vboot: Add GBB flag to turn on serial output
[vboot.git] / firmware / include / gbb_header.h
2015-11-03 Mary Ruthvenvboot: Add GBB flag to turn on serial output
2015-05-16 Furquan ShaikhGBB: Add flag for forcing full fastboot capability...
2014-11-20 Duncan Laurievboot: Add GBB flag to disable shutdown when lid is...
2014-10-21 Bill RichardsonAdd hwid digest field to GBB header
2014-08-12 Duncan LaurieAdd GBB flag to disable PD software sync
2013-06-12 Randall SpanglerAdd GBB flags for disabling software sync and defaultin...
2013-04-02 Bill RichardsonMassive refactoring of external header files.
2013-01-26 Randall SpanglerReformat header files to kernel style
2012-11-06 Marc JonesAdd FAFT keyboard remap GBB flag
2012-09-21 Stefan ReinauerAdd CTRL-L in dev screen to support a "legacy boot...
2012-08-17 Randall SpanglerFix handling of enter and space in developer screens.
2012-06-15 Randall SpanglerAdd GBB flags to enable dev mode by default
2011-11-16 Bill RichardsonAdd VB_INIT_OUT_ENABLE_ALTERNATE_OS flag
2011-11-11 Bill RichardsonAdd flag to GBB to allow loading PCI Option ROMs
2011-08-29 Hung-Te Lingbb_utility: add --flags parameter.
2011-07-27 Randall SpanglerAdd flags field to GBB
2010-10-18 Randall SpanglerAdd maximum length constant for HWID, so it can be...
2010-06-17 Randall SpanglerRemove unused files, and tidy the directory structure...