kevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI interrupt latency
[cros-ec.git] / board /
2016-08-02 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI inter... master
2016-08-02 Shawn Nematbakhshgru: Align images sizes to flash block erase size
2016-08-02 David Hendricksreef: Enable thermal sensors
2016-08-01 Brian Norrisgru: support lid accelerometer
2016-07-30 Ravi Chandra SadineniUse CONFIG_DPTF flag instead of THROTTLE_AP.
2016-07-30 li fengreef led: add battery led support
2016-07-29 Daisuke Nojiricts: Add timer test
2016-07-29 David Hendricksreef: Update pins for EVT
2016-07-29 David Hendricksreef: Check if interrupt is active in tcpc_alert_event
2016-07-29 David Hendricksreef: Initialize TCPC chips in their own function
2016-07-29 Mary Ruthvencr50: fix usb spi to disable resets while doing updates
2016-07-29 Brian Norriskevin: invert accelerometer matrix
2016-07-29 Mary Ruthvencr50: fix wake pin handling when resuming from sleep
2016-07-27 Vincent Palatinkevin: reef: enable CCD provided by an external chip
2016-07-27 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin: battery: Revive batteries in soft-disconnect...
2016-07-27 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Increase size of code RAM
2016-07-26 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Add psys console command
2016-07-23 nagendra modaduguCR50: add endorsement certificate flow
2016-07-23 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Warn users when incompatible GPIO config...
2016-07-22 Bill RichardsonCr50: Rearrange flash to allow dual RO images
2016-07-22 David Hendricksreef: Introduce IS_PROTO hack
2016-07-22 Nick Sandersservo_v4: add USB updater
2016-07-22 Nick Sandersservo_micro: add USB updater
2016-07-22 Vadim Bendeburytpm: add manufacturing status check
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: match private key against certs on endorsement
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: fix uninitialized buffer size in _cpri__SignRSA
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: rename struct BIGNUM -> struct LITE_BIGNUM
2016-07-21 Aaron Durbinboard/reef: enable CONFIG_CHIPSET_RESET_HOOK
2016-07-21 David Hendrickstcpm: anx74xx: Add alert polarity member to tcpc_config_t
2016-07-21 Nick Sandersservo_micro: support servo micro v2, console gpio
2016-07-21 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Enable low-power idle
2016-07-21 Mary Ruthveng: add an option to disable uart0 rx no matter what
2016-07-21 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin: Add CONFIG_BATTERY_REQUESTS_NIL_WHEN_DEAD
2016-07-21 Myles Watsonhadoken: Add Bluetooth defines to board.h
2016-07-20 Vincent Palatincr50: add INA 3V3 load switch GPIO
2016-07-20 Divya Sasidharanreef: reject charge port on init till battery is initia...
2016-07-19 Mary Ruthveng: disable usb wakeup when debug accessory is disconnected
2016-07-19 Myles Watsonhadoken: Remove I2C and add ADC
2016-07-19 Aseda Aboagyebig: Enable link-time optimizations.
2016-07-19 Nick Sandersservo v4: Add new GPIO mappings for rev2
2016-07-18 Vijay HiremathBD99955: System VR in battery LEARN, Cut-off & No-batte...
2016-07-18 Aseda Aboagyerk3399: kevin: Inhibit booting w/ insufficient pwr
2016-07-18 Ryan ZhangElm: Allow rejected 'Dont charge' request on init
2016-07-16 Chris Chencts: Added GPIO test suite
2016-07-16 Inno Parkkevin: change coordinates axis for sensors
2016-07-15 Mary Ruthveng: tristate spi master pins
2016-07-14 Vijay Hiremathcharger: BD99955: Get the VBUS level from the charger
2016-07-14 Mary Ruthvenkevin: enable virtual battery
2016-07-13 Koro Chenelm: Add sensor power control
2016-07-13 Wonjoon Leekevin: change pwm frequency to reduce EE noise
2016-07-13 Wonjoon Leekevin: add more waking up signal from hibernating
2016-07-13 Mary Ruthvencr50: disable device monitoring when not in ccd
2016-07-12 Aseda Aboagyebig: Remove battfake command.
2016-07-12 Chris Chencts: Added sync() function
2016-07-12 Mary Ruthvencr50: do a soft reset instead of hard when responding...
2016-07-12 Mary Ruthvencr50: Dont switch from PHY 1 to 0 when disabling CCD
2016-07-12 Daisuke NojiriAdd cts.tasklist
2016-07-11 Mary Ruthvencr50: disable UART0 RX
2016-07-11 Ryan ZhangElm: Update max input current for safety
2016-07-09 Chris Chencts: First patch flashes blank tests
2016-07-09 Daisuke NojiriRemove Makefile symlinks under board directory
2016-07-09 Nicolas Boichatelm: Increase UART TX buffer size to 8kb
2016-07-09 Nicolas Boichatelm: Disable hostcommand debugging
2016-07-08 Mary Ruthvencr50: Disable reset triggered by sys_reset until after...
2016-07-08 Gwendal Grignouchell: Remove command_battfake command
2016-07-08 David Hendricksreef: Add a print to indicate board version.
2016-07-08 David Hendricksreef: Rejigger PROCHOT pins
2016-07-07 David Hendricksreef: Update board ID values and add positive error...
2016-07-07 David Hendricksreef: Fix board ID ADC scaling factors
2016-07-07 Kevin K Wongamenia: enable 1 slot of secure temporary storage
2016-07-07 Kevin K Wongreef: correct GPIO name for PMIC_EN signal pin
2016-07-05 Koro Chenelm: Set PD_MAX_POWER_MW to 45W
2016-07-02 Vadim Bendeburycr50: generate HARD RESET when sys_reset is asserted
2016-07-01 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Wait to allow ADC 'version' cap to suffici...
2016-07-01 Wonjoon Leekevin: re-define for changed GPIO
2016-07-01 Shawn Nematbakhshkeyboard_scan: Support boot key recognition with stuck...
2016-06-30 David Hendricksreef: Add I2C_PORT_ACCEL
2016-06-30 nagendra modaduguCR50: add a golden test for RSA key gen from a fixed...
2016-06-30 philipchenCleanup: gate RTC console/host command behind new confi...
2016-06-29 Koro Chenelm: Choose low input voltage whenever possible
2016-06-29 Mary Ruthvenlucid:enable RW firmware verification
2016-06-28 Mary Ruthvencommon: Decouple temp sensor from thermal throttling
2016-06-28 Vijay HiremathBD99955: Added support for 'psys' & 'amonbmon' console...
2016-06-28 li fengreef: Support DP alt mode of Type-C controller
2016-06-28 Mary Ruthvencr50: enable highsec jittery clock
2016-06-25 Ryan ZhangElm: Update battery parameters for Sanyo
2016-06-25 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Enable host-controlled USB-C SS mux
2016-06-25 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Remove console features to save RAM space
2016-06-23 Kevin K Wongreef: force PMIC reset on initial boot
2016-06-23 Vijay Hiremathreef: Enable external power interrupt GPIO
2016-06-21 Ryan ZhangElm: update LED control
2016-06-20 Wonjoon Leekevin: add CHARGER_NARROW_VDC to prevent DC-DC stopping
2016-06-19 Mary Ruthvencr50: Add pull down on UART TX signals
2016-06-19 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Enabling charging at up to 20V
2016-06-17 Koro ChenRevert "elm: get VBUS statue from GPIO"
2016-06-17 Shawn Nematbakhshgru: Add battery status LED control
2016-06-16 Ravi Chandra SadineniEnable 1 slot of secure temporary storage in reef.
2016-06-16 Koro Chenelm: anx7688: make anx7688 always on
2016-06-16 Rong Changelm: anx7688: add anx7688 hpd driver
2016-06-16 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Enable charger interrupt and connect USB...