kevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI interrupt latency
[cros-ec.git] / test /
2016-08-02 David Hendricksthermistor: Add generic linear interpolation algorithm
2016-07-29 Bill RichardsonCr50: Don't build native tests for this target
2016-07-28 nagendra modaduguCR50: re-enable rsa 1024-bit keygen test
2016-07-26 Bill Richardsong: Improve version info for dual RO & RW images
2016-07-22 ScottCr50: NvMem: Modified nvmem_init to handle 2 corrupt...
2016-07-20 Aseda Aboagyemkbp: Add support for buttons and switches.
2016-06-30 nagendra modadugutpm test: use proper locality zero SPI bus addresses
2016-06-30 nagendra modaduguCR50: add a golden test for RSA key gen from a fixed...
2016-06-28 Mary Ruthvencommon: Decouple temp sensor from thermal throttling
2016-06-22 ScottCr50: NvMem: Added mutex lock protection for cache...
2016-06-12 nagendra modaduguCR50: add a simple ASN.1 parser & certificate verifier
2016-06-01 nagendra modaduguCR50: add tests for 1024-bit RSA.
2016-05-27 ScottCr50: NvMem: Connected function stubs in /board/tpm2...
2016-05-26 ScottNvMem: Added NV Memory module to ec/common/
2016-05-26 nagendra modaduguCR50: increment prime generation counter
2016-05-24 Vijay HiremathDriver: BD99955: Enable BC1.2 support
2016-05-12 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: lars / kunimitsu (and _pd): Remove board-level...
2016-05-07 Bill RichardsonAllow TEST_LIST_HOST= to override test targets
2016-04-20 nagendra modaduguCR50: add support for RSA key generation
2016-04-20 nagendra modaduguCR50: add support for P256-ECIES (hybrid encryption)
2016-04-20 nagendra modaduguCR50: add support for RSA key "testing"
2016-04-19 Anton StaafDeferred: Use deferred_data instead of function pointer
2016-04-15 nagendra modaduguCR50: add support for HKDF (RFC 5869)
2016-04-14 Vadim Bendeburytpmtest: support FTDI SPI on UltraDebug
2016-04-06 Bill RichardsonCr50: SPI tests need to poke the target to wake it up
2016-04-01 Kevin K Wongsensor: update sensor driver to use I2C port from motio...
2016-03-31 nagendra modaduguCR50: add NULL padding support for RSA encrypt/decrypt
2016-03-31 nagendra modaduguCR50: add support for RSA PKCS1-PSS padding
2016-03-31 Bill RichardsonCr50: Support USB SETCFG/GETCFG control transfers
2016-02-23 Vadim Bendeburycr50: test: do not leave the bootsrtap pin in the wrong...
2016-02-17 Vadim Bendeburycr50: add firmware upgrade test
2016-02-14 Vadim Bendeburycr50: modify mpsse to work with the new device
2016-02-12 Vadim Bendeburycr50: test: consolidate test exceptions
2016-02-10 Vadim Bendeburycr50: test: use gcc for linking
2016-02-08 nagendra modaduguCR50: Add initial elliptic curve crypto implementation.
2016-01-28 nagendra modaduguFix bug in software sha256_hash()
2016-01-19 Anton Staaftest/flash: Use signal enum instead of string name
2016-01-12 nagendra modaduguInitial RSA implementation.
2016-01-08 Shawn Nematbakhshpd: Add common EC_HOST_EVENT_PD_MCU implementation
2015-12-17 nagendra modaduguRefactor crypto subcommands into their own python module.
2015-12-03 Vadim Bendeburycr50: test: add hash testing host side implementation
2015-12-03 Vadim Bendeburycr50: test: move crypto test into its own module
2015-12-02 Vadim Bendeburycr50: test: extended command code does not have to...
2015-11-21 Vadim Bendeburycr50: Extended command test utility
2015-11-18 Gwendal Grignoumotion: Change units of ec_rate from us to ms.
2015-11-13 Gwendal Grignoumotion: cleanup include file
2015-11-03 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Standardize use of CONFIG_I2C and add MASTER...
2015-10-31 Alec Bergglados: oak: chell: enable USB PD logging
2015-10-28 Gwendal Grignoumotion: Remove duplicate shutdown code
2015-10-27 Shawn Nematbakhshcharger: Add LIMIT_POWER charger param for low bat...
2015-10-24 Gwendal Grignoucommon: lightbar: Add histeresis to prevent flickering
2015-10-23 Ryan ZhangLars: Init board
2015-10-19 Alec Bergglados_pd: oak_pd: add and enable option for i2c slave...
2015-10-12 Duncan Lauriechell: Add EC/PD configuration for chell board
2015-09-30 Gwendal Grignoutest: motion_lid: reenable
2015-09-30 Gwendal Grignoucommon: motion: Separate motion task interval from...
2015-09-18 Alec Bergmotion: add config option to use the old accelerometer...
2015-09-16 Gwendal Grignouhost: mock i2c_xfer
2015-09-16 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Change meaning of storage offset CONFIGs
2015-09-16 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Rename geometry constants
2015-09-11 Wonjoon Leetemp_sensor: Separate ADC interface and thermistor...
2015-09-09 Alec Bergcharge_manager: ensure we source power when not charging
2015-09-09 Alec Bergcharge_manager: add option to charge from dual-role...
2015-09-08 Anton StaafUART: Remove unused uart.h header includes
2015-09-01 Ben Lokoak: enable MBKP events for PD events
2015-08-29 Gwendal Grignoumotion_sense: Add more complex EC/AP sensor rate support.
2015-08-24 Gwendal Grignoumath: Add inverse matrix calculation
2015-08-19 Shawn Nematbakhshcharge_manager: Support multiple independent charge...
2015-08-12 Shawn Nematbakhshglados_pd: Disable test build
2015-08-12 Wenkai Dukunimitsu_pd: enable kunimitsu PD build
2015-08-12 Shawn Nematbakhshglados: Enable `tests` build
2015-08-03 Shawn Nematbakhshdriver/temp_sensor: Add support for BD99992GW
2015-07-30 Gwendal Grignouaccel: mechanical changes from i2c_addr to addr
2015-07-22 Gwendal Grignouryu: Fix orientation of accel and compass
2015-07-22 Gwendal Grignoucommon: Untie math_util from motion sense.
2015-07-21 Vincent Palatinryu: remove P4/P5 code leftover
2015-07-17 Gwendal Grignoutest: temporary disable motion_lid test.
2015-07-15 Anton StaafQueue: Add ability to modify contiguous units inplace
2015-07-15 Gwendal Grignoumotion: Add sample frequency per sensor
2015-07-14 Alec Bergcleanup: remove board_discharge_on_ac() unless custom...
2015-07-13 Alec Bergcleanup: remove board function callback on charge overr...
2015-07-10 Gwendal Grignoudriver: bmi160: Add FIFO and interrupt support
2015-06-18 Bill Richardsoncleanup: fix all the header guards
2015-06-17 Gwendal Grignoucommon: Add i2c 32bit read/write
2015-06-12 Shawn Nematbakhshcharge_manager: Don't cutoff charger when no battery...
2015-06-10 Shawn Nematbakhshcharger: Move USB charger / BC1.2 task to common code
2015-06-10 Randall SpanglerRemove obsolete board-specific code
2015-06-09 Gwendal Grignouaccel: move X,Y,Z definition
2015-06-05 Randall SpanglerRemove obsolete EC targets
2015-06-03 Aaron Durbinglados: remove tests for glados
2015-05-27 Alec Bergoak_pd: add initial support for oak PD
2015-05-27 Alec Bergpd: move non-phy layer config out of usb_pd_config.h
2015-05-26 Anton StaafQueue: Add policies to queues
2015-05-22 Alec Bergpd: add config options for including TCPM and TCPC...
2015-05-15 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Use appropriate image geometry CONFIGs
2015-05-15 Vincent PalatinFix type mismatch on extern declarations
2015-05-12 Gwendal Grignoudriver: Use common data structure to store default...
2015-05-12 Shawn Nematbakhshcleanup: Rename image geometry CONFIGs
2015-05-02 Vincent Palatinryu: fork P4/P5 support
2015-05-02 Alec Bergcharge_ramp: fix flaky charge_ramp test