2016-02-19 Paul Kocialkowskidebug kc1-recovery
2016-02-17 Paul KocialkowskiWorking USB on usb boot
2016-02-14 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: omap-common: UART boot
2016-02-14 Paul KocialkowskiAmazon Kindle Fire (first generation) codename kc1...
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskiomap-common: Remove deprecated arch_cpu_init code
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskiomap-common: Rename set_muxconf_regs_essential to set_m...
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskiomap4: Export jedec sdram timings
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskiomap4: Export elpidia sdram timings
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskiomap4: Export elpidia sdram device details
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskiomap_hsmmc: Board-specific TWL6030 MMC power initializa...
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskipower: twl6030: More explicit registers and values...
2016-02-14 Paul Kocialkowskisniper: Various minor cleanups, missing Kconfig configs...
2016-02-11 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-video
2016-02-11 Simon Glassvideo: tegra: Enable the 'lcd' env variable work-around
2016-02-11 Simon Glassdm: video: Add a temporary work-around for old stdout var
2016-02-10 Hans de GoedeRevert "common/memsize.c: Simplify RAM size detection"
2016-02-09 Stephen Warrentest/py: capture the entire U-Boot version at boot
2016-02-09 Stephen Warrentest/py: fix off-by-one error in spawn matching code
2016-02-09 Stephen Warrentest/py: HTML awesome!
2016-02-09 Stephen Warrentest/py: exit(1) if there are problems running py.test
2016-02-09 Stephen Warrenitest: allow map_physmem to return 0 in limited cases
2016-02-09 Stephen Warrengunzip: remove avail_in recalculation
2016-02-08 Paul Kocialkowskisniper: Drop references to P970
2016-02-08 David Müller... s3c24xx: serial: Remove dead code
2016-02-08 David Müller... doc: Remove any reference to CONFIG_MODEM_SUPPORT,...
2016-02-08 David Müller... Remove unused CONFIG_HWFLOW option and associated dead...
2016-02-08 David Müller... Remove unused CONFIG_CMD_HWFLOW option and associated...
2016-02-08 David Müller... Remove unused CONFIG_MODEM_SUPPORT option and associate...
2016-02-08 Stephen WarrenARM: rpi: set fdt_high in the default environment
2016-02-08 Stephen WarrenARM: rpi: update memory layout env. var. documentation
2016-02-08 Masahiro Yamadaboard_r: fix a typo in comment block
2016-02-08 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: fix build rule of u-boot-spl.dtb
2016-02-08 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: add missing FORCE where $(call if_changed,...
2016-02-08 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: remove unneeded ifdef conditionals around build...
2016-02-08 Masahiro Yamadaimage: fix getenv_bootm_size() function again
2016-02-08 Stephen Warrentest/py: support running sandbox under gdbserver
2016-02-08 Stephen Warrenmalloc: solve dead code issue in memalign()
2016-02-08 Stanislav Galabovapi: Add FreeBSD API support for MIPS platforms
2016-02-08 Stephen Warren.travis.yml: explicitly request sudo
2016-02-08 Lubomir Rintelrpi: set ethaddr as well
2016-02-08 Eddy Petrișorcommon/memsize.c: Simplify RAM size detection
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V Ndefconfig: k2g_evm_defconfig: enable net driver model
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V NARM: dts: k2g: Add keystone net dts files
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V Ndefconfig: k2e_evm_defconfig: enable net driver model
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V Ndefconfig: k2l_evm_defconfig: enable net driver model
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V Ndefconfig: k2hk_evm_defconfig: enable net driver model
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V Ndrivers: net: keystone_net: convert driver to adopt...
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V Ndrivers: net: phy: micrel: fix build errors with CONFIG...
2016-02-08 Mugunthan V Nboard: ti: ks2_evm: remove board_eth_init when CONFIG_D...
2016-02-08 Adam FordOMAP3: omap3_logic: Remove YAFFS support.
2016-02-08 Adam FordOMAP3: omap3_logic: Enable CONFIG_SMC911X_32_BIT
2016-02-08 Adam FordOMAP3: omap3_logic: Enable Android Fastboot
2016-02-08 Simon Glassdm: Update on current serial driver status
2016-02-08 Simon Glassdm: pxa: serial: Drop serial_sa1100 serial driver
2016-02-08 Simon Glassdm: serial: Drop serial_max3100 serial driver
2016-02-08 Simon Glassdm: freescale: serial: Drop serial_imx serial driver
2016-02-08 Simon Glassdm: opencores: Drop opencores_yanu serial driver
2016-02-08 Simon Glassdm: freescale: Drop mxs_auart serial driver
2016-02-08 Adam FordOMAP3_LOGIC: Setup defconfig to enable SPL and NAND...
2016-02-08 Adam FordOMAP3: Enable SPL on omap3_logic
2016-02-08 Lubomir Rintelrpi: fix up Model B entries
2016-02-08 Stephen Warrenrpi: link to another model number info source
2016-02-08 Marek Vasuthush: Add rudimentary support for PS1 and PS2
2016-02-08 Marek Vasuthush: Pull out U-Boot prompt display and read functionality
2016-02-08 Vikas Manochaserial: serial_stm32: move clock config from driver...
2016-02-08 Heiko Schochertest, tools: introduce tbot README
2016-02-08 Adam FordARM: omap3_logic: Fix pin muxing
2016-02-08 Andreas Fenkarttools: env: update usage strings
2016-02-08 Andreas Fenkarttools: env: factor out parse_common_args
2016-02-08 Andreas Fenkarttools: env: shift optind arguments and fix argument...
2016-02-08 Andreas Fenkarttools: env: parse aes key / suppress flag into argument...
2016-02-08 Andreas Fenkarttools: env: introduce setenv/printenv argument structs
2016-02-08 Andreas Fenkarttools: env: make parse_aes_key stateless
2016-02-08 Andreas Fenkarttools: env validate: pass values as 0-based array
2016-02-08 Tom RiniMerge branch 'agust@denx.de' of git://git.denx.de/u...
2016-02-08 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nios
2016-02-06 Stephen Warrenvideo: bcm2835: use bus_to_phys() on FB address
2016-02-06 Vishwas Srivastavanet: davinci_emac: fix NULL check after pointer dereference
2016-02-06 Ricardo Ribaldappc: xilinx-ppc405-generic
2016-02-06 Vishwas Srivastavanet: fix wrong initialization in davinci-emac driver
2016-02-06 Peng Fanfdt: introduce fdtdec_get_child_count
2016-02-06 Simon Glassrockchip: Drop old CONFIG_VIDEO_ROTATION option
2016-02-06 Simon Glassbzlib: Try another way to fix an unused variable
2016-02-06 Simon Glassvideo: test: Adjust order of file closure
2016-02-06 Simon Glassvideo: Use 'int' for loop variables instead of short
2016-02-06 Simon Glasscmd: Fix control bmp_display()
2016-02-06 Simon Glassmicroblaze: Correct build error in eth-uclass.c
2016-02-06 Bin MengUse correct spelling of "U-Boot"
2016-02-06 Thomas Chounios2: set up the debug UART early
2016-02-05 Bin Mengx86: Drop pci_type1.c and DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE
2016-02-05 Bin Mengx86: Disable DM_PCI_COMPAT
2016-02-05 Bin Mengdm: pci: Add missing forward declarations
2016-02-05 Bin Mengx86: chromebox_panther: Convert to use driver model...
2016-02-05 Bin Mengx86: chromebox_panther: Drop the cache line size hack
2016-02-05 Bin Mengefi: app: Disable CONFIG_USB_EHCI_PCI
2016-02-05 Bin Mengefi: app: Clean up defconfig
2016-02-05 Bin Mengx86: quark: Use Quark's own PCI config APIs
2016-02-05 Bin Mengnet: e1000: Convert to use DM PCI API
2016-02-05 Bin Mengnet: designware: Use dm_pci_mem_to_phys() in the probe...
2016-02-05 Bin Mengnet: pch_gbe: Convert to use DM PCI API