SRS: srs-client library, proper structures for protocol data
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2013-03-07 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: srs-client library, proper structures for protocol...
2013-03-06 Paul KocialkowskiPiranha (P5100/P3100 Galaxy Tab 2.0 tablets) support
2012-12-15 Paul KocialkowskiSAT: Rename STK functions, disable STK by default
2012-11-19 Paul KocialkowskiCopyright: Corrected email address
2012-11-04 Paul KocialkowskiUpdated copyright information
2012-08-24 Alexander TarasikovMerge remote-tracking branch 'ksys/master' into replica...
2012-08-22 Alexander TarasikovAdd the compat.h header to multiple Android trees
2012-08-20 Alexander TarasikovSwitch to v6 structures (mostly a cosmetic change)
2012-07-23 Alexander TarasikovFix compilation on jellybean
2012-07-06 Alexander TarasikovAdd maguro makefiles
2012-07-06 Paul KocialkowskiICS MODIFY
2012-02-24 PaulKMassive rework of SIM handling, with new features SIM...
2012-02-20 PaulKAdded USSD support
2012-02-01 PaulKChanged to match libsamsung-ipc changes
2011-12-31 PaulKAdded RFS functions and IPC_GEN_PHONE_RES proper handli...
2011-12-29 PaulKAdded preliminary data support
2011-12-21 PaulKRIL rework: multi-client, more stable, added GPLv3...
2011-12-04 PaulKAdded Samsung Ril Socket (SRS) support: this permits...
2011-11-22 PaulKModified samsung-ril to work on Nexus S.
2011-10-29 Joerie de GramTemporary initial commit