2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: USB gadget adaptation and stuff sniper-recovery
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Always boot form MMC1/external sdcard
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Follow cmd changes
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: changes to make it build - sigh
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiwork as of now
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: ARM errata
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: No driver model yet
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Peace logo, consolde on Linux back and stuff
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: some TWL work
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Boot boot.img
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Cleanup and stuff
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: better muxing, i2c speed, BD2812 support
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP FOSDEM in da cafeteria!
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: first batch of video pruning
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: DSI display working on logo
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Video import from LGE release
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: sniper config correction
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Sniper config cleanup
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: USB support, telling the MUIC to mux USB
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Video-related stuff
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Proper boot.img base address that allows booting
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: A bit of muxing and other things
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Android boot
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Sniper config for raw MMC booting
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Board MMC power
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Stick to master for sniper config
2015-07-15 Paul KocialkowskiWIP: Sniper support
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskipower: LP8720 regulator support
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: CONFIG_USB_FASTBOOT prefix replacement for consistency
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: gadget: fastboot: Dequeue the previous IN request...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: gadget: fastboot: Request status and length check...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiomap5: Definitions for SYS_BOOT-based fallback boot...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiomap4: Definitions for SYS_BOOT-based fallback boot...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiomap3: Definitions for SYS_BOOT-based fallback boot...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiomap-common: SYS_BOOT-based fallback boot device select...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskisiemens-am33x-common: Hardcoded value instead of non...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiomap-common: Boot device define instead of hardcoded...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiomap: SPL boot devices cleanup and completion
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiomap-common: Common boot code OMAP3 support and cleanup
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskifastboot: Dynamic controller index for usb_gadget_handl...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: gadget: Weak board_usb_init/cleanup definitions...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: board_usb_init and board_usb_cleanup calls in...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: Fastboot function config for better consistency...
2015-07-15 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: USB download gadget and functions config options...
2015-07-14 Tom RiniPrepare v2015.07
2015-07-11 Andre Przywarascsi: fix compiler warning with DEBUG and 48bit LBAs
2015-07-10 Tom RiniMerge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-samsung
2015-07-10 Tom RiniMerge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-marvell
2015-07-10 Masahiro Yamadamtd: fix false positive "Offset exceeds device limit...
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: db-88f6820-gp: Add USB/EHCI support
2015-07-10 Stefan Roeseusb: Add EHCI support for Armada 38x (mvebu)
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: db-88f6820-gp.h: Add SATA/SCSI (AHCI) support
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: Add SATA/SCSI (AHCI) support for Armada...
2015-07-10 Stefan Roeseblock: ahci: Don't enable port interrupts
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: db-88f6820-gp: Add MMC/SDIO support
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: Add SDIO/SDHCI support for Armada A38x
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesemmc: sdhci.c: Add config option to use a fixed buffer...
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesemmc: sdhci: Use timer based timeout detection in sdhci_...
2015-07-10 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: db-88f6820-gp: Add MAINTAINERS file
2015-07-10 Simon Glassexynos: i2c: Correct bug in pinmux selection
2015-07-10 Minkyu Kangarm: adds the status info for odroid-xu3
2015-07-09 Tang Yuantianahci: Fix compiling warnings under 64bit platforms
2015-07-09 Yegor Yefremovarm: baltos: change USB ports functions
2015-07-09 Michael Scherbankeystone2: config: update default mtd
2015-07-09 Antonio Borneostm32f4: fix gpio description in comment
2015-07-09 Antonio Borneostm32f4: fix minor typo in comment
2015-07-09 Antonio Borneostm32f4: fix MAINTAINERS file
2015-07-09 Egli, Samuelsiemens,am33x: adjust mtd partition
2015-07-09 Yegor Yefremovarm: baltos: fix NAND boot
2015-07-09 Yegor Yefremovarm: baltos: drop I2C speed to 1000 Hz
2015-07-09 Yegor Yefremovarm: baltos: enable CMD_NET and FIT support in defconfig
2015-07-09 Yegor Yefremovarm: convert am3517_crane and am3517_evm to generic...
2015-07-09 Roger QuadrosARM: beagle_x15: prevent DCAN1 _wait_target_disable...
2015-07-08 Roger QuadrosARM: DRA7-evm: prevent DCAN1 _wait_target_disable failu...
2015-07-08 Prabhakar KushwahaMakefile:Add GCC flag -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks
2015-07-08 Simon Glassti: Add SPDX license identifier to omap.h
2015-07-08 Masahiro YamadaREADME.distro: fix typos
2015-07-08 Joe Hershbergerblackfin: Fix build regression due to image size
2015-07-08 Joe HershbergerAllow CONFIG_REGEX to be disabled when CONFIG_NET
2015-07-08 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mips
2015-07-08 Bin Mengnet: designware: Program MAC address to hardware after...
2015-07-08 Hans de Goedesunxi: Adjust Ippo_q8h_v1_2_a33_1024x600 dts filename...
2015-07-08 Mugunthan V NARM: DRA72x: fix io delay calibration for ethernet
2015-07-07 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2015-07-07 Yegor Yefremovboard: baltos - add maintainer information
2015-07-07 Masahiro YamadaARM: disable HAVE_PRIVATE_LIBGCC for ARM64
2015-07-07 Lokesh Vutlaboard: am43xx: Add maintainer information
2015-07-07 Albert ARIBAUD... cairo: add missing MAINTAINERS file
2015-07-07 Siva Durga... arm: dcc: Add uart dcc support for armv8
2015-07-07 Simon GlassRevert "break build if it would produce broken binary"
2015-07-07 Simon Glassarm: Add ENTRY/ENDPROC to private libgcc functions
2015-07-07 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2015-07-07 Pavel Machekarmv7: better comment in start.S
2015-07-07 Axel Lingpio: lpc32xx: Use priv_data instead of platdata
2015-07-06 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git.denx.de/u-boot-sunxi
2015-07-05 Chen-Yu Tsaisunxi: Add Sinlinx SinA33 defconfig
2015-07-05 Chen-Yu Tsaisunxi: Sync sun8i dts files with the linux kernel
2015-07-05 Chen-Yu Tsaisunxi: Add support for UART0 in PB pin group on A33
2015-07-05 Chen-Yu Tsaisunxi: rsb: Enable R_PIO clock before configuring exter...
2015-07-05 Chen-Yu Tsaisunxi: hardware-feature-specific function index defines...