2014-01-13 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 support
2014-01-13 Paul KocialkowskiDevice detection mechanism improvments and more constit...
2013-09-01 Paul Kocialkowskisms: Save/del structures and related values
2013-08-25 Paul Kocialkowskisvc: Relevant messages and structures definitions
2013-08-20 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung Galaxy Note support
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskimisc.h: tz, dl and dv values are explicitly signed
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung Galaxy S3 (galaxys3) support
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6260: Correct SEC modem ohci sysfs path
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiipc devices: Include structures definitions from device...
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiRename ipc_header to ipc_fmt_header, add ipc_rfs_header...
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiutil: Rename block_size to chunk
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiRemove file read functions from ipc_util
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskirfs.c: Fix coding style and compilation warnings
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiipc.c: Check heandlers data create/destroy pointers
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiaries: Minor coding-style-related changes
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskicrespo: Minor coding-style-related changes
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Minor coding-style-related changes
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiMajor rework of xmm6260 common code (MIPI and HSIC...
2013-07-01 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Rename modem_image to firmware to avoid confusion
2013-07-01 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Explicit PSI data argument name
2013-06-30 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Use device-specific sizes and offsets
2013-06-30 Paul KocialkowskiPrefix per-device headers definitions with the device...
2013-06-30 Paul KocialkowskiSplit aries and crespo common code to xmm6160, along...
2013-06-28 Paul KocialkowskiNew utilities (not exposed by the API) for various...
2013-06-27 Paul Kocialkowskiipc util: Do not use strdup, to avoid memory leak
2013-06-27 Paul KocialkowskiMore cosmetics on headers
2013-06-27 Paul KocialkowskiGet rid of wakelocks, this should be dealt with on...
2013-06-27 Paul KocialkowskiRework handlers and ipc functions for better consistency
2013-06-27 Paul Kocialkowskirfs.c: Coding style cosmetics
2013-06-26 Paul Kocialkowskiipc.c: Coding style cosmetics
2013-06-26 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_client_send: Single function with return code
2013-06-25 Paul Kocialkowskirfs.h: Coding style
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiCoding style: Move ; around in for statements
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiAdd newline and indentation on long functions names
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiRefactor code for consistent coding style and avoid...
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiRenamed ipc_private.h to ipc.h
2013-06-25 Paul Kocialkowskimodemctrl: Update Copyright block for better accuracy
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiMoved radio.h and types.h to samsung-ipc.h (API) and...
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiDrop (incomplete) support for Samsung H1
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiDrop support for the (incomplete) old protocol implemen...
2013-06-23 Simon BuschUpdate changelog for new release
2013-06-23 Simon BuschUpdate documentation in preparation of a new release
2013-06-23 Simon BuschUpdate list of authors based on git history
2013-06-23 Simon BuschAdd missing modem_prj.h file to automake configuration
2013-06-23 Simon BuschFix outstanding compiler warnings
2013-03-24 Paul KocialkowskiRules to build piranha code on Makefiles
2013-03-23 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6260: Set message info data to NULL before alloc...
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskimodemctrl: Remove SIM initializing message
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Use correct SIM ready status value
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskidisp: Second byte of icon info is the reception level...
2013-03-06 Paul Kocialkowskiprainha: Remove TODO comment
2013-03-06 Paul KocialkowskiPiranha (P5100/P3100 Galaxy Tab 2.0 tablets) support
2013-02-17 Simon BuschMerge pull request #4 from Jooles/master
2013-02-14 Julian CromartyAdded spica (i5700) to available devices in
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskisec: RSIM access data structure when SIM ICC type != 1
2013-02-08 Paul Kocialkowskimisc: Timezone value can be negative, use a signed...
2013-01-30 Paul Kocialkowskisms: Correct memcpy argument (don't use a pointer to...
2013-01-15 Simon Buschsec: correct binary represetation of SIM access commands
2012-12-16 Paul KocialkowskiMisc: Correct the value for time info message
2012-12-15 Paul KocialkowskiPermit explicit board name instead of device name
2012-11-18 Paul KocialkowskiAries: Stick a bit more with SEC ril, preventing some...
2012-11-14 Simon Buschipc: reset client structure after allocation to zero
2012-11-14 Simon BuschFix wrong device detection; we have to check for board_...
2012-11-12 Denis 'GNUtoo... Fix vapi errors due to ipc_sms_send_msg and ipc_sms_del...
2012-11-11 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Pass CID to activate/deactivate functions
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiSMS: Renamed structures according to messages names...
2012-10-13 Paul Kocialkowskicrespo: Kernel-version-dependant gprs specs
2012-10-13 Paul KocialkowskiKernel version in IPC device desc, with detection code
2012-09-30 Denis 'GNUtoo... Fix vapi errors due to ipc_net_current_plmn rename.
2012-09-30 Denis 'GNUtoo... Fix vapi errors due to ipc_net_regist rename.
2012-09-30 morphisMerge pull request #3 from GNUtoo/master
2012-09-30 Denis 'GNUtoo... Fix VAPI's ipc_net_{regist_setup,plmn_sel_setup} rename...
2012-09-21 Simon Buschsamsung-ipc: cleanup to match common code style
2012-09-21 Simon Buschmaguro: cleanup code to match common code style
2012-09-21 Simon Buschxmm6260: cleanup code a bit to match common code style
2012-09-21 Simon Buschcleanup autoconf configuration
2012-09-21 Simon Buschswitch to GPLv2+ as license as decided by all authors...
2012-09-20 Simon Buschupdate authors file with all people contributed to...
2012-09-20 Simon Buschipc: don't set a default log handler; should be set...
2012-09-15 Paul KocialkowskiSND: Add missing undocumented commands
2012-09-10 Paul Kocialkowskiipc: fix gprs_get_iface functions
2012-09-09 Simon Buschgprs: rename member of ipc_gprs_hsdpa_status to reg_state
2012-09-09 Simon Buschcall: fix retrieval of the number of a call
2012-09-09 Simon Buschipc: refactor ipc_client_gprs_get_iface method to retur...
2012-09-09 Simon Buschmisc: add IPC_MISC_DEBUG_LEVEL message type
2012-09-09 Simon Buschsec: add setup method for ipc_sec_change_locking_pw_set...
2012-09-09 Simon Buschsec: rename ipc_sec_change_locking_pw to ipc_sec_change...
2012-09-09 Simon Buschsec: add setup method for ipc_sec_phone_lock_set messag...
2012-09-07 Paul KocialkowskiAries: Use new IPC open/close definitions
2012-09-06 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Corrected comments about data types
2012-08-30 Simon Buschtools: drop not working forwarding tool
2012-08-30 Simon Buschnet: renaming some parts to be more reasonable
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: add IPC_SEC_FACILITY_LOCK_TYPE_SC_UNLOCKED type
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: rename ipc_sec_pin_status_response structure
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: rename IPC_SEC_PIN_STATUS to IPC_SEC_SIM_STATUS
2012-08-29 Simon Buschsec: refactor type naming to be clean and not misleading
2012-08-28 Simon BuschReformat log output for received/sent messages
2012-08-28 Simon Buschxm6269: drop log statement as it fills up the log outpu...
2012-08-28 Simon BuschUse correct helper method to print request type
2012-08-27 Simon Buschvapi: bind missing ipc_client_create_handlers_common_da...