kevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI interrupt latency
[cros-ec.git] / .gitignore
2016-04-28 Bill RichardsonTell git to ignore all private subdirectories
2016-04-15 Vadim Bendeburymake: allow to see boards failed when making 'buildall'
2015-07-10 Bill RichardsonUpdate .gitignore for new private repo
2014-03-31 Bill RichardsonAdd TAGS and cscope.* to .gitignore
2014-02-06 Vic (Chun-Ju) YangAdd presubmit check for unit test
2013-04-30 Vic YangAdd cscope.out to .gitignore
2013-02-06 Vic YangMask 'tags' in .gitignore
2012-10-04 Simon GlassRemove some extensions from .gitignore
2012-02-15 GerritMerge "stm32l: Add skeleton for Daisy board"
2012-02-15 GerritMerge "Refactor power button module to support lid...
2012-02-14 Dave Parkerec: Add "private/" to .gitignore.
2012-02-09 Dave ParkerMerge development work from private blizzard.git repo.
2011-12-07 Vincent PalatinInitial sources import 3/3
2011-10-27 Louis Yung-Chieh LoLink keyboard-related code together.
2011-10-26 Louis Yung-Chieh LoMerge "The keyboard interface between EC core and EC...
2011-10-24 Randall SpanglerAdd top-level makefile
2011-10-24 Randall SpanglerMerge "Start implementing host-side EcUart module"
2011-10-24 Randall SpanglerMerge "Add EcOs RTOS abstraction layer and pthreads...
2011-10-24 Randall SpanglerMerge "Add ec_uartd utility"
2011-10-21 Dave ParkerMask out board and vendor sub-projects with .gitignore