2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardcmd: fdt: add fdt overlay application subcommand
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Add overlay application function
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Add fdt_setprop_inplace_namelen_partial
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Add fdt_getprop_namelen_w
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Add fdt_path_offset_namelen
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Fix separator spelling
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Add max phandle retrieval function
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Add iterator over properties
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardlibfdt: Add new headers and defines
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardvsprintf: Include stdarg for va_list
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardscripts: Makefile.lib: Sanitize DTB names
2016-08-20 Maxime Ripardcmd: fdt: Narrow the check for fdt addr
2016-08-16 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesex86: Add theadorable-x86-dfi-bt700 board support
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesex86: Add DFI BT700 BayTrail board support
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesex86: conga-qeval20-qa3: Add SMBus support and SMSC2513...
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesei2c: intel_i2c: SMBus driver PCI addition (e.g. BayTrail)
2016-08-16 Yaroslav Kcbfs: Fix incorrect CBFS file header size being used
2016-08-16 Simon Glassx86: bdinfo: Drop meaningless values
2016-08-16 Simon Glassbdinfo: Don't print out empty DRAM banks
2016-08-16 Bin Mengx86: bayleybay: Add PS/2 keyboard and mouse to ASL...
2016-08-16 George McCollisterx86: som-db5800-som-6867: fix SERIRQ on reset
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesemisc: Add simple driver for some Nuvoton NCT6102D devices
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesex86: baytrail: Add SIO HS-UART clock setup
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesex86: cache.h: Add default for CONFIG_SYS_CACHELINE_SIZE
2016-08-16 Simon Glassx86: Mention running U-Boot in 64-bit mode in the README
2016-08-16 Simon Glassx86: Add a reference to README.efi
2016-08-16 Simon Glassx86: Mention how to boot a 64-bit kernel from U-Boot
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesex86: doc: Add note about the debug FSP usage on BayTrail
2016-08-16 Stefan Roesex86: conga-qeval20-qa3: Add missing MAINTERNERS entry
2016-08-16 Jaehoon Chungmmc: mmc_legacy: fix the compiler error with disabled...
2016-08-16 Yangbo Lummc: send CMD0 before CMD1 for some MMC cards
2016-08-16 Sekhar Noridefconfig: k2g_evm_defconfig: Enable mmc driver model
2016-08-16 Sekhar NoriARM: dts: k2g-evm: enable mmc/sd suppport
2016-08-16 Sekhar NoriARM: dts: K2G: Add support for MMC controller
2016-08-16 Sekhar Noridrivers: mmc: omap_hsmmc: fix build breakage
2016-08-15 Tom Rinicommon: env_nand: Ensure that we have nand_info[0]...
2016-08-15 Andreas Fenkarttools/env: ensure environment starts at erase block...
2016-08-15 Chris Zankelxtensa: add support for the 'xtfpga' evaluation board
2016-08-15 Max Filippovxtensa: add core information for the de212 processor
2016-08-15 Max Filippovxtensa: add core information for the dc233c processor
2016-08-15 Chris Zankelxtensa: add core information for the dc232b processor
2016-08-15 Chris Zankelxtensa: add support for the xtensa processor architectu...
2016-08-15 Chris Zankelxtensa: add support for the xtensa processor architectu...
2016-08-15 Jon Medhurst... vexpress: Check TC2 firmware support before defaulting...
2016-08-15 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-atmel
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yangmmc: atmel_sdhci: Convert to the driver model support
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yangdm: atmel: Add driver model support for the ehci driver
2016-08-15 Wenyou YangARM: at91/dt: Add device tree for SAMA5D2 Xplained
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yangatmel: Bring in at91 pio4 device tree file and bindings
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yangpinctrl: at91-pio4: Add pinctrl driver
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yanggpio: atmel_pio4: Rework to support DM & DT
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yanggpio: atmel_pio4: Move PIO4 definitions to head file
2016-08-15 Andreas Bießmannclk.h: inline clk_get_by_name()
2016-08-15 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-net
2016-08-15 Joe Hershbergernet: mii: Clean up legacy glue that is not used
2016-08-15 Joe Hershbergernet: mii: Changes not made by spatch
2016-08-15 Joe Hershbergernet: mii: Fix changes made by spatch
2016-08-15 Joe Hershbergernet: mii: Use spatch to update miiphy_register
2016-08-15 Joe Hershbergerscripts: Add a cocci patch for miiphy_register
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yangclk: at91: Add clock driver
2016-08-15 mario.six@gdsys.cctpm: atmel_twi: Make compatible with DM I2C busses
2016-08-15 Songjun Wui2c: atmel: DT binding for i2c driver
2016-08-15 Songjun Wui2c: atmel: add i2c driver
2016-08-15 Max Filippovnet/ethoc: implement MDIO bus and support phylib
2016-08-15 Max Filippovnet/ethoc: support private memory configurations
2016-08-15 Max Filippovnet/ethoc: don't mix virtual and physical addresses
2016-08-15 Max Filippovnet/ethoc: support device tree
2016-08-15 Max Filippovnet/ethoc: add CONFIG_DM_ETH support
2016-08-15 Max Filippovnet/ethoc: use priv instead of dev internally
2016-08-15 Max Filippovnet/ethoc: add Kconfig entry for the driver
2016-08-15 Alban Bedelnet: e1000: Fix the build with driver model and SPI...
2016-08-15 Chris Packhamnet: smsc95xx: Use correct get_unaligned functions
2016-08-15 Wenyou Yangnet: macb: Fix build error for CONFIG_DM_ETH enabled
2016-08-15 Bibek BasuARM: tegra: set vdd_core for Jetson TK1
2016-08-15 Bryan WuARM: tegra: reduce CSITE clock from 204M to 136M
2016-08-15 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: fix trimslice environment location
2016-08-15 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: move ft_system_setup()
2016-08-15 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: enable PCIe controller on p2771-0000
2016-08-15 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: enable SD card on p2771-0000
2016-08-15 Bryan WuARM: tegra: enable I2C buses for P2771-0000
2016-08-15 Bryan Wui2c: tegra: add standardized clk/reset API support
2016-08-15 Stephen Warrenpci: tegra: port to standard clock/reset/pwr domain...
2016-08-15 Stephen Warrenmmc: tegra: port to standard clock/reset APIs
2016-08-15 Stephen Warreni2c: add Tegra186 BPMP driver
2016-08-15 Stephen Warrenpower domain: add Tegra186 driver
2016-08-15 Stephen Warrenreset: add Tegra186 reset driver
2016-08-15 Stephen Warrenclock: add Tegra186 clock driver
2016-08-15 Stephen Warrenmisc: add Tegra BPMP driver
2016-08-12 Tom RiniMerge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-dm
2016-08-12 Stephen Warrenmisc: add "call" uclass op
2016-08-12 John Keepingpower: pmic: act8846: add missing newline to debug...
2016-08-12 John Keepingpower: regulator: act8846: fix reading values
2016-08-12 Stephen Warrenfdt: allow fdtdec_get_addr_size_*() to translate addresses
2016-08-12 Stephen Warrenfdt_support: fdt_translate_address() blob const correctness
2016-08-12 Masahiro Yamadakconfig: use bool instead of boolean for type definitio...
2016-08-12 Mugunthan V Ndefconfig: am43xx_evm: enable eth driver model
2016-08-12 Lokesh Vutladrivers: net: cpsw: always flush cache of size aligned...
2016-08-12 Mugunthan V Nconfigs: dra7xx_evm: enable eth driver model
2016-08-12 Vignesh RARM: dra7xx_evm: Enable regulator DM support