docs/gnulinux/encrypted_debian: don't tell the user to choose their own LV name
[libreboot.git] / build
2016-06-28 Leah RoweChange Leah's surname back to Rowe
2016-05-14 Leah WoodsAdd 16MiB ROM image configs for all GM45 thinkpads
2016-05-06 Leah Woodsreassign Minifree Ltd copyrights back to Minifree director
2016-04-26 Minifree Ltdreassign copyright from Minifree director to Minifree Ltd
2016-03-10 Francis Rowebuild: show help output when there is an error
2016-03-10 Francis Rowebuild: allow unlimited number of additional parameters
2016-03-10 Francis Rowebuild: re-introduce variable names for $1 and $2
2016-03-10 Klemens Nannibuild: Simplify, make code more readable
2015-09-24 Paul Kocialkowskibuild: remove invalid example
2015-08-30 Francis Roweall scripts: general fixes and clean up
2015-08-30 Francis Rowebuild script: avoid conflicting with existing variable...
2015-08-30 Francis Rowebuild script: don't use ls
2015-06-13 Francis Rowebuild script: use a standard style (compared to other...
2015-02-20 Francis Rowebash scripts: Only enable verbose output if DEBUG=...
2015-02-20 Francis Rowebuild: Fix copyright license attribution in the header
2015-02-20 P. J. McDermottbuild: Support multiple extra options
2015-02-15 Francis RoweMove all build scripts into a single generic script...
2015-02-14 Francis RoweMove creation of bin/ directory to the "build" script
2015-02-09 Francis RoweNew board: ThinkPad R400 support added to libreboot.
2015-02-07 Francis Rowegrub-assemble: merge scripts into a single script
2015-02-01 Francis Rowevarious scripts: Update copyright year
2015-02-01 Francis Rowebuild: remove "break" command from for loop
2015-02-01 Francis Rowebuild: re-factor the descriptor/gbe generating loop...
2015-02-01 Francis RoweX60, X60S and X60 Tablet now the same ROM images.
2014-12-28 Francis Rowebuild: include descriptor+gbe images inside X200, by...
2014-12-12 Francis Rowebuild: automatically find board names (configs) to...
2014-12-11 Francis RoweThinkPad X200 support added to libreboot
2014-11-28 Francis Rowebuild: fix bug: images for i945 ROM's were not dd'd
2014-11-26 Francis Rowescripts (all): replace unnecessary rm -rf with rm -f
2014-11-22 Francis Rowebuild: Only generate the GRUB configurations once
2014-11-22 Francis Rowebuild: Fix typo
2014-11-22 Francis RoweOnly build 2 GRUB payload executables, re-use on all...
2014-11-22 Francis Rowebuild and buildrom-withgrub: Only dd twice for each...
2014-11-21 Francis RoweMove CBFS files to GRUB memdisk, except grub.cfg and...
2014-11-09 Francis RoweError checking
2014-09-03 Michał MasłowskiMerge libreboot-6b6.
2014-09-03 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 6.
2014-08-22 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 5.
2014-08-22 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 4.
2014-08-22 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 3.
2014-08-22 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 1.