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2014-08-07 Paul KocialkowskiSamsung-RIL rewrite: harder, better, probably not faste... master
2013-12-20 Paul KocialkowskiRIL_LOG macro to log messages
2013-09-29 Paul Kocialkowskimisc: Complete NITZ report
2013-09-29 Paul KocialkowskiSend internal SMS to alert the user when an important...
2013-09-29 Paul Kocialkowskimisc: Check for IPC message type properly
2013-09-28 Paul KocialkowskiCheck modem state before RIL requests and properly...
2013-09-01 Paul Kocialkowskisms: Write/delete SMS on SIM support
2013-08-25 Paul Kocialkowskisvc: Implement Samsung Service Mode OEM Hook
2013-07-26 Paul KocialkowskiPLMN list update
2013-07-03 Paul Kocialkowskiipc: Open client after power on
2013-07-03 Paul KocialkowskiFollow changes in libsamsung-ipc API
2013-03-31 Paul KocialkowskiRemove TODO list
2013-03-31 Paul Kocialkowskiplmn_list: Update script and list
2013-03-31 Paul KocialkowskiUpdate copyright information
2013-03-31 Paul KocialkowskiCoding style: add spaces after switch statements
2013-03-31 Paul KocialkowskiAvoid checking ipc_message_info pointer since it is...
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