kevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI interrupt latency
[cros-ec.git] / core /
2016-07-20 Aseda Aboagyemkbp: Add support for buttons and switches.
2016-07-12 Daisuke NojiriAdd cts.tasklist
2016-06-15 Dino Liit83xx: Support different PLL frequencies setting ...
2016-06-03 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Remove SHIFT_CODE_FOR_TEST handling
2016-06-03 Stefan Reinauercore: cortex-m0: Fix task routine prototypes
2016-05-19 Dino Lichip: it83xx: Optimize interrupt usage of LPC access
2016-04-19 Anton StaafDeferred: Remove hard coded number of deferreds
2016-03-11 Kevin K Wongcore: fix unaligned access
2016-02-10 Patrick Georgicore/*/ quote paths containing OUTDIR
2016-02-06 Mulin Chaonuc: Add support for CONFIG_LOW_POWER_S0.
2016-01-28 Dino Lichip: it83xx: fix EC interrupt vector registers issue
2016-01-26 Duncan Laurieec: Add a chipset reset hook
2016-01-06 Dino Licore: nds32: add task_wait_event_mask() function to...
2016-01-06 Icarus Sparrycortex-m: proper handling of input parameters to SVC...
2015-12-17 Dino Linds32: start_irq_handler() use system stack
2015-12-09 Vadim Bendeburycr50: add ability to include two identical RW sections...
2015-11-30 Shawn Nematbakhshtask: Don't discard events on mutex contention
2015-11-17 Vadim Bendeburyadd the 'extension' command framework
2015-11-13 Dino Linds32: fix lds
2015-11-13 Aseda Aboagyecortex-m0: Ensure .bss.slow section is cleared.
2015-11-11 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Fix gcc 5.2.1 compile errors
2015-11-10 Vadim Bendeburycr50: allocate signature headers in both RO and RW...
2015-11-08 Aseda Aboagyesystem: Copy the loader lastly before jumping.
2015-11-05 Dino Liit8380dev: modify hwtimer and LPC wake up
2015-11-02 Dino Linds32: fix interrupt
2015-10-25 Dino Liit8380dev: Increase DLM size
2015-10-25 Dino Liit8380dev: fix clock module
2015-10-14 Aseda Aboagyesystem: Add support to reclaim space from loader.
2015-10-13 Gwendal Grignoucommon: Add magnetometer online calibration.
2015-10-08 Dino Linds32: fix panic
2015-10-01 Dino Liit8380dev: fix hw timer and related function.
2015-09-26 Bill Richardsoncleanup: Handle signed RW images a bit cleaner
2015-09-25 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Remove CONFIG_FW_IMAGE_SIZE
2015-09-24 Bill RichardsonFix typo when building with CONFIG_SHAREDLIB
2015-09-22 Mulin Chaonuc: Fixed flash layout issue for npcx
2015-09-21 Gwendal Grignoucommon: Add __fls function
2015-09-18 Dino Liit8380dev: fix idle task and chip id
2015-09-16 Gwendal Grignouhost: mock i2c_xfer
2015-09-16 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Remove CDRAM / CODERAM CONFIGs
2015-09-16 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Rename geometry constants
2015-09-08 Bill RichardsonCleanup: Remove COMPILE_FOR_RAM option from linker...
2015-09-08 Anton StaafUART: Remove unused uart.h header includes
2015-09-01 Bill Richardsoncortex-m: CONFIG_RO_HEAD_ROOM should only affect RO...
2015-08-22 Vadim Bendeburycortex-m: provide ability to insert free space into...
2015-08-20 Dino Linds32: use INT_MASK instead of GIE
2015-08-14 Dino Liit8380dev: add __muldi3.S
2015-08-11 Anton Staafcortex-m0: Constrain target register in atomic read
2015-08-11 Vadim Bendeburycortex-m: catch misconfigured interrupts early
2015-07-27 Anton StaafAtomic: Mark the modified uint32_t volatile
2015-07-25 Ian Chaonuc:
2015-07-17 Kyoung Kimmec1322: heavysleep in idle task and console deepsleep
2015-07-17 Aseda Aboagyebuild-infr: Add support for shared RO library.
2015-07-17 Aseda Aboagyeemulator: Fix handling of early IRQs.
2015-07-13 Aseda Aboagyehooks: Move HOOK_INIT to after task switching.
2015-07-08 Dino Liit8380dev: add flash module and fix system jump
2015-07-01 Dino Linds32: remove macro "RO"
2015-06-26 Ian Chaonuc: Add SHI driver for arm-based platform in chip...
2015-06-18 Bill Richardsoncleanup: fix all the header guards
2015-06-17 Dino Liit8380dev: add pmc control module
2015-06-17 Gwendal Grignoucommon: Add i2c 32bit read/write
2015-06-13 Shawn Nematbakhshcoderam: Don't assume that RO/RW images reside at start...
2015-06-12 Shawn Nematbakhshcore: Assert if task_get_current() cannot return a...
2015-06-11 Alec Bergcore: add task_wait_event_mask() function to other...
2015-05-29 Bill RichardsonCr50: USB hardware uses 8-bit buffers, not 16-bit
2015-05-19 Vincent PalatinAdd option to enable GCC LTO
2015-05-12 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Rename image geometry CONFIGs
2015-04-17 Randall Spanglerflash: Add option to move pstate inside RO image
2015-04-15 Bill Richardsonusb: Remove unnecessary alignment for descriptors
2015-03-22 Dino Liit8380dev: add KBC/KMSC module
2015-03-14 Shawn Nematbakhshlm4: stm32: Store panic data in backup registers on...
2015-02-25 Randall Spanglercortex-m0: Fix branch from 64-bit signed to unsigned...
2015-02-18 Shawn Nematbakhshcortex-m0: Fix panic reason on div0
2015-02-18 Shawn Nematbakhshcortex-m*: Save panicinfo on non-exception panics
2015-02-12 Alexandru M Stancortex-m0: Add deferred scheduler
2015-02-11 Randall Spanglercortex-m0: Fix handling uint64 divide-by-0
2015-02-05 Randall SpanglerAdd 64-bit divide library routines for Cortex-M, Cortex-M0
2015-02-03 Alec Berghooks: add hook for battery state of charge change
2015-01-28 Vic Yangcortex-m: disallow rescheduling if task_start() has...
2015-01-23 Vincent Palatincortex-m: allow to lock/unlock empty MPU region
2015-01-14 Vincent Palatinfix off-by-one in flash size check
2015-01-14 Vincent Palatincortex-m0: optimize out unused assembly helpers
2015-01-14 Ian Chaonuc: Add all IC specific drivers of NPCX5M5G
2014-12-18 Alexandru M Stancortex-m0: NVIC: Fix macro for the priority registers
2014-12-17 Alexandru M StanNVIC: Adjust priority setting
2014-12-15 Gwendal Grignouryu_sh_loader: Add board directory for load image
2014-11-22 Bill RichardsonStop mutex_lock() from eating pending events
2014-11-15 Vincent Palatinrsa: add support for 4096 and 8192 bit keys
2014-11-11 Anton StaafUSB: Fix issue with USB RAM sizes
2014-10-24 Vic YangMKBP event signalling implementation
2014-10-21 Vincent Palatincortex-m0: add more constraints on atomic implementation
2014-10-21 Vic Yangstm32f: Add DMA interrupt handlers for channel 1 to 3
2014-10-07 Alec Bergcortex-m0: disallow rescheduling if task_start() has...
2014-10-04 Vic YangSlow down time when running unit tests
2014-10-02 Vincent Palatinzinger: check RW firmware signature
2014-09-24 Vic YangAdd options to disable rarely used console commands
2014-07-29 Alec Bergcortex-m0: stm32f0: use RW vector table when running...
2014-07-10 Vincent Palatincortex-m0: add 64-bit multiplication
2014-07-03 Vincent Palatinbetter unhandled exception panic without runtime
2014-06-18 Vincent Palatinstm32: add USB driver
2014-05-21 Vic YangAdd cprints() and ccprints()