AT: Better failure handling and removed wrong unlock
[hayes-ril.git] /
2012-08-26 Paul only build if device files are defined
2012-08-26 Paul KocialkowskiRevert "Fix the compile issues when no device is defined."
2012-08-25 Denis 'GNUtoo' CarikliFix the compile issues when no device is defined.
2012-07-31 Paul KocialkowskiNetwork: Added Signal Strength, SIM: Added missing...
2012-07-27 Paul KocialkowskiAdded minimal SIM support, updated copyright, renamed...
2012-07-26 Paul KocialkowskiRIL: Added libril handlers and first power functions
2012-07-22 Paul KocialkowskiCompleted AT requests/responses support (queued sycn...
2012-07-19 Paul KocialkowskiAT: Added AT response parsing engine
2012-07-18 Paul KocialkowskiGTA04: Added device files with working transport handlers
2012-07-18 Paul KocialkowskiInitial commit: Started Hayes (AT command set) RIL