MISC: Timezone can be negative: handle that case as well
[samsung-ril.git] / misc.c
2013-02-08 Paul KocialkowskiMISC: Timezone can be negative: handle that case as...
2012-11-19 Paul KocialkowskiCopyright: Corrected email address
2012-11-04 Paul KocialkowskiUpdated copyright information
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiReworked RIL requests, globals, SIM status, client
2012-08-28 Paul KocialkowskiCosmetics: removed lines with tabs or spaces
2012-08-24 Alexander TarasikovMerge remote-tracking branch 'ksys/master' into replica...
2012-07-25 Alexander TarasikovFix some compilation warnings
2012-02-24 PaulKFixed IMEI/Baseband infos once and for all!
2012-02-22 PaulKFixed IMEI/IMEISV (one request depends on the other...
2011-12-21 PaulKRIL rework: multi-client, more stable, added GPLv3...
2011-11-22 PaulKModified samsung-ril to work on Nexus S.
2011-10-29 Joerie de GramTemporary initial commit