docs/gnulinux/encrypted_debian: don't tell the user to choose their own LV name
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2016-06-28 Leah RoweChange Leah's surname back to Rowe
2016-05-06 Leah Woodsreassign Minifree Ltd copyrights back to Minifree director
2016-04-26 Minifree Ltdreassign copyright from Minifree director to Minifree Ltd
2015-08-30 Francis Rowemore scripts: don't use the [[ bashism
2015-08-30 Francis Roweall scripts: general fixes and clean up
2015-07-18 Francis Roweflash script: add laptop=force_I_want_a_brick to forceu...
2015-07-18 Francis Rowedocs/install/index.html: fool-proofing for X60 guide
2015-06-28 Francis Rowes/machine/system
2015-06-13 Francis Roweflashing script: improve readibility
2015-06-13 Francis Roweflashing script: fix broken if/else chain
2015-06-13 Francis Roweflashing script: use a standard style (compared to...
2015-06-10 Francis Roweflash script: fix a really really really dumb mistake
2015-06-07 Francis Rowereminder
2015-02-20 Francis Rowebash scripts: Only enable verbose output if DEBUG=...
2015-02-15 Francis Roweflash (script): Use "build" instead of "DEBLOB" to...
2015-02-15 Francis Roweflash script: fix typo in command
2015-02-14 Francis RoweMerge all flashing scripts one one.
2014-12-31 Francis RoweRefactored the flashing scripts
2014-11-28 Francis Roweflash: add comments
2014-11-25 Francis Rowelibreboot_bin.tar.xz: Include utils as statically linke...
2014-11-24 Francis Roweflash: check if user is root
2014-11-21 Francis Rowescripts (error handling): Replace exit with exit 1
2014-11-09 Francis Roweflashing scripts: Remove obnoxious warnings.
2014-11-09 Francis RoweError checking
2014-11-01 Francis Roweflash (flashrom script): remove boardmismatch=force
2014-09-03 Michał MasłowskiMerge libreboot-6b6.
2014-09-03 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 6.
2014-08-22 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 3.
2014-08-22 Francis RoweLibreboot release 6 beta 1.