kevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI interrupt latency
[cros-ec.git] / Makefile.rules
2016-07-13 Daisuke Nojiricts: Build CTS suites in buildall
2016-06-22 Shawn Nematbakhshbuild: Skip cr50 board in `make buildall` if private...
2016-06-09 Shawn Nematbakhshmake: Fix npcx compile error due to missing ecst binary
2016-05-04 Dino Liboard: rename it8380dev to it83xx_evb
2016-04-15 Vadim Bendeburymake: allow to see boards failed when making 'buildall'
2016-02-27 Vadim Bendeburycr50: use the correct signer invocation options
2016-02-08 Vadim Bendeburycr50: provide plumbing for prod mode RO signing
2015-12-09 Vadim Bendeburycr50: add ability to include two identical RW sections...
2015-11-11 Aseda Aboagyeconsole: Add support for using EC-3PO console.
2015-11-10 Vadim Bendeburycr50: make customized RO work
2015-10-02 Bill RichardsonCause "make buildall -j" to yell about failures.
2015-09-30 Vadim Bendeburycr50: upgrade signer to latest and greatest
2015-09-26 Bill Richardsoncleanup: Handle signed RW images a bit cleaner
2015-09-24 Bill RichardsonMake builds repeatable.
2015-09-21 Bill RichardsonDefine SECTION=* and SECTION_IS_* when compiling
2015-09-21 Bill Richardsoncleanup: Remove old vboot cruft from Makefile.rules
2015-09-16 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Rename geometry constants
2015-08-25 Vadim Bendeburycr50: add plumbing for signing CR50 RO images
2015-08-11 Bill RichardsonAllow for private board configurations
2015-07-30 Aseda AboagyeMakefile.rules: Fix build timestamp.
2015-07-25 Ian Chaonuc:
2015-07-17 Aseda Aboagyebuild-infr: Add support for shared RO library.
2015-07-16 Anton StaafRyu: Add flash_dfu makefile rule to use dfu-util
2015-06-26 Ian Chaonuc: Add SHI driver for arm-based platform in chip...
2015-06-18 Bill Richardsoncleanup: Update Makefile's .PHONY targets
2015-05-26 Anton StaafFlashing: Add flash_ec rule to simplify flashing
2015-05-15 Vincent PalatinUse GCC instead of LD to trigger the linker
2015-05-11 Vadim Bendeburymake: add generation of sorted symbol maps
2015-04-15 Icarus Sparrymec1322: Changed to generate ec.bin for the firmware...
2015-04-08 Bill RichardsonUse futility to sign the USB-PD chargers
2015-02-25 Bill Richardsoncr50: enable signed RW images
2015-02-25 Bill RichardsonAdd USE_GIT_DATE=1 to make args to build repeatable...
2015-02-24 Vic YangRemove ryu_p1 board
2015-02-20 Bill Richardsoncr50: Add ec.hex to hex: build target
2015-01-14 Ian Chaonuc: Add all IC specific drivers of NPCX5M5G
2015-01-07 Todd BrochStop building ryu_p1 board.
2014-12-15 Gwendal Grignouryu_sh_loader: Add board directory for load image
2014-12-15 Gwendal GrignouMakefile: remove burn_my_ec
2014-12-01 Vincent PalatinAdd RW firmware signature verification for common runtime
2014-11-20 Gwendal Grignouec: Add lds dependencies to the dependency list.
2014-11-15 Vincent Palatinrsa: add support for 4096 and 8192 bit keys
2014-11-12 icarus sparryStrago: Automated build to generate ec.spi.bin.
2014-11-04 Anton StaafUSB: Remove special case for iVersion string descriptor
2014-10-31 Bill RichardsonAdd initial support for cr50 SoC
2014-10-02 Vincent Palatinzinger: check RW firmware signature
2014-09-09 Anton StaafFlashing: Force board into reset for flashing
2014-07-30 Anton StaafMakefile: Add support for per-board symlinks to top...
2014-06-04 Anton Staafbuild: Move libs after source or object files
2014-05-21 Vic YangShow success message after 'make buildall'
2014-05-02 Vincent Palatintest: build target test only when the full runtime...
2014-04-02 Randall SpanglerAdd OWNERS files
2014-02-06 Vic (Chun-Ju) YangAdd presubmit check for unit test
2014-02-05 Vic (Chun-Ju) YangAdd vim filetype tag for Makefile.rules
2014-01-08 Vincent Palatinite: Add initial support for ITE IT8380 chip
2013-12-27 Vic (Chun-Ju) YangMerge to Makefile
2013-11-14 Vincent Palatinutil: declare all host utils source dependencies in...
2013-10-31 Bill RichardsonReplace Makefile 'tags' target with 'xrefs', clean...
2013-10-29 Vic YangRemove QEMU tests
2013-10-23 Randall SpanglerMove source files to driver/ and power/ subdirs
2013-07-22 Vic YangMove .lcov_lock to /tmp/ec-lcov-lock
2013-06-17 Vic YangMake target for test coverage report generation
2013-05-07 Vic YangPthread-based emulator for unit testing
2013-04-30 Vic YangPut a copy of test binaries under build/${BOARD}
2013-04-29 Vic YangMake test-list a per-board parameter
2013-04-27 Bill RichardsonAdd 'clobber' target to Makefile to clean everything.
2013-04-27 Bill RichardsonAdd 'TAGS' target to Makefile
2013-04-10 Vic YangOnly includes necessary tasks for test binaries
2012-10-26 Randall SpanglerClean up vboot hash support
2012-08-10 Louis Yung-Chieh LoAdd GEC lock mechanism.
2012-07-21 Vic YangPrevent parallel make from failing
2012-07-17 Randall SpanglerRemove firmware B
2012-07-17 Randall SpanglerRename A and B images to RW and RW_B, part 1
2012-06-26 Randall SpanglerOnly one RW image is now the default
2012-05-31 Vincent Palatinsimple and self-contained EC flashing tool
2012-05-31 GerritMerge "stm32: assert/de-assert GPIO_PMIC_PWRON_L with...
2012-05-30 GerritMerge "stm32f: update flash write size"
2012-05-30 Hung-Te Linec: Remove *.dis from default target.
2012-05-25 GerritMerge "Fix disabling columns when power button is pressed"
2012-05-25 GerritMerge "Split communication functions from host tools"
2012-05-24 Vincent PalatinSplit communication functions from host tools
2012-05-18 GerritMerge "Preserve USB port state when jumping"
2012-05-14 GerritMerge "Add #define CONFIG_NO_RW_B for stm32f100"
2012-05-14 GerritMerge "Allow console commands abbreviation"
2012-05-14 GerritMerge "Extract A and B images from signed EC binary...
2012-05-14 Randall SpanglerExtract A and B images from signed EC binary for openoc...
2012-05-11 Bill RichardsonEnable verified boot for EC firmware
2012-05-03 GerritMerge "timer: Add timestamp_expired() to check for...
2012-05-02 GerritMerge "Enhance LPC EC REBOOT reset command to allow...
2012-05-02 GerritMerge "introducing chip variant for stm32 family [1/3]"
2012-05-02 GerritMerge "stm32: fix ADV compilation"
2012-05-01 Bill RichardsonAdd basic FMAP to EC firmware image.
2012-03-05 GerritMerge "Handle ghost key in matrix scanner."
2012-03-02 GerritMerge "Fix a bug causing ectool to return error return...
2012-03-02 Vincent Palatinupdate versioning information stored in the EC
2012-02-09 Dave ParkerMerge development work from private blizzard.git repo.
2012-02-02 Vincent PalatinHonor V=1 build flag when building tests recursively
2012-01-25 Vincent PalatinMove OS files to a CPU specific directory
2012-01-24 Vincent PalatinAdd modularity to the build
2011-12-13 Randall SpanglerAdd ec_uartd build-side utility
2011-12-08 Randall SpanglerMerge "Fix LPC drive strength for I/O lines interfering...