sec: Proper prefixes and unused function removal
[libsamsung-ipc.git] / include / sec.h
2014-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Proper prefixes and unused function removal
2014-02-11 Paul KocialkowskiExtract in helpers naming
2014-02-09 Paul KocialkowskiConsistent coding style in helpers
2014-02-08 Paul KocialkowskiPrefer official Samsung IPC protocol names
2014-02-06 Paul KocialkowskiFollow consistent coding style in headers
2014-01-25 Paul KocialkowskiTypes are not commands
2014-01-25 Paul KocialkowskiGood-looking copyright blocks, with the right order...
2013-06-27 Paul KocialkowskiMore cosmetics on headers
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiAdd newline and indentation on long functions names
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiDrop support for the (incomplete) old protocol implemen...
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Use correct SIM ready status value
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskisec: RSIM access data structure when SIM ICC type != 1
2013-01-15 Simon Buschsec: correct binary represetation of SIM access commands
2012-09-21 Simon Buschswitch to GPLv2+ as license as decided by all authors...
2012-09-09 Simon Buschsec: add setup method for ipc_sec_change_locking_pw_set...
2012-09-09 Simon Buschsec: rename ipc_sec_change_locking_pw to ipc_sec_change...
2012-09-06 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Corrected comments about data types
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: add IPC_SEC_FACILITY_LOCK_TYPE_SC_UNLOCKED type
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: rename ipc_sec_pin_status_response structure
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: rename IPC_SEC_PIN_STATUS to IPC_SEC_SIM_STATUS
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: refactor type naming to be clean and not misleading
2012-02-24 PaulKFixed ipc_sec_phone_lock stuctures
2012-02-24 PaulKAdded SIM PIN-related structures on sec header
2011-10-30 Simon BuschMerge branch 'master' into master-next
2011-10-30 PaulKFixed IPC_PWR_PHONE_STATE (from SEC RIL logs) removed...
2011-10-29 PaulKAdded SIM IO table (from FSO), related helpers, crespo...
2011-10-29 Simon BuschAdd vim modeline for uniform indentation
2011-10-29 Simon BuschMerge remote-tracking branch 'ius/for-morphis' into...
2011-10-28 PaulKCorrected, crespo_ipc file, some headers...
2011-10-25 Simon BuschAdd setup method for ipc_sec_pin_status_set message
2011-10-24 Simon BuschVarious updates and corrections
2011-10-17 Simon BuschAdd a lot more enums and structs to the vala api descri...
2011-08-17 Joerie de GramRename library to libsamsung-ipc
2011-08-16 Joerie de Gramsec: improve PIN handling
2011-08-16 Joerie de Gramsec: add RSIM_ACCESS support
2011-07-28 Joerie de Gramsec: update SEC_PIN_STATUS types
2011-07-28 Joerie de Gramsec: add sim card types
2011-07-28 Joerie de GramCleanup, preliminary calling/sms support