Proper armv7l host arch detection
[vboot.git] / Makefile
2016-07-18 Paul KocialkowskiProper armv7l host arch detection
2016-07-16 Andrey ProninStub tlcl implementation for tpm2 case
2016-07-11 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add nvmrw_get and nvmrw_set
2016-07-01 Vadim BendeburyAdd ability to build vboot firmware for TPM2 support
2016-06-23 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add secrets library
2016-05-21 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add NVM library
2016-05-11 Daisuke Nojirihmac: Add HMAC to 2lib library
2016-05-07 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add vba_bdb_init
2016-05-04 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Replace sha functions with vb2 library
2016-05-04 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Integrate bdb_test
2016-01-26 Alexandru M StanPipe the custom_music use flag to the define
2016-01-07 Doug EvansPort to musl: musl doesn't have execinfo.h.
2016-01-06 Doug EvansUse ${WERROR} consistently.
2015-12-17 Doug EvansMove default target up so it's really the default.
2015-10-14 Bill Richardsonfutility: Support for signing RO+RW firmware
2015-07-21 Randall Spanglerfutility: Compute / verify root key hash
2015-06-09 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add 2.0 api layer to verify kernel partition
2015-06-04 Furquan Shaikhcgpt: Add a callback to allow override of GPT entry...
2015-05-29 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Add routines for unlock and lock device
2015-05-27 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Add routine for verifying kernel image loaded...
2015-05-22 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add routines to load and verify kernel keyblock
2015-05-22 Randall Spanglervboot2: Split keyblock checking and signature validation
2015-05-21 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add routine to verify kernel preamble
2015-05-13 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add support for kernel version secure data...
2015-03-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: add support for usbpd1 images
2015-03-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: put all the BIOS stuff into a separate file
2015-03-27 Mike Frysingeradd a install_dev target
2015-03-18 Bill Richardsonfutility: Let each command provide its own help
2015-03-13 Mike Frysingervb21 tests: use the build dir for temp files
2015-03-13 Mike Frysingersplit -Werror out into a dedicated var
2015-03-12 Bill Richardsonfutility: add tests for futil_file_type(), correctly...
2015-03-12 Prathmesh PrabhuRevert "futility: add tests for futil_file_type()"
2015-03-11 Bill Richardsonfutility: add tests for futil_file_type()
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonfutility: Display public and private keys for both...
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonfutility: Add create command to make keypairs from...
2015-02-28 Bill RichardsonDo not litter the source directory with build artifacts
2015-02-27 Bill RichardsonFix some Makefile dependencies for parallel tests
2015-02-25 Anatol PomazauRemove duplicated linker flag
2015-02-23 Zach Reiznervboot2: add library function for extracting vmlinuz...
2015-02-19 Nam T. Nguyenvboot_reference: Support MTD devices in dump_kernel_config
2015-02-19 Nam T. Nguyenvboot_reference: Install vboot_host.pc file
2015-02-11 David RileyChanges to compile signing tools on darwin
2015-02-03 Bill RichardsonRestore lost dependencies
2015-01-31 Daisuke Nojiriadd vb2api_get_pcr_digest
2015-01-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: refactor file type detection into new files
2015-01-31 Bill RichardsonDon't include lib20 files in xrefs
2015-01-29 Bill RichardsonRename Makefile's fwlib2 target to fwlib20.
2015-01-28 Bill Richardsonfutility: extract vb2_verify_fw to an external test
2015-01-22 Bill Richardsonfutility: remove obsolete dev_sign_file command
2015-01-22 Bill Richardsonfutility: extract verify_kernel command to an external...
2015-01-22 Bill Richardsonfutility: update the vbutil_kernel implementation
2015-01-17 Nam T. NguyenAdd cgpt_wrapper binary to transparently support NAND
2015-01-16 Mike Frysingeruse ${} with make vars instead of $()
2015-01-16 Mike Frysingerintegrate support for static builds
2014-12-12 Dan Ehrenbergvboot: Move IsEntryUnused to gpt_misc
2014-12-06 Bill RichardsonAllow /etc/defaults/vboot_reference to customise some...
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move old struct handling to lib20/
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move knowledge of vboot 2.1 data structures...
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move files which use new vboot 2.1 structs...
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Clean up signing data for unit tests
2014-12-04 Randall SpanglerTidy vboot2-specific libraries and tests
2014-12-01 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host lib function to create a vb2-style...
2014-12-01 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host lib function to create a vb2-style...
2014-11-30 Bill Richardsonfutility: workaround for broken toolchain in static...
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host library functions for signing to new...
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host lib support for bare hash keys
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host library functions to read/write new...
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host library functions to read/write files...
2014-11-26 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: Remove FTS code
2014-11-14 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add api-level functions to use new data structures
2014-11-14 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: cgpt: Treat drive_path as the GPT storage
2014-11-14 Randall Spanglervboot2: load keyblock and preamble from new-style structs
2014-11-13 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: cgpt: Support writing GPT structs to NOR flash
2014-11-05 Randall Spanglervboot2: use common header size fields
2014-10-31 Bill RichardsonExtend HWID digest into PCR1 (GBB v1.2 only)
2014-10-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: add version command
2014-10-29 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add vb2_unpack_key2() and unit tests
2014-10-29 Dan Ehrenbergcgpt: Separate out certain GPT manipluation functions
2014-10-28 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move and rename functions
2014-10-21 Bill RichardsonAdd hwid digest field to GBB header
2014-10-15 Dan Ehrenbergvboot: new streaming APIs
2014-10-04 Bill RichardsonImprove cross-reference targets
2014-10-03 Bill RichardsonDon't install vbutil_what_keys on the target
2014-10-02 Bill Richardsonfutility: rolled back vbutil_kernel change
2014-09-27 Bill Richardsonfutility: Add support for [re]signing kernel partitions
2014-09-25 Bill Richardsonfutility: implement vbutil_kernel using buffers, not...
2014-09-24 Bill Richardsonfutility: Improve help messages
2014-09-20 Duncan LaurieRe-add dumpRSAPublicKey utility
2014-09-17 Bill Richardsoncleanup: DESTDIR refers to the install root, not the...
2014-09-12 Bill Richardsonfutility: stop using the symlink names in utility scripts
2014-09-05 Alex DeymoRemove unused include path.
2014-09-05 Bill Richardsonfutility: add load_fmap command, useful for tests
2014-09-05 Bill Richardsonfutility: add "sign" command to resign firmware images
2014-09-05 Bill Richardsonfutility: Add a test for the script
2014-09-03 Bill Richardsonfutility: the show command can traverse all file types
2014-09-02 Alex DeymoRemove futility linker script.
2014-08-29 Randall Spanglervboot: Add system-level test for LoadKernel()
2014-08-29 Bill RichardsonAdd 'tags' target to Makefile
2014-08-29 Bill Richardsoncleanup: remove ancient tests that haven't been run...
2014-08-25 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move vb2_verify_fw inside of futility