kevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI interrupt latency
[cros-ec.git] / Makefile.toolchain
2016-07-26 Daisuke Nojiricts: Move C flags to cts/
2016-07-12 Daisuke NojiriAdd cts.tasklist
2016-07-09 Chris Chencts: First patch flashes blank tests
2016-04-06 Bill Richardsoncleanup: Makefiles should check path assumptions
2016-02-03 Stefan ReinauerEnforce compilation without system headers
2016-01-19 Anton StaafBuild: Use ccache to speed up builds
2015-09-21 Bill RichardsonDefine SECTION=* and SECTION_IS_* when compiling
2015-08-25 Vadim Bendeburycr50: add plumbing for signing CR50 RO images
2015-07-17 Aseda Aboagyebuild-infr: Add support for shared RO library.
2015-05-19 Vincent PalatinAdd option to enable GCC LTO
2015-05-15 Vincent PalatinUse GCC instead of LD to trigger the linker
2015-05-11 Vadim Bendeburymake: add generation of sorted symbol maps
2015-04-18 Vincent PalatinMove target specific GCC code generation options
2015-01-08 Vincent Palatintwinkie: build a combined firmware
2014-08-26 Alec Bergsamus: add host commands for flashing zinger RW
2014-06-18 Vincent Palatinstm32: add USB driver
2014-03-11 Vincent Palatindiscard unused functions at link time
2014-02-22 Alec BergAdded unit tests for lid angle calculation and acos
2014-01-08 Vic (Chun-Ju) YangDump stack trace on emulator test failure
2013-12-19 Randall Spanglercleanup: Remove mixed-case macros
2013-12-13 Randall SpanglerFix uppercased macros
2013-12-09 Randall SpanglerAdd uppercase defined constants for BOARD_, CHIP_,...
2013-11-07 Vincent PalatinMove core-specific toolchain configuration to core...
2013-10-23 Randall Spanglercleanup: Rename and move header files
2013-08-04 Vic YangRemove proxy config flags for unit tests
2013-07-12 Vic YangAdd I8042 keyboard unit test
2013-07-01 Randall Spanglerstm32: Add CHIP_FAMILY defines
2013-06-17 Vic YangMake target for test coverage report generation
2013-05-17 Vic YangRevert "Revert "Scale timer for emulator""
2013-05-16 Vic YangRevert "Scale timer for emulator"
2013-05-14 Vic YangScale timer for emulator
2013-05-08 Vic YangUse uintptr_t when converting integer from/to pointer
2013-05-07 Vic YangPthread-based emulator for unit testing
2013-04-16 Todd BrochAllow either libftdi or libftdi1 at compile time.
2013-04-10 Vic YangOnly includes necessary tasks for test binaries
2012-05-31 Vincent Palatinsimple and self-contained EC flashing tool
2012-05-24 GerritMerge "Add a way to pass in define flag when 'make'"
2012-05-24 Vic YangAdd a way to pass in define flag when 'make'
2012-05-11 Bill RichardsonEnable verified boot for EC firmware
2012-05-03 GerritMerge "timer: Add timestamp_expired() to check for...
2012-05-02 GerritMerge "Enhance LPC EC REBOOT reset command to allow...
2012-05-02 Vincent Palatinintroducing chip variant for stm32 family [2/3]
2012-04-26 Bill RichardsonCreate host-side lightbar bikeshedding tool.
2012-02-28 GerritMerge "Add persistent host storage in EC EEPROM"
2012-02-28 GerritMerge "Remove unused temperature command"
2012-02-28 GerritMerge "Make all warnings into errors."
2012-02-27 Bill RichardsonMake all warnings into errors.
2012-02-27 GerritMerge "Disable fan PWM when +5VS is disabled"
2012-02-27 GerritMerge "Only deassert RCINn in S0"
2012-02-27 GerritMerge "x86power module is not present on bds board"
2012-02-27 Vincent PalatinUse arm-none-eabi toolchain as default for local build
2012-02-21 GerritMerge "Set VDD3ON flag when hibernating"
2012-02-18 GerritMerge "Add keyboard_scan for STM32"
2012-02-18 Vic YangTemperature polling and temporal correction
2012-02-09 Dave ParkerMerge development work from private blizzard.git repo.
2012-01-25 Vincent PalatinMove OS files to a CPU specific directory
2012-01-12 chrome-botMerge "Add ectool option to specify single temp sensor...
2012-01-10 Randall SpanglerSplit power button code into its own file
2011-12-13 Randall SpanglerAdd ec_uartd build-side utility
2011-12-08 Randall SpanglerMerge "Fix LPC drive strength for I/O lines interfering...
2011-12-08 Randall SpanglerSeparate utility build for build and host utils
2011-12-07 Vincent PalatinInitial sources import 3/3