2016-05-07 Paul Kocialkowskicoreboot: Config support
2016-05-02 Paul Kocialkowskicoreboot: vboot source path define
2016-04-22 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for nyan: Tegra K1 CrOS devices
2016-04-22 Paul Kocialkowskicoreboot: Multiple programmers support in install script
2016-04-04 Paul Kocialkowskicoreboot: Check for a file for local defconfig
2016-03-28 Paul Kocialkowskilinux: Use local defconfig if available as a file
2016-02-26 Paul Kocialkowskisniper: Use omap-usb-boot instead of pusb
2016-02-26 Paul KocialkowskiSwitch to bare-metal toolchain
2016-02-06 Paul Kocialkowskilinux: Check for CONFIG before running defconfig
2015-12-22 Paul Kocialkowskisniper: extlinux configuration
2015-12-22 Paul Kocialkowskisunxi: extlinux configuration
2015-10-11 Paul Kocialkowskiveyron: ec support
2015-10-11 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for ec
2015-09-02 Paul Kocialkowskicoreboot: Defconfig support
2015-09-02 Paul Kocialkowskiu-boot: Check for CONFIG before running defconfig
2015-08-04 Paul Kocialkowskisunxi: Default Cubieboard2 target
2015-08-04 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for veyron: Rockchip Chromebooks
2015-08-04 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for depthcharge
2015-08-04 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for libpayload
2015-08-04 Paul Kocialkowskicoreboot: Buspirate flasher support
2015-08-03 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for coreboot
2015-07-01 Paul Kocialkowskisunxi: MAKEALL is deprecated
2015-04-19 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for tegra: Nvidia Tegra platforms
2015-04-19 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for sniper: LG Optimus Black (P970)
2015-04-19 Paul KocialkowskiScripts for sunxi: Allwinner platforms
2015-04-18 Paul KocialkowskiInitial commit: Embedded Freedom scripts, with initial...