2016-08-01 Furquan Shaikhreef: Add RO_SECTION and WP_RO to fmap.dts
2016-07-22 Kan YanGale Board: Change Board ID definition.
2016-07-20 Paul Kocialkowskicros_ec: Select keyboard scanning method based on prope...
2016-07-20 Kan YanGale Board: Update board ID for EVT3
2016-07-20 Kan YanGale board: Remove dead code.
2016-07-20 Aseda Aboagyecros_ec: Change keyboard scanning method.
2016-07-18 Daisuke Nojirijecht: Increase RO coreboot size on flash
2016-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskidt: Remove unused wifi device mapping array
2016-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiInclude config from DOTCONFIG instead of redefinition
2016-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiarm: March abi flags for ARM (v7 and v8) hardware
2016-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiveyron_mickey: Adapt CONFIG_FMAP_OFFSET after RO CBFS...
2016-07-14 Vadim Bendeburygru: plug in coreboot supplied GPIOs for use by depthcharge
2016-07-14 Balamurugan... Gale Board: Added snoc_pnoc initialization function
2016-07-11 Daisuke NojiriIncrease RO coreboot size on flash
2016-07-08 Julius Wernergru: Add psci_power_ops
2016-07-08 Julius Wernerarm64: power: Add new PSCI PowerOps provider
2016-07-02 Shawn Nematbakhshgru / kevin: Fix default HWIDs
2016-07-01 Shelley Chenrk3399: kevin: enabling CONFIG_EC_SOFTWARE_SYNC
2016-07-01 Vadim Bendeburygru: Instantiate SPI TPM driver at startup.
2016-07-01 Vadim Bendeburygru:kevin: Enable TPM2 support
2016-07-01 Vadim Bendeburyvboot: allow to configure vboot for tpm2 mode
2016-06-30 Shelley Chenrk3399: kevin: enabling nv flash storage
2016-06-30 Freddy Paulreef: Add SD card as bootable device
2016-06-28 Vadim Bendeburytpm: disable excessive debug output
2016-06-28 Vadim Bendeburytpm: spi: fix stopwatch implementation bug
2016-06-28 Vadim Bendeburyec: fix cros_ec_set_bl_pwm_duty comment
2016-06-25 Suresh RajashekaraGale: Add LED support.
2016-06-25 Vadim Bendeburygru: Read the power button state from the EC
2016-06-24 Vadim Bendeburyec: Add support for reading the Power Button state
2016-06-24 Simon Glassgru: Read the lid switch from the EC
2016-06-24 Vadim Bendeburyec: Add support for reading the LID switch
2016-06-24 Vadim BendeburyRevert "gru: Instantiate SPI TPM driver at startup."
2016-06-24 Vadim Bendeburygru: Instantiate SPI TPM driver at startup.
2016-06-24 Vadim Bendeburytpm: introduce TPM SPI driver
2016-06-24 Furquan Shaikhreef: Update fmap.dts file
2016-06-23 Shelley Chenrk3399: kevin: turn on backlight once EC initializes
2016-06-23 Furquan Shaikhreef: Calculate BIOS mmap details at runtime
2016-06-23 Furquan Shaikhdrivers/flash: Support mmaped flash with non-zero base...
2016-06-23 Vadim Bendeburytpm: move buffer size definition to common code
2016-06-23 li fengamenia: Enable software sync in depthcharge
2016-06-21 Aaron DurbinDon't generate .payload files.
2016-06-21 Vadim Bendeburygru: consolidate gru based boards in common board directory
2016-06-17 Vadim Bendeburygru: kevin: create ramoops space
2016-06-17 Vadim Bendeburycommon function to allocate ramoops buffer
2016-06-16 Furquan Shaikhreef: Add LEGACY and NVRAM sections to fmap.dts
2016-06-16 Furquan Shaikhreef: Change flash size to 16MiB
2016-06-15 Furquan Shaikhstorage/sdhci: Fix NULL pointer access
2016-06-10 Furquan Shaikhreef: Add support for EC SW Sync
2016-06-10 Furquan Shaikhreef: Disable EC SW Sync for now
2016-06-09 Kan YanGale: Remove unnecessary calls to I2C init functions.
2016-06-09 Kan YanGale drivers: Fix I2C pin config.
2016-06-09 Nicolas Boichatoak/elm: Add support for anx7688 as PD device.
2016-06-09 Nicolas Boichatelm: Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_EC_ANX7688
2016-06-09 Nicolas Boichatelm: Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_BUS_I2C_CROS_EC_TUNNEL
2016-06-09 Nicolas Boichatanx7688: Add support for ANX7688
2016-06-09 Bora GuvendikAmenia: Add SD card as bootable device
2016-06-07 Nicolas Boichatcros_ec: Sync commands.h with current version in EC...
2016-06-03 Julius Wernervboot: ec: Store vboot hash for EC image in a separate...
2016-06-03 Furquan Shaikhreef: Update fmap.dts for IFWI and SIGN_CSE regions
2016-06-02 Varadarajan... Gale Board: Disable ADSS clock branch
2016-05-31 Furquan Shaikhreef: Correct fmap.dts details
2016-05-31 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap: Mark ro-vpd region as wiped to ff
2016-05-31 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap: Correct the ifd region marking
2016-05-28 Aaron Durbinreef: increase BIOS region size
2016-05-27 Liangfeng WuGru: add usb initial support
2016-05-27 Liangfeng WuKevin: add usb initial support
2016-05-26 Vincent Palatinmmc: retries all failed commands.
2016-05-26 Randall Spanglervboot: Remove legacy main routines
2016-05-26 Xing ZhengKevin: Add support audio path with max98357a
2016-05-26 Xing Zhengsound: Use the general GpioOps paramater for max98357a
2016-05-26 Furquan Shaikhreef: Sync fmap.dts with chromeos.fmd and fix offsets
2016-05-26 Nicolas Boichati2c: cros_ec_tunnel: Add support for enabling pass...
2016-05-26 Nicolas Boichatelm: Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_BUS_I2C_CROS_EC_TUNNEL
2016-05-26 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap.dts: Add label for device-extension region
2016-05-26 Furquan Shaikhreef: fmap.dts: Add missing semicolon
2016-05-26 Nicolas Boichatcros_ec: Sync commands.h with current version in EC...
2016-05-24 Julius Werneroak: Fix memory leak in backlight_update()
2016-05-24 Julius Wernerconfig: Ensure sane minimum heap sizes across boards
2016-05-24 Vadim Bendeburykevin: enable keyboard
2016-05-24 Vadim Bendeburygru: enable keyboard
2016-05-21 David Hendricksveyron_*: Remove obsolete Chromeboxes
2016-05-21 Bora GuvendikAmenia: the changes to support 512KB device extension
2016-05-18 Julius Wernercbfs: Adapt to new libpayload CBFS API
2016-05-17 Aaron Durbinadd initial reef mainboard support
2016-05-16 Varadarajan... Gale drivers: Use block mode for I2C
2016-05-16 Zhao, Lijian[HACK]APL: Force warm reset instead of cold reset
2016-05-14 Chaotian Jingmtk-mmc: Add tune_reg to support more EMMC devices
2016-05-13 Julius Wernercheckpatch: Ignore LINE_SPACING
2016-05-13 Varadarajan... Gale board: Clear crash magic number before reboot
2016-05-12 Kan YanGale board: Enable TPM
2016-05-12 Bora GuvendikDepthcharge: Add amenia
2016-05-12 Bora Guvendikpower/pch: provide apollolake power off ops
2016-05-11 Nicolas Boichati2c: Add support for read/write block operation, and...
2016-05-10 Lin Huangdriver: storage: support rk3399 sdmmc clock setting
2016-05-10 Lin HuangGru: add initial support
2016-05-10 Lin HuangKevin: add initial support
2016-05-10 Lin Huangdriver: gpio: support rk3399 gpio driver
2016-05-09 Lin Huangdriver: storage: rename rockchip storage driver name
2016-05-05 Nicolas Boichati2c: Add support for CrOS EC tunnel
2016-05-05 Nicolas Boichatcros_ec: Make vboot_hash_image static.