2016-08-02 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Remove task profiling to improve SHI inter... master
2016-08-02 Shawn Nematbakhshgru: Align images sizes to flash block erase size
2016-08-02 Vadim Bendeburytpm: make TPM_FW_VER register return both build and...
2016-08-02 Mary Ruthveng: disable sps as a wake source in deep sleep
2016-08-02 David Hendricksreef: Enable thermal sensors
2016-08-02 David Hendricksthermistor: Add generic linear interpolation algorithm
2016-08-01 Vadim Bendeburyg: increase usb console TX buffer size to 4K
2016-08-01 Brian Norrisgru: support lid accelerometer
2016-08-01 Vadim Bendeburytpm: allow TPM_FW_VER register to return arbitrary...
2016-08-01 Vadim Bendeburyg: use single buffer for version reporting
2016-07-31 Vadim Bendeburysystem: split long build lines
2016-07-30 Ravi Chandra... separate dptf logic from existing thermal logic.
2016-07-30 Ravi Chandra... Use CONFIG_DPTF flag instead of THROTTLE_AP.
2016-07-30 Vadim Bendeburyutil: do not generate unrelated version information
2016-07-30 Shawn NematbakhshRevert "charger: bd99955: Adjust VSYS based on fast...
2016-07-30 Vadim BendeburyHACK tpm: reset fallback counter when ready
2016-07-30 li fengreef led: add battery led support
2016-07-29 Divya Sasidharantcpm: anx74xx: Fix cable orientation detection
2016-07-29 Daisuke Nojiricts: Add timer test
2016-07-29 Shawn Nematbakhshnpcx: shi: Improve host command handling reliability
2016-07-29 Bill Richardsong: lock the active bootloader, just in case
2016-07-29 David Hendricksreef: Update pins for EVT
2016-07-29 David Hendricksreef: Check if interrupt is active in tcpc_alert_event
2016-07-29 David Hendricksreef: Initialize TCPC chips in their own function
2016-07-29 CHLinnpcx: Consecutively sample IBUFSTAT until reading the...
2016-07-29 Daisuke Nojiriprintf: Add sign ('+') flag
2016-07-29 Daisuke Nojiristm32l4: Enable extended interrupts (EXTI)
2016-07-29 Koro Chenpd: tcpci: Fix tcpci_tcpm_set_vconn() to set bit0 ...
2016-07-29 Vadim Bendeburyutil: collect cr50 versions from multiple git trees
2016-07-29 Mary Ruthvencr50: fix usb spi to disable resets while doing updates
2016-07-29 Vadim Bendeburyutil: refactor
2016-07-29 Mary Ruthveng: add wake pin info to pinmux command
2016-07-29 Brian Norriskevin: invert accelerometer matrix
2016-07-29 Bill RichardsonCr50: Don't build native tests for this target
2016-07-29 Mary Ruthvencr50: fix wake pin handling when resuming from sleep
2016-07-29 Mary RuthvenReenable "Cr50: Set the default idle action to Sleep"
2016-07-29 Mary Ruthvenkevin: increase the delay in chipset_reset
2016-07-28 nagendra modaduguCR50: re-enable rsa 1024-bit keygen test
2016-07-27 Vincent Palatinkevin: reef: enable CCD provided by an external chip
2016-07-27 Vincent Palatinpd: support CCD provided by an external chip
2016-07-27 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin: battery: Revive batteries in soft-disconnect...
2016-07-27 Shawn Nematbakhshrk3399: Start 'force shutdown' timer on initial power...
2016-07-27 Chris Chencts: Added parsing for cts suites
2016-07-27 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Increase size of code RAM
2016-07-27 Scotttcpm: fusb302: Changed get_cc to use full manual mode...
2016-07-27 Vadim Bendeburycr50: process retry counter and act on it
2016-07-26 Daisuke Nojiricts: Move C flags to cts/
2016-07-26 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Add psys console command
2016-07-26 Bill Richardsong: Improve version info for dual RO & RW images
2016-07-26 Shawn Nematbakhshcharge_manager: Treat soft-disconnected batteries as...
2016-07-26 Shawn Nematbakhshtcpm: fusb302: Set VCONN appropriately when enabled
2016-07-26 Vijay Hiremathcharge_state_v2: Add console command to test discharge...
2016-07-26 Vijay Hiremathcharge_state_v2: BD99955: Do not inhibit charge in...
2016-07-26 Shawn Nematbakhshcharger: bd99955: Remove incorrect VSYSVAL_THL / THH...
2016-07-26 Shawn Nematbakhshcharger: bd99955: Adjust VSYS based on fast vs precharg...
2016-07-25 Bill Richardsong: Remove unused GC_REVISION compile-time constant
2016-07-25 Vadim Bendeburyg: report proper silicon version
2016-07-23 Vincent Palatintpm: remove int_status variable
2016-07-23 Myles Watsoninclude: Add HCI include files from NewBlue
2016-07-23 nagendra modaduguCR50: add endorsement certificate flow
2016-07-23 Myles Watsonnrf51: Make timer handling names more obvious
2016-07-23 Shawn Nematbakhshhostcmd: Flush UART before doing cold reboot
2016-07-23 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Warn users when incompatible GPIO config...
2016-07-23 Vadim Bendeburytpm: report correct fw version
2016-07-22 Bill RichardsonCr50: Rearrange flash to allow dual RO images
2016-07-22 Myles Watsonconsole: Protect more consoles with CONFIGs
2016-07-22 Mary Ruthvenflash_ec: Add support for flashing using CCD
2016-07-22 David Hendricksbd99955: Add function for reading temperature
2016-07-22 David Hendricksreef: Introduce IS_PROTO hack
2016-07-22 ScottCr50: NvMem: Modified nvmem_init to handle 2 corrupt...
2016-07-22 Myles Watsonconsole: Add a console for Bluetooth LE
2016-07-22 Mary Ruthveng: deactivate the PHY during usb_release
2016-07-22 Lucian Cojocarupgrade_fw: fw_upgrade_command_handler: fix cmd_size...
2016-07-22 Nick Sandersservo_v4: add python firmware update script
2016-07-22 Nick Sandersservo_v4: add USB updater
2016-07-22 Nick Sandersservo_micro: add USB updater
2016-07-22 nagendra modadugutimer: fix clock() implementation to match TPM2 library...
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: when testing an RSA key, check that N % p == 0
2016-07-22 Vadim BendeburyCR50: do not try searching in uninitialized TPM NV...
2016-07-22 Vadim Bendeburytpm: add manufacturing status check
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: match private key against certs on endorsement
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: fix uninitialized buffer size in _cpri__SignRSA
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: when generating primes, check compatibility with exp
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: bn_modinv_vartime - don't reduce on carry condition
2016-07-22 nagendra modaduguCR50: rename struct BIGNUM -> struct LITE_BIGNUM
2016-07-21 Chris Chencts: Added file to list error codes as integers
2016-07-21 Divya Sasidharanectool: Fix incorrect fan numbers from ectool
2016-07-21 Nick Sandersservo_v4: copypasta usb updater code into common
2016-07-21 nagendra modaduguCR50: add a #define guard to enable use of non-asm...
2016-07-21 Vadim Bendeburytpm: fire watchdog before executing commands
2016-07-21 Vadim Bendeburycheckpatch: prevent stupid complaints about description...
2016-07-21 nagendra modaduguCR50: clear SHA config register when initializing
2016-07-21 Aaron Durbinboard/reef: enable CONFIG_CHIPSET_RESET_HOOK
2016-07-21 Aaron Durbinchip/npcx: interrupt on both edges of PLTRST_L
2016-07-21 Nick Sandersstm32: add generic stream interface for stm32
2016-07-21 David Hendrickstcpm: anx74xx: Add alert polarity member to tcpc_config_t
2016-07-21 Shawn Nematbakhshrk3399: Transition to / from S3 based upon GPIO_AP_EC_S...
2016-07-21 Shawn Nematbakhshnpcx: shi: Properly mux pins as GPIO when disabling SHI
2016-07-21 Nick Sandersservo_micro: support servo micro v2, console gpio
2016-07-21 Shawn Nematbakhshkevin / gru: Enable low-power idle