Galaxy S2 camera module
[exynos_camera.git] / exynos_camera.h
2013-02-03 Paul KocialkowskiGalaxy S2 camera module master
2013-02-02 Paul KocialkowskiISO
2013-02-02 Paul KocialkowskiEffect
2013-02-02 Paul Kocialkowskiscene mode
2013-02-02 Paul KocialkowskiWhite Balance
2013-02-02 Paul Kocialkowskiexposure
2013-02-02 Paul KocialkowskiAdded flash, focus, panorama mode thus enabled
2013-02-02 Paul KocialkowskiAdd a clever way to find preview size from video size
2013-02-02 Paul KocialkowskiVideo recording
2013-02-01 Paul KocialkowskiHey Samsung, perhaps you should enable crop in capture...
2013-02-01 Paul Kocialkowskidisable picture if we want to
2013-02-01 Paul Kocialkowskireordered
2013-01-31 Paul KocialkowskiNow it's better :)
2013-01-31 Paul KocialkowskiAdded EXIF, some parts work, some don't, I'm frankly...
2013-01-29 Paul Kocialkowskifront with correct orient & camera params
2013-01-28 Paul KocialkowskiWe have front pictures, problem is that it's not flippe...
2013-01-27 Paul KocialkowskiDon't mess with hardcoded values
2013-01-27 Paul Kocialkowskisounds like we're stable
2013-01-27 Paul Kocialkowskiautofocus fixed with header fixes:
2013-01-26 Paul KocialkowskiThings get better (and autofocus is fixed)
2013-01-19 Paul KocialkowskiADDED THE FIMC1 STUFF FOR NOTHING
2013-01-19 Paul Kocialkowskiexynos camera -- at this point, preview works but no...