Detect and report VM environment in crossystem
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2016-07-23 Randall Spanglervboot: Convert vboot1 SHA calls to use vboot2
2016-04-25 Julius Wernercgpt: Add cgpt legacy parameter to set primary GPT...
2016-04-25 Julius Wernercgptlib: Add support for IGNOREME GPT signature
2016-04-25 Julius Wernercgpt: Fully write out primary GPT before starting to...
2016-04-21 Mike Frysingerinclude sys/sysmacros.h for major()
2015-06-13 Andrey Ulanovcgpt repair: fix segfault which occurs when one of...
2015-02-23 Alex Deymocgpt_wrapper: Print error if execv() fails.
2015-02-11 David RileyChanges to compile signing tools on darwin
2015-01-27 Nam T. Nguyencgpt_wrapper: Fix non-zero return code when okay
2015-01-22 Nam T. Nguyencgpt: Close stdout on exec'ing flashrom
2015-01-22 Nam T. Nguyencgpt_wrapper: Resolve the path to "cgpt" command
2015-01-22 Nam T. Nguyencgpt_wrapper: Only write rw_gpt back if changed
2015-01-22 Nam T. Nguyencgpt: Enable fast-verify when writing back to NOR
2015-01-22 Nam T. Nguyencgpt: Properly show ChromeOS-scheme MTD partitions
2015-01-17 Nam T. NguyenAdd cgpt_wrapper binary to transparently support NAND
2015-01-05 Dan Ehrenbergnand: vboot support for small GPTs
2014-12-16 Nam T. Nguyencgpt: Rework number of entries calculation
2014-12-12 Nam T. Nguyencgpt: Support non-standard (smaller) entries table
2014-12-11 Dan Ehrenbergvboot: GPT interface cleanup
2014-11-26 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: Remove FTS code
2014-11-14 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: cgpt: Treat drive_path as the GPT storage
2014-11-14 Dan Ehrenbergvboot: cgpt: fix my_lba of the secondary GPT
2014-11-13 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: cgpt: Support writing GPT structs to NOR flash
2014-10-17 Nam T. Nguyencgpt: Validate GPT headers before loading them
2014-08-29 Nam T. Nguyenvboot_reference: Rename *_SECTOR to *_SECTORS
2014-08-28 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: cgpt: Refer to partition entries by entries_lba.
2014-08-26 Alex DeymoFix include quotes.
2014-07-09 Bill RichardsonClean up exported Mtd* functions
2014-07-09 Bill RichardsonSplit libvboot_host.a into external and local libraries.
2014-06-26 Bill RichardsonRemove cgpt app-specific symbols from libvboot_host.a
2013-07-31 Albert ChaulkFix some issues with LBA vs byte offsets
2013-07-31 Albert ChaulkAdd labels to MTD partitions.
2013-07-25 Albert ChaulkDon't always enable MTD mode unless MTD device is specified
2013-07-16 Albert ChaulkMTD: When running on the host (as during install) use...
2013-07-03 Albert ChaulkPort MTD structures to use 64-bit byte offsets instead...
2013-07-03 Albert ChaulkMTD modification commands: add & prioritize
2013-06-25 Albert ChaulkMTD search commands: show & find
2013-06-24 Albert ChaulkBugfixes & MTD create command
2013-06-24 Mike Frysingercgpt: do not show length of 1 for undefined partitions
2013-06-21 Albert ChaulkEnables MTD mode via command line option.
2013-06-18 Albert ChaulkProvide MTD version of common functions
2013-06-14 Albert ChaulkImplement no-op commands
2013-06-11 Albert ChaulkIntegrate the flash key-value store code into cgpt.
2013-05-06 Albert ChaulkRefactor CgptAdd and CgptPrioitize to remove gpt-specif...
2013-04-02 Bill RichardsonMassive refactoring of external header files.
2013-03-21 Bill RichardsonApply consistent naming scheme for hostlib functions.
2013-03-06 Bill RichardsonRename Strncat to StrnAppend, use it instead of strncat.
2013-03-04 Bill RichardsonMove CgptManager from vboot_reference to installer
2013-01-22 Louis Yung-Chieh Lo(modify and resend) Trigger sync right after writing.
2013-01-15 Bill RichardsonRevert "Trigger sync right after writing."
2013-01-15 Louis Yung-Chieh LoTrigger sync right after writing.
2013-01-11 Randall SpanglerUnify vboot build into a single makefile
2012-09-26 Vadim BendeburyMake cgpt_add error messages a little more verbose
2012-09-19 Stefan ReinauerSupport alternative GPT header signature
2012-08-25 Bill Richardsoncgpt: Fix error in modifying size of an existing partition
2012-08-08 Mike Frysingerrename to
2012-08-01 Taylor HuttFix 'possible use of unassigned' variable 'retval'.
2012-07-31 Shawn NematbakhshFix "cgpt show" output for large hard drives.
2012-06-27 Louis Yung-Chieh Locgpt: verify the modifications of 'cgpt add' before...
2012-06-27 Louis Yung-Chieh Locgpt: add -d option for cgpt show
2012-06-19 Mike Frysingerrespect LDFLAGS settings
2012-05-11 Doug AndersonFix build errors with .c and .cc files being in the...
2012-05-04 Bill RichardsonRequire -Wall -Werror for everything.
2012-05-03 Bill RichardsonLet cgpt open devices in read-only mode when possible.
2012-02-23 Jay SrinivasanEnable building of Cgpt C++ Library for 32-bit.
2012-02-17 Jay SrinivasanImplementation of CgptManager C++ library and unit...
2012-01-31 Jay SrinivasanRefactor of cgpt tool for 32->64 autoupdate work.
2011-07-07 Gabe BlackIntroduce GUID type for Chrome OS read/write firmware.
2011-06-17 Bill RichardsonAdd vbutil_what_keys utility to figure out how a disk...
2011-05-25 Nick SandersAllow ARM uuid find
2010-11-29 Bill RichardsonAdd 'prioritize' command to cgpt tool.
2010-11-22 Louis Yung-Chieh LoFix for un-initialized code point variable.
2010-11-19 Chris SosaRevert "The right implementation of CGPT label conversi...
2010-11-19 Louis Yung-Chieh LoThe right implementation of CGPT label conversion betwe...
2010-11-18 Louis Yung-Chieh LoFixing the bug of CGPT when primary entry table is...
2010-11-09 Che-Liang ChiouFix integration bugs (vboot side)
2010-10-12 Bill RichardsonAddress some security concerns in the cgpt tool.
2010-08-17 Bill RichardsonEnhance 'cgpt find' command to match keyblocks if desired.
2010-08-05 Randall SpanglerAdd license headers
2010-07-02 Bill RichardsonAdd 'find' command to cgpt, to search for partitions...
2010-06-21 vbendebReduce attributes size to comply with msc limitations.
2010-06-16 Randall SpanglerMove all system includes in vboot_firmware to sysincludes.h
2010-06-16 vbendebOne of the last moment mods of the original make rework
2010-06-16 Bill RichardsonThis fixes the EFI BIOS boot problems introduced with...
2010-06-14 vbendebRework the vboot_reference make system.
2010-06-11 Bill RichardsonNearly complete rewrite of cgpt tool.