do not return anythin...
2013-03-30 David Hendricksarmv7: change some unsigned ints to uint32_t
2013-03-29 David Hendricksarmv7: remove loop from dcache_mmu_disable()
2013-03-29 David Hendrickssnow: explicitly configure L2 cache
2013-03-29 David Hendricksexynos5250: Add function for configuring L2 cache
2013-03-29 Paul MenzelAMD CIMx SB800: Update Kconfig help texts to new SATA...
2013-03-29 Paul Menzelsuperiotool: Allow to override Makefile variables ...
2013-03-29 David Hendricksarmv7: update sync barrier usage in dcache_op_set_way()
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinwtm2: auto-select CACHE_ROM
2013-03-29 Paul MenzelAMD Inagua: Kconfig: Remove `WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS` to...
2013-03-29 Paul MenzelAMD Inagua: broadcom.c: Add missing prototype for ...
2013-03-29 Nico Huberinteltool: Support GPIO registers on Cougar/Panther...
2013-03-29 Nico Huberinteltool: Add definitions for Cougar/Panther Point...
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbingoogle boards: auto-select CACHE_ROM
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinx86: mtrr: optimize hole carving above 4GiB
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinx86: mtrr: add hole punching support
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinmemrange: add 2 new range_entry routines
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinchromeos: remove CACHE_ROM automatic selection
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinlibpayload: add x86 ROM variable MTRR support
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinx86: add rom cache variable MTRR index to tables
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinsandybridge: add option to mark graphics memory write...
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinhaswell: add option to mark graphics memory write-combi...
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinx86: mtrr: add CONFIG_CACHE_ROM support
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinmtrr: honor IORESOURCE_WRCOMB
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinlib: add memrange infrastructure
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinstdlib: add ALIGN_UP and ALIGN_DOWN macros
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinresources: introduce IORESOURCE_WRCOMB
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinresources: remove IORESOURCE_[UMA_FB|IGNORE_MTRR]
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbinx86: add new mtrr implementation
2013-03-29 Aaron Durbincoreboot table: use memrange library
2013-03-29 David Hendricksarmv7: set cache level explicitly for dcache/unified...
2013-03-29 David Hendricksarmv7: invalidate TLB after changing translation table...
2013-03-29 David Hendricksarmv7: iterate thru all levels when doing dcache ops
2013-03-29 David Hendricksarmv7: add functions for reading/writing L2CTLR
2013-03-29 David Hendricksarmv7: use stdint.h in cache and MMU files
2013-03-28 David Hendricksarmv7: added paranoia for cache library
2013-03-28 David Hendricksarmv7: clean+invalidate all cache levels when disabling MMU
2013-03-28 David Hendricksarmv7: cosmetic changes to dcache_op_mva()
2013-03-28 David Hendricksarmv7: fix a bad variable assignment
2013-03-28 David Hendricksarmv7: pass incremented value to dccimvac
2013-03-28 Nico Hubercrossgcc: Fix building with texinfo-5.x
2013-03-27 David Hendricksexynos5250: assign RAM resources in cpu_init()
2013-03-27 Aaron Durbincbfstool: Add update-fit command