SRS: srs-client library, proper structures for protocol data
[samsung-ril.git] / srs.c
2013-03-07 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: srs-client library, proper structures for protocol...
2013-02-09 Paul KocialkowskiChange coding style: add a space after if, for and...
2012-11-19 Paul KocialkowskiCopyright: Corrected email address
2012-11-12 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: Set non-blocking flag without override
2012-11-05 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: Rework to handle multiple clients in a better way
2012-11-04 Paul KocialkowskiUpdated copyright information
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiReworked RIL requests, globals, SIM status, client
2012-08-28 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: Use different socket type based on RIL version
2012-08-26 Alexander TarasikovRework SRS to support multiple clients
2012-08-24 Alexander TarasikovMerge remote-tracking branch 'ksys/master' into replica...
2012-07-25 Alexander TarasikovFix some compilation warnings
2012-07-08 Alexander Tarasikovsrs: use SOCKET_ABSTRACT to fix ICS permissions
2011-12-21 PaulKRIL rework: multi-client, more stable, added GPLv3...