libsamsung-ipc version 0.3.0
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2014-08-07 Paul Kocialkowskilibsamsung-ipc version 0.3.0 master
2014-02-15 Paul Kocialkowskilibsamsung-ipc is maintained by the Replicant project
2014-02-15 Paul KocialkowskiVersion-independent pkgconfig rules
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiDrop support for the (incomplete) old protocol implemen...
2012-09-21 Simon Buschcleanup autoconf configuration
2012-04-11 Simon BuschBump version number to 0.2.0 for next cycle
2012-01-28 Simon BuschAdjust to get everything compiling with autotools again
2012-01-27 Simon BuschBump required openssl version 1.0.0e
2012-01-26 Simon BuschRevert "Switch version from 0.1.0 to 1"
2012-01-26 Simon BuschMerge branch 'morphis/forward'
2012-01-25 Simon BuschSwitch version from 0.1.0 to 1
2012-01-25 Simon BuschDrop GITV from configure script; it's not needed
2011-11-06 Simon BuschAdd missing $ for use of variable $OPENSSL_REQUIRED...
2011-10-30 Simon BuschMerge branch 'master' into master-next
2011-10-29 Simon Buschfix autotools setup to support the new device specific...
2011-10-03 Simon BuschAdd modemctrl utility to test functionality of samsung-ipc
2011-10-03 Simon BuschAdd openssl as dependency
2011-09-29 Simon BuschSeveral update regarding integration in other userland...
2011-08-24 Simon BuschBasic automake environment for building the library