2013-03-08 Paul Kocialkowskidisp: Log signal strength
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskipwr: Handle phone reset message
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Use correct SIM ready status value
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskidisp: Report signal strength from icon info
2013-03-07 Paul Kocialkowskipwr: Complete request even if last state seems not...
2013-03-07 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: srs-client library, proper structures for protocol...
2013-03-06 Paul Kocialkowskipwr: Wait for IPC_PWR_PHONE_PWR_UP to complete startup
2013-03-06 Paul KocialkowskiPiranha (P5100/P3100 Galaxy Tab 2.0 tablets) support
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Handle various SIM I/O message formats based on...
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Do not consider absent SIM state as unknown
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Assume SIM is ready when phonebook init is complete
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Send SIM I/O requests one after another
2013-02-09 Paul KocialkowskiChange coding style: add a space after if, for and...
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskicompat: Removed separate header: apply per-version...
2013-02-09 Paul Kocialkowskisec: Rewrite SIM I/O functions
2013-02-08 Paul KocialkowskiMISC: Timezone can be negative: handle that case as...
2012-12-16 Paul KocialkowskiPWR: Report power states and return to RILJ properly
2012-12-15 Paul KocialkowskiRFS: Export ipc_rfs_send function prototype
2012-12-15 Paul KocialkowskiSAT: Rename STK functions, disable STK by default
2012-11-19 Paul KocialkowskiCopyright: Corrected email address
2012-11-18 Paul KocialkowskiDisp: Report RSSI properly with newer version
2012-11-12 Paul KocialkowskiTODO: Removed implemented GPRS functions
2012-11-12 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: Set non-blocking flag without override
2012-11-11 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Pass CID to activate/deactivate IPC functions
2012-11-05 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: Rework to handle multiple clients in a better way
2012-11-04 Paul KocialkowskiUpdated copyright information
2012-11-04 Paul KocialkowskiSMS: Use lists stored in ril_data instead of global...
2012-11-04 Paul KocialkowskiSMS: Process next incoming message after failure
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiSMS: Use lists stored in ril_data instead of global...
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiGEN: Change function name to match naming style
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Use lists stored in ril_data instead of global...
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiGEN: Use lists stored in ril_data instead of global...
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiPWR: Fix typo error
2012-11-01 Paul KocialkowskiReworked RIL requests, globals, SIM status, client
2012-09-19 Paul KocialkowskiCall: return NULL and 0 len when no calls are to be...
2012-09-14 Paul KocialkowskiSEC: Avoid garbage when sending SIM IO
2012-09-09 Paul KocialkowskiStick to the latest libsamsung-ipc changes
2012-09-07 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Fixed style, compat and RIL_VERSION < 6 return...
2012-09-06 Paul KocialkowskiStick to the latest libsamsung-ipc changes
2012-08-28 Paul KocialkowskiCosmetics: removed lines with tabs or spaces
2012-08-28 Paul KocialkowskiSRS: Use different socket type based on RIL version
2012-08-26 Alexander TarasikovRework SRS to support multiple clients
2012-08-26 Alexander TarasikovSynchronize ril and ipc notifications
2012-08-25 Alexander TarasikovOnly fake ril version on jellybean
2012-08-25 Alexander TarasikovFix compiling gprs on Gingerbread
2012-08-24 Alexander TarasikovFix GPRS on ICS/JB
2012-08-24 Alexander Tarasikovcompat: fix data fail cause
2012-08-24 Alexander TarasikovMerge remote-tracking branch 'ksys/master' into replica...
2012-08-24 Alexander TarasikovUse RADIO_STATE_ON on ICS/JB only
2012-08-24 Paul KocialkowskiTry to fix ipc_net_plmn_sel segmentation fault.
2012-08-22 Alexander TarasikovAdd a pointer check to ipc_net_plmn_sel
2012-08-22 Alexander TarasikovAdd the compat.h header to multiple Android trees
2012-08-20 Alexander TarasikovUse RADIO_STATE_ON
2012-08-20 Alexander TarasikovSwitch to v6 structures (mostly a cosmetic change)
2012-07-25 Alexander TarasikovHack RIL_VERSION to make voice calls work on jellybean
2012-07-25 Alexander TarasikovFix some compilation warnings
2012-07-23 Alexander TarasikovFix compilation on jellybean
2012-07-13 Alexander TarasikovFix ussd message corruption
2012-07-13 Alexander TarasikovMove SmsCodingScheme to utils.c for future reuse
2012-07-13 Alexander TarasikovFix USSD encoding for all GSM7/UCS2/ASCII cases
2012-07-13 Alexander TarasikovAdd UCS2 USSD decoding
2012-07-13 Alexander TarasikovAdd the utf8_write function to decode ucs2 data
2012-07-08 Alexander Tarasikovsrs: use SOCKET_ABSTRACT to fix ICS permissions
2012-07-08 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: free a bunch of strings after being used
2012-07-08 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Get and store interface given the cid, cleanup...
2012-07-07 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Improved stability with status, fail cause and...
2012-07-06 Paul KocialkowskiCall: Added last call fail cause support
2012-07-06 Alexander TarasikovHack ussd for latin ascii to make it work at least
2012-07-06 Alexander TarasikovAdd maguro makefiles
2012-07-06 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Changes for ICS
2012-07-06 Paul KocialkowskiICS MODIFY
2012-07-05 Paul KocialkowskiIncreased the max number of attempts when creating...
2012-07-04 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: Use GPRS capabilities to decide whether to send...
2012-07-04 Paul KocialkowskiRFS: Only print the first 0x100 bytes
2012-07-02 Paul KocialkowskiGPRS: improved error-handling while setting up data...
2012-06-07 PaulKGPRS: port list and iface activation/deactivation support
2012-04-03 PaulKUpdated ToDo list
2012-03-29 PaulKRemoved unused code realted to SIM and typo on SMS
2012-03-29 PaulKFixed SIM status handling and added generic RIL_TOKEN_D...
2012-02-25 PaulKRe-enabled RFS, which was disabled for tests
2012-02-24 PaulKAdded DTMF global sort of lock and set the functions...
2012-02-24 PaulKFollowed libsamsung-ipc changes on ipc_sec_phone_lock
2012-02-24 PaulKFixed some unusual return values on error
2012-02-24 PaulKFixed IMEI/Baseband infos once and for all!
2012-02-24 PaulKFixed disp icon info once and for all!
2012-02-24 PaulKMassive rework of SIM handling, with new features SIM...
2012-02-22 PaulKTypo ril_tokens_net_state_dump
2012-02-22 PaulKFixed IMEI/IMEISV (one request depends on the other...
2012-02-22 PaulKFixed RSSI interpretation from icon_info messages
2012-02-22 PaulKUpdated ToDo list
2012-02-21 PaulKCleaned code for network type selection and added stabl...
2012-02-21 PaulKFixed IPC_NET_MODE_SEL related functions
2012-02-20 PaulKUsing the global Operators list on QUERY_AVAILABLE_NETW...
2012-02-20 PaulKAdded USSD support
2012-02-17 PaulKFixed code according to libsamsung-ipc changes
2012-02-01 PaulKAdded GSM7 <-> ASCII code
2012-02-01 PaulKDon't return failure if net requests are overlaping
2012-02-01 PaulKModified gprs.c to match libsamsung-ipc changes
2012-02-01 PaulKUsing rc instead of calling the function in the if...
2012-02-01 PaulKChanged to match libsamsung-ipc changes