2014-07-26 Paul Kocialkowskisvc: Helpers
2014-07-26 Paul KocialkowskiOffset is unsigned int
2014-07-26 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_utils: New line before printing I/O debug
2014-07-26 Paul Kocialkowskisec: RSIM access helper
2014-07-26 Paul Kocialkowskisms: Only copy when there is actual data
2014-07-26 Paul Kocialkowskiutils: Dedicated function for length/size
2014-07-26 Paul Kocialkowskiutils: Shared libraries don't allow for internal functions
2014-07-26 Paul KocialkowskiData dump function replacement
2014-07-26 Paul Kocialkowskisms: Save/del msg helpers, send msg correction
2014-07-05 Paul Kocialkowskisms: Headers sort, pdu extract helper
2014-07-04 Paul Kocialkowskixmm626: HSIC ACKs are not reliable
2014-07-04 Paul Kocialkowskisnd: Proper missing structures
2014-07-04 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_utils: Utility to check whether a seq is valid
2014-07-04 Paul Kocialkowskicall: DTMF status over state, burst response
2014-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskicall: Turns out mpty was not a typo for empty
2014-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskimisc: IPC_MISC_ME_VERSION request data and new helpers
2014-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Maximum password size is not so much the size...
2014-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Cleanup memory before use
2014-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Proper prefixes and unused function removal
2014-06-18 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Actually copy the PIN lengths
2014-05-25 Paul Kocialkowskinet: Proper PLMN copy, without null terminating byte
2014-05-19 Paul Kocialkowskinet: PLMN is always 6 bytes
2014-05-19 Paul Kocialkowskinet: Correct enumeration
2014-05-16 Paul KocialkowskiGeneric xmm616 and xmm626 names
2014-03-27 Paul Kocialkowskiipc: Carefully check for name or board name when detect...
2014-02-26 Paul Kocialkowskipwr: Proper request/response values and structures
2014-02-26 Paul Kocialkowskirfs: Chunk size is not always greater than size
2014-02-26 Paul KocialkowskiGlobal include path
2014-02-26 Paul Override LOCAL_CFLAGS
2014-02-24 Paul Kocialkowskiprotocol: Commands and types are not the same
2014-02-24 Paul Kocialkowskiaries: Minor coding style correction
2014-02-24 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_utils: Correct enumaration for headers
2014-02-24 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_utils: Enumerate send first, then recv
2014-02-23 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_devices: Proper type for count and index
2014-02-21 Paul Kocialkowskitools: ipc-test test program, for various purposes
2014-02-21 Paul Kocialkowskitools: modemctrl tool rename, in favor of ipc-modem
2014-02-16 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_utils: Request type string when sending
2014-02-15 Paul Kocialkowskilibsamsung-ipc is maintained by the Replicant project
2014-02-15 Paul KocialkowskiVersion-independent pkgconfig rules
2014-02-15 Paul KocialkowskiDeprecated and unmaintained vapi removal
2014-02-15 Paul Kocialkowskiipc: Consistent coding style and major cleanup
2014-02-15 Paul Kocialkowskirfs: Consistent coding style, cleanup and fresh new...
2014-02-13 Paul Kocialkowskiutils: Files rename, new functions, proper types and...
2014-02-13 Paul Kocialkowskirfs: Proper type for size definitions
2014-02-11 Paul Kocialkowskirfs: Proper IPC functions for nv_data specs, without...
2014-02-11 Paul KocialkowskiExtract in helpers naming
2014-02-09 Paul KocialkowskiConsistent coding style in helpers
2014-02-08 Paul KocialkowskiPrefer official Samsung IPC protocol names
2014-02-08 Paul Kocialkowskidevices folder instead of device, for better consistency
2014-02-08 Paul KocialkowskiUnified description of libsamsung-ipc
2014-02-08 Paul KocialkowskiCorrect enumeration of files and devices
2014-02-06 Paul KocialkowskiFollow consistent coding style in headers
2014-01-26 Paul Kocialkowskidevice: Buffer has length and tail is footer
2014-01-25 Paul KocialkowskiTypes are not commands
2014-01-25 Paul KocialkowskiGood-looking copyright blocks, with the right order...
2014-01-25 Paul cleanup
2014-01-23 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_util: Print messages lengths
2014-01-23 Paul Kocialkowskiaries: Read and write data in proper buffer-sized chunks
2014-01-13 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 support
2014-01-13 Paul KocialkowskiDevice detection mechanism improvments and more constit...
2013-09-01 Paul Kocialkowskisms: Save/del structures and related values
2013-08-25 Paul Kocialkowskisvc: Relevant messages and structures definitions
2013-08-20 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung Galaxy Note support
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskimisc.h: tz, dl and dv values are explicitly signed
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung Galaxy S3 (galaxys3) support
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6260: Correct SEC modem ohci sysfs path
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiipc devices: Include structures definitions from device...
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiRename ipc_header to ipc_fmt_header, add ipc_rfs_header...
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiutil: Rename block_size to chunk
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiRemove file read functions from ipc_util
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskirfs.c: Fix coding style and compilation warnings
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiipc.c: Check heandlers data create/destroy pointers
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiaries: Minor coding-style-related changes
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskicrespo: Minor coding-style-related changes
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Minor coding-style-related changes
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiMajor rework of xmm6260 common code (MIPI and HSIC...
2013-07-01 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Rename modem_image to firmware to avoid confusion
2013-07-01 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Explicit PSI data argument name
2013-06-30 Paul Kocialkowskixmm6160: Use device-specific sizes and offsets
2013-06-30 Paul KocialkowskiPrefix per-device headers definitions with the device...
2013-06-30 Paul KocialkowskiSplit aries and crespo common code to xmm6160, along...
2013-06-28 Paul KocialkowskiNew utilities (not exposed by the API) for various...
2013-06-27 Paul Kocialkowskiipc util: Do not use strdup, to avoid memory leak
2013-06-27 Paul KocialkowskiMore cosmetics on headers
2013-06-27 Paul KocialkowskiGet rid of wakelocks, this should be dealt with on...
2013-06-27 Paul KocialkowskiRework handlers and ipc functions for better consistency
2013-06-27 Paul Kocialkowskirfs.c: Coding style cosmetics
2013-06-26 Paul Kocialkowskiipc.c: Coding style cosmetics
2013-06-26 Paul Kocialkowskiipc_client_send: Single function with return code
2013-06-25 Paul Kocialkowskirfs.h: Coding style
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiCoding style: Move ; around in for statements
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiAdd newline and indentation on long functions names
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiRefactor code for consistent coding style and avoid...
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiRenamed ipc_private.h to ipc.h
2013-06-25 Paul Kocialkowskimodemctrl: Update Copyright block for better accuracy
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiMoved radio.h and types.h to samsung-ipc.h (API) and...
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiDrop (incomplete) support for Samsung H1
2013-06-25 Paul KocialkowskiDrop support for the (incomplete) old protocol implemen...
2013-06-23 Simon BuschUpdate changelog for new release
2013-06-23 Simon BuschUpdate documentation in preparation of a new release