reef: Calculate BIOS mmap details at runtime
[depthcharge.git] / board /
2016-06-23 li fengamenia: Enable software sync in depthcharge
2016-06-21 Vadim Bendeburygru: consolidate gru based boards in common board directory
2016-06-16 Furquan Shaikhreef: Add LEGACY and NVRAM sections to fmap.dts
2016-06-16 Furquan Shaikhreef: Change flash size to 16MiB
2016-06-10 Furquan Shaikhreef: Add support for EC SW Sync
2016-06-10 Furquan Shaikhreef: Disable EC SW Sync for now
2016-06-09 Nicolas Boichatelm: Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_EC_ANX7688
2016-06-09 Nicolas Boichatelm: Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_BUS_I2C_CROS_EC_TUNNEL
2016-06-03 Furquan Shaikhreef: Update fmap.dts for IFWI and SIGN_CSE regions
2016-05-31 Furquan Shaikhreef: Correct fmap.dts details
2016-05-31 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap: Mark ro-vpd region as wiped to ff
2016-05-31 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap: Correct the ifd region marking
2016-05-28 Aaron Durbinreef: increase BIOS region size
2016-05-26 Xing ZhengKevin: Add support audio path with max98357a
2016-05-26 Furquan Shaikhreef: Sync fmap.dts with chromeos.fmd and fix offsets
2016-05-26 Nicolas Boichatelm: Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_BUS_I2C_CROS_EC_TUNNEL
2016-05-26 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap.dts: Add label for device-extension region
2016-05-26 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap.dts: Add missing semicolon
2016-05-24 Julius Wernerconfig: Ensure sane minimum heap sizes across boards
2016-05-24 Vadim Bendeburykevin: enable keyboard
2016-05-24 Vadim Bendeburygru: enable keyboard
2016-05-21 David Hendricksveyron_*: Remove obsolete Chromeboxes
2016-05-17 Aaron Durbinadd initial reef mainboard support
2016-05-12 Kan YanGale board: Enable TPM
2016-05-12 Bora GuvendikDepthcharge: Add amenia
2016-05-10 Lin Huangdriver: storage: support rk3399 sdmmc clock setting
2016-05-10 Lin Huangdriver: gpio: support rk3399 gpio driver
2016-05-09 Lin Huangdriver: storage: rename rockchip storage driver name
2016-05-04 Lin Huanggpio: rockchip: refactor rockchip gpio driver
2016-05-03 Julius Wernercros_ec: Change EC interface to be fully object-oriented
2016-04-29 Lin Huanggru: kevin: add configurations and device trees
2016-04-27 David Hendricksveyron_mickey: Increase RO CBFS size by 512 Kb
2016-04-22 Kan YanGale board: use MOCK_TPM.
2016-04-21 Varadarajan NarayananGale drivers: Enable I2C
2016-04-21 Varadarajan NarayananGale drivers: Update load & exec address
2016-04-21 Muthusamy, RameshGale drivers: Enable eMMC driver support
2016-04-21 Muthusamy, RameshGale drivers: Add SPI driver
2016-04-20 Varadarajan NarayananGale drivers: fmap.dts: Update board name
2016-04-20 Varadarajan NarayananGale drivers: remove stale ipq806x related configs
2016-04-20 Varadarajan NarayananGale drivers: add gpio driver
2016-04-20 Varadarajan NarayananGale board: Enable reset power ops
2016-04-20 Yidi LinElm: Update the model name
2016-04-19 Varadarajan NarayananGale board: Update board name in defconfig
2016-04-19 Varadarajan NarayananGale board: Update DDR addresses in defconfig
2016-04-19 Varadarajan Narayanangale board: Initial commit for 'gale' board support
2016-04-12 Daisuke Nojiriveyron_romy: Increase RO CBFS size by 512 Kb
2016-04-12 Julius Werneroak: Add derivative board Elm
2016-04-03 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Cleanup fastboot elf generation
2016-04-02 Julius Wernerfastboot: Use _kernel_start region instead of heap...
2016-03-24 Patrick Georgiskylake boards: drop the special handling for fsp/romst...
2016-03-08 Duncan Laurieskylake: Enable CONFIG_OPROM_MATTERS
2016-03-02 YH Huangoak: enable CONFIG_DRIVER_EC_CROS_PASSTHRU
2016-02-26 Aaron Durbinskylake boards: unconditionally re-enable 8254 PIT...
2016-02-18 Stefan Reinauerdts: Rename boot-stub to coreboot on all boards
2016-02-09 Ruilin HaoCyclone Board: Add power function in Cyclone
2016-01-26 Alexandru M Stanrialto: Increase dev mode delay via CUSTOM_MUSIC
2016-01-26 Aaron Durbinskylake boards: prepare for separate verstage
2016-01-26 Ruilin HaoCyclone Board: Add i2c support in Cyclone
2016-01-23 Ruilin HaoCyclone Board: Add spi support in Cyclone
2016-01-21 Patrick Georgifmap.dts: fix some regions that exceed the flash space
2016-01-13 Rohit Ainapurelars: Add beep support
2016-01-12 Patrick Georginyan_blaze: use vboot2
2016-01-12 Kan YanCyclone: defconfig for cyclone board.
2016-01-12 Kan YanCyclone: Add fmap layout for Cyclone.
2016-01-11 Duncan Laurieglados/chell: Increase heap size
2016-01-07 Patrick GeorgiEnable use of CBFS in RW sections
2015-12-22 CC Maoak: change NV_STORAGE from ec to flash
2015-12-22 Yidi LinOak: Enable EC_SOFTWARE_SYNC
2015-12-22 Bayi Chengoak: Add SPI flash driver and setup flash_set_ops
2015-12-22 Yidi LinOak: Update fmap.dts
2015-12-22 Koro ChenOak: Enable boot sound support for realtek codecs
2015-12-22 chiawen.leemt8173: add display function
2015-12-18 Rohit Ainapurekunimitsu: Add support for audio beep
2015-12-12 Yidi LinOak: Add MMC support
2015-12-12 Yidi LinOak: Setup EC
2015-11-24 Duncan Laurieskylake: Add rw-nvram FMAP region
2015-11-20 Furquan Shaikhshark: Allow booting bootimage
2015-11-20 Furquan Shaikhveyron_shark: Add support for fastboot
2015-11-09 ZhengShunQianveyron: add new board emile
2015-11-05 davidChell/Lars: Enable PD SW sync through GBB flags
2015-11-03 Shawn NRevert "glados / kunimitsu: Disable PD SW sync through...
2015-10-30 Furquan Shaikhsmaug: Remove BL31 component since ATF is removed from...
2015-10-29 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Re-factor input from user
2015-10-22 davidChell: Add romstage to RW area
2015-10-15 davidLars: Add romstage to RW area
2015-10-13 Lee Leahyglados: add romstage to RW area
2015-10-13 Lee Leahysklrvp: Add romstage to RW area
2015-10-13 Lee LeahyKunimitsu: Add romstage to RW area
2015-10-12 Duncan Lauriechell: Add new board config for chell
2015-10-09 Yidi LinOak: Setup PowerOps
2015-10-09 Yidi LinOak: Pass GPIOs from coreboot to depthcharge
2015-10-09 davidLars: Add Lars board under depthcharge
2015-09-22 Duncan Laurieglados: Add support for audio beep
2015-09-05 Daisuke Nojirinvram: erase nvram after it is used up
2015-09-01 Lee Leahykunimitsu: Add FSP to the read/write area
2015-09-01 Lee Leahyglados: Add FSP to read/write area
2015-08-31 Julius Wernerveyron: Unify identical mainboards
2015-08-28 Naveen Krishna Cha... kunimitsu: update FMAP with Glados FMAP
2015-08-27 Shawn Nematbakhshglados / kunimitsu: Disable PD SW sync through GBB...
2015-08-27 Naveen Krishna Cha... kunimitsu: Add flag_install EC_IN_RW pin