last changeSat, 13 Aug 2016 00:46:19 +0000 (02:46 +0200)
2016-08-13 Julius Wernerlibpayload: head.S: Avoid clearing BSS (and heap) again master
2016-08-12 Julius Wernerlibpayload: cbfs: Fix minor memory leak in some edge...
2016-08-12 Patrick GeorgiDocumentation: add start of documentation of the build...
2016-08-12 jiazi Yangchromeec/acpi: add Tablet event and EC ACPI MEM
2016-08-12 Lee Leahydrivers/intel/fsp2_0: Fix FSP reset path
2016-08-11 Ravi Sarawadisoc/apollolake: enable access to RTC NVRAM
2016-08-11 Furquan Shaikhreef: Update chromeos.fmd
2016-08-11 Kan Yansoc/qualcomm/ipq40xx: Reduce the delay in I2C.
2016-08-11 Julius Wernerrockchip/rk3399: Add code to neuter Type-C PHY for...
2016-08-11 Jonathan Neuschäferarch/riscv: Fix the page table setup code
2016-08-11 Jonathan Neuschäferarch/riscv: Update encoding.h and dependent files
2016-08-11 Alexander Couzenslenovo/x60: add info message if dock is present
2016-08-11 Antonello Dettorilenovo/x60: add GPIOs initialisation before dock check
2016-08-11 Rizwan Qureshivendorcode/intel/fsp: Add fsp 2.0 header files for...
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgibuild system: Print the content of all regions we add...
2016-08-11 Patrick Georgibuild system: drop -cbfstool-opts variable support
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