docs/gnulinux/encrypted_debian: don't tell the user to choose their own LV name
[libreboot.git] / .gitignore
2016-03-14 Francis RoweAdd SeaBIOS payload to libreboot
2016-02-27 Francis Roweuse only 1 crossgcc revision in libreboot
2016-01-04 Francis RoweUse different coreboot revisions and patches per board
2015-12-13 Francis Roweremove seabios (this time permanently)
2015-12-06 Francis Roweupdate .gitignore
2015-12-06 Francis Roweupdate .gitignore (/version and /versiondate are ignored)
2015-11-16 Francis Rowerelease build scripts: add ChangeLog and NEWS to release
2015-10-14 Francis RoweIntegrate SeaBIOS payload as option on top of GRUB...
2015-10-11 Paul KocialkowskiChromebook C201 (codename veyron_speedy) support
2015-09-20 Francis RoweNew board: ThinkPad R500 (experimental)
2015-08-29 Francis Rowereally make memtest86plus naming consistent
2015-06-11 P. J. McDermott.gitignore: Simplify using some patterns
2015-06-11 Francis Roweall script: use a standard style
2015-06-08 Francis Rowebuild/release/util: Make it actually work
2015-06-08 Francis Roweupdate gitignore
2015-06-08 Francis Roweupdate gitignore
2015-06-07 Francis Rowegitignore: add docs/version
2015-06-07 Francis Rowebuild/release/roms: copy straight to release/
2015-06-07 Francis Roweupdate gitignore
2015-06-07 Francis Roweupdate gitignore
2015-06-07 Francis Rowebuild/release/crossgcc: move archive directly to release/
2015-06-06 P. J. McDermott.gitignore: Remedy a disturbing lack of Vim file patterns
2015-05-17 Francis Rowebuild/release/archives: don't compress crossgcc
2015-05-16 Francis Rowebuild/release/archives: separate crossgcc into a new...
2015-05-09 Francis Roweupdate gitignore and delete useless files in release...
2015-05-03 Francis Rowe.gitignore: add file
2015-05-03 Francis Rowedemefactory (new utility): create GM45 factory.rom...
2015-04-05 Francis RoweUpdate .gitignore
2015-02-15 Francis Rowescripts/helpers/build/release: Move docs to separate...
2015-02-15 Francis Rowebuild-release: Move the release archives to release/
2015-02-15 Francis RoweMove all build scripts into a single generic script...
2015-02-14 Francis Rowe.gitignore: Remove the powertop entries
2015-02-14 Francis RoweMoved powertop.trisquel7 to resources/scripts/misc/
2015-02-14 Francis Rowe.gitignore: Remove the grubinvaders/ directory
2015-02-13 Francis RoweDelete SeaBIOS from libreboot.
2015-02-13 Francis Rowebuildrom-withgrub: create the bin directory if it does...
2015-02-11 Francis Rowei945-pwm executable built from src added to .gitignore
2015-02-09 Francis Rowebuild-release: Separate ROM images into individual...
2015-01-26 Francis Rowebuild-release: create file named commitid after build...
2014-12-31 Francis Rowebuild-release: create small source archive with flashro...
2014-12-31 Francis Rowe.gitignore: add ich9fdgbe_8m.bin and ich9fdgbe_4m.bin
2014-12-31 Francis Roweich9macchange: refactored
2014-12-28 Francis Roweich9deblob: added ich9gen utility
2014-12-25 Francis Roweich9deblob: forgot to add obj directory. adding now.
2014-12-25 Francis Roweich9deblob: moved src to src/, .o files to obj/
2014-12-24 Francis Roweich9deblob: Replace makefile (use dependencies)
2014-12-22 Francis Rowe.gitignore: add ich9deblob .o files
2014-12-13 Francis RoweUpdate coreboot (again)
2014-12-11 Francis RoweThinkPad X200 support added to libreboot
2014-11-28 Francis Rowe.gitignore: add powertop directory
2014-11-25 Francis Rowe.gitignore: add libreboot_bin.tar.xz and libreboot_src...
2014-09-16 Francis Rowe.gitignore: Ignore bin/* but not bin/ itself
2014-09-16 Francis Rowe.gitignore: Fix typos
2014-09-03 Michał MasłowskiUpdate .gitignore for new dependencies.
2014-09-03 Michał MasłowskiMerge libreboot-6b6.
2014-08-22 Michał MasłowskiAdd .gitignore.