vboot: Add GBB flag to turn on serial output
[vboot.git] / firmware / 2lib / include / 2struct.h
2015-11-03 Mary Ruthvenvboot: Add GBB flag to turn on serial output
2015-07-21 Randall Spanglerfutility: Compute / verify root key hash
2015-05-22 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add routines to load and verify kernel keyblock
2015-05-16 Furquan ShaikhGBB: Add missing flag LID_SHUTDOWN to vb2_gbb_flag...
2015-05-16 Furquan ShaikhGBB: Add flag for forcing full fastboot capability...
2015-05-16 Julius Wernervboot2: Support VB2_GBB_FLAG_DISABLE_FW_ROLLBACK_CHECK
2015-05-13 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add support for kernel version secure data...
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsoncleanup: Fix some typos in comments
2015-01-31 Julius Wernervboot2: Add sd->fw_version_secdata field to communicate...
2015-01-31 Daisuke Nojiriadd vb2api_get_pcr_digest
2015-01-06 Julius Wernervboot2: Introduce vb2ex_hwcrypto API
2014-12-05 Randall Spanglervboot2: Get rid of extra '2' at end of new struct names
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move old struct handling to lib20/
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move knowledge of vboot 2.1 data structures...
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host library functions to read/write new...
2014-11-14 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add api-level functions to use new data structures
2014-11-14 Randall Spanglervboot2: Split vb2_guid into its own header file
2014-11-12 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add code and tests for verifying vb2_fw_preamble2
2014-11-06 Randall Spanglervboot2: Change preamble to contain a list of signatures
2014-11-05 Randall Spanglervboot2: be consistent in use of sig_algorithm vs sig_al...
2014-11-01 Randall Spanglervboot2: un-nest data structures
2014-10-31 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add GUIDs for VB2_SIG_NONE signature types
2014-10-29 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add verification for common vb2 struct header
2014-10-24 Randall Spanglervboot2: new data structures
2014-10-21 Bill RichardsonAdd hwid digest field to GBB header
2014-10-16 Randall Spanglervboot2: Split crypto algorithms into their own header...
2014-08-12 Duncan LaurieAdd GBB flag to disable PD software sync
2014-06-25 Daisuke Nojirivboot2: Scramble the GBB magic number
2014-06-05 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add nvstorage and secdata functions