descriptionAT (Hayes command set) RIL, based on htcgeneric-ril and reference-ril
last changeSun, 2 Sep 2012 21:15:09 +0000 (23:15 +0200)
2012-09-02 Paul KocialkowskiAT: Better failure handling and removed wrong unlock master
2012-09-02 Paul KocialkowskiFreeze/Device: Correct freeze process and refactor...
2012-08-31 Paul KocialkowskiAT: dequeue sync requests
2012-08-31 Paul KocialkowskiRIL: return error to requests when freeze is going on
2012-08-31 Paul KocialkowskiAT: Added freeze to handle modem transport failure...
2012-08-30 Paul KocialkowskiDevice: Added AT handlers
2012-08-30 Paul KocialkowskiDevice: Give more explicit names (based on handlers...
2012-08-30 Paul KocialkowskiCall: increase call poll interval
2012-08-30 Paul KocialkowskiGTA04: Retry multiple times to find and open modem...
2012-08-26 Paul only build if device files are defined
2012-08-26 Paul KocialkowskiRevert "Fix the compile issues when no device is defined."
2012-08-25 Denis 'GNUtoo... Fix the compile issues when no device is defined.
2012-08-01 Paul KocialkowskiGTA04: Added power handlers and fixed transport handlers
2012-08-01 Paul KocialkowskiDevice: fixed sdata destroy argument
2012-07-31 Paul KocialkowskiCall: Completed implementation (ingoing/outgoing works)
2012-07-31 Paul KocialkowskiNetwork: only strdup when there is actually data
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