oak/elm: Add support for anx7688 as PD device.
[depthcharge.git] / src / board / oak / board.c
2016-06-09 Nicolas Boichatoak/elm: Add support for anx7688 as PD device.
2016-05-24 Julius Werneroak: Fix memory leak in backlight_update()
2016-05-14 Chaotian Jingmtk-mmc: Add tune_reg to support more EMMC devices
2016-05-03 Julius Wernercros_ec: Change EC interface to be fully object-oriented
2016-04-12 Julius Werneroak: Add derivative board Elm
2016-03-24 Patrick GeorgiDrop FSF addresses from headers
2016-03-08 Chaotian Jingmtk-mmc: lower SD frequency to 25Mhz
2016-01-21 Koro ChenOak: Configure audio codec for Rev5
2016-01-21 Yidi LinOak: Config PANEL_LCD_POWER_EN for rev5
2015-12-22 Bayi Chengoak: Add SPI flash driver and setup flash_set_ops
2015-12-22 YH Huangmt8173: oak: add backlight support
2015-12-22 Ben Lokoak: check interrupt line before polling keyboard state
2015-12-22 CC Maoak: add ramoops
2015-12-22 Chunfeng YunOak: initialize USB host
2015-12-22 Koro ChenOak: Enable boot sound support for realtek codecs
2015-12-22 chiawen.leemt8173: add display function
2015-12-22 liguo.zhangmtk_i2c: Make code consistent with coreboot
2015-12-12 Yidi LinOak: Removes fit_set_compat()
2015-12-12 Yidi LinOak: Add SDCard support
2015-12-12 Yidi LinOak: Add MMC support
2015-12-12 Yidi LinOak: Setup EC
2015-10-09 Yidi LinOak: Setup PowerOps
2015-10-09 Yidi LinOak: Pass GPIOs from coreboot to depthcharge
2015-06-11 Yidi LinOak: Setup TPM
2015-03-03 Yidi LinOak: Add initial support