Detect and report VM environment in crossystem
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2016-08-10 Randall Spanglerfutility: Use vboot 2.0 APIs for private keys
2016-08-10 Randall Spanglerfutility: Use only vboot 2.0 APIs for keyblocks
2016-08-04 Randall Spanglerfutility: Create signatures using vboot 2.0 APIs
2016-08-04 Randall Spanglerfutility: cmd_show uses only vboot 2.0 APIs
2016-08-03 Patrick Georgicgptlib: cast 32bit to 64bit before multiplication
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintlcl: implement clear, startup, shutdown, self test
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintlcl: support sending raw commands
2016-07-27 Andrey ProninModify 'tpmc block' to lock only the FW index
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintlcl: automatically detect if platform hierarchy is...
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Upgrade VerifyFirmwarePreamble() to vboot2.0
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintlcl: tpm2: fix unmarshal_u32 return value
2016-07-27 Andrey ProninImplement GetCapabilities and reading flags for tpm2
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Disambiguate vb2.1 structs and functions
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Remove vboot1 init and select-firmware APIs
2016-07-23 Randall Spanglervboot: Convert vboot1 SHA calls to use vboot2
2016-07-22 Randall Spanglervboot: Fix potential alignment issue reading FWMP
2016-07-22 Andrey Pronintlcl: use different NV_Read authorizations for fw and...
2016-07-21 Andrey ProninRead NVRAM with proper authorization for tpm2
2016-07-16 Andrey ProninStub tlcl implementation for tpm2 case
2016-07-11 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add nvmrw_get and nvmrw_set
2016-07-09 Vadim Bendeburytpm2: add nvram lock and hierarchy control commands
2016-07-07 Vadim Bendeburyfix a compile flag typo
2016-07-07 Vadim Bendeburyvb2api: pad digest buffers if they are larger than...
2016-07-07 Vadim Bendeburytpm2: refactor tpm2 return value processing
2016-07-01 Vadim Bendeburytpm2: add marshaling/unmarshaling and tlcl support
2016-07-01 Vadim Bendeburytpm2: simplify rollback checks.
2016-07-01 Vadim Bendeburytpm: add TSS constants and structures for TPM2
2016-06-23 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add secrets library
2016-06-23 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add vba_update_buc
2016-06-01 Julius Wernervboot_api_kernel: Remove assumptions about EC-RW hash...
2016-05-21 Daisuke Nojirivb2_sha: Add sha256 extend
2016-05-21 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add NVM library
2016-05-11 Daisuke Nojirihmac: Add HMAC to 2lib library
2016-05-11 Randall Spanglervboot: Fix FWMP link error if TPM is mocked
2016-05-09 Randall Spanglervboot: Add firmware management parameters
2016-05-07 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add vba_bdb_init
2016-05-07 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Add vboot_register.h
2016-05-04 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Rename subkey to datakey
2016-05-04 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Replace sha functions with vb2 library
2016-05-04 Daisuke Nojiribdb: Copy files from bdb to firmware/bdb
2016-04-25 Julius Wernercgptlib: Add support for IGNOREME GPT signature
2016-04-25 Daisuke Nojirivboot: Save last screen ID
2016-04-12 Hung-Te LinSupport doing battery cut-off in firmware stage.
2016-04-05 Furquan Shaikhcgpt: Update behavior of GptUpdateKernelWithEntry
2016-02-24 Duncan Laurievb2: Modify phase2 behavior for S3 resume case
2016-01-30 Duncan Laurievboot_display: Keep track of displayed screen stable
2016-01-26 Aaron Durbinvb20: add vb2api_check_hash_get_digest() for retrieving...
2016-01-26 Alexandru M StanIncrease MAX_CUSTOM_DELAY to 5 minutes
2016-01-21 Duncan Laurievboot: Disable VBNV_OPROM_NEEDED after successful update
2016-01-10 Mary RuthvenModify EC software sync to update RO if necessary
2016-01-07 Doug EvansPort to musl: musl doesn't have execinfo.h.
2016-01-07 Mary Ruthvenvboot: Change VbExEc implementations to support RO...
2016-01-06 Mary Ruthvenvboot2: Add try RO software sync flag
2015-12-03 Daisuke Nojiriadd error code for screen drawing failure
2015-12-03 Daisuke NojiriFix error message for VbGbbReadBmpHeader
2015-11-17 Daisuke NojiriGive more screen control to vboot_draw_screen
2015-11-03 Mary Ruthvenvboot: Add GBB flag to turn on serial output
2015-10-29 Shawn Nematbakhshvboot_api_kernel: Add new EcVbootDone API
2015-10-29 Furquan ShaikhVbVerifyMemoryBootImage: Allow integrity-only check...
2015-10-26 Daisuke NojiriSave recovery reason before user three-finger-salutes
2015-10-20 Daisuke NojiriAdd VbExGetLocalizationCount
2015-10-16 Daisuke NojiriPass locale to VbExDisplayScreen
2015-10-13 Mary RuthvenAdd NV flag to default boot legacy OS
2015-10-12 Daisuke NojiriAdd broken screen
2015-10-09 Furquan Shaikhrecovery: Add recovery reason for fastboot mode request...
2015-09-23 Furquan Shaikhvboot: Move GPT entry operator functions to gpt_misc
2015-09-22 Randall Spanglervboot2: tpm error doesn't block gbb dev flag
2015-09-18 Randall Spanglervboot2: Support reboot requested by secdata
2015-08-27 Lee LeahyVBOOT2: Add work buffer too small error message
2015-08-01 Furquan ShaikhVbNvStorage: Add flags for misc settings
2015-07-21 Randall Spanglerfutility: Compute / verify root key hash
2015-06-23 Furquan Shaikhrecovery: Add recovery reason for fastboot mode request...
2015-06-13 Andrey Ulanovcgpt repair: fix segfault which occurs when one of...
2015-06-11 Yunlian Jiangvboot_reference: fix unittest when building with clang.
2015-06-09 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add 2.0 api layer to verify kernel partition
2015-06-04 Furquan Shaikhrecovery: Add recovery reasons for BCB
2015-06-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add routines to load kernel preamble
2015-06-04 Furquan Shaikhcgpt: Add a callback to allow override of GPT entry...
2015-06-02 Furquan Shaikhvboot_api_kernel: Do not pre-populate variables in
2015-06-02 Julius Wernervboot2: secdata: Check struct_version on initialization
2015-05-29 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Add routines for unlock and lock device
2015-05-29 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Add fastboot related flags to vb2
2015-05-29 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Add fastboot related flags to nvstorage
2015-05-28 Patrick GeorgiProvide a way to disable counting failed boots
2015-05-27 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Add routine for verifying kernel image loaded...
2015-05-22 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add routines to load and verify kernel keyblock
2015-05-22 Randall Spanglervboot2: Split keyblock checking and signature validation
2015-05-21 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add routine to verify kernel preamble
2015-05-16 Furquan ShaikhGBB: Add missing flag LID_SHUTDOWN to vb2_gbb_flag...
2015-05-16 Furquan ShaikhGBB: Add flag for forcing full fastboot capability...
2015-05-16 Furquan Shaikhnvstorage: Add new flag VBNV_DEV_BOOT_FASTBOOT_FULL_CAP
2015-05-16 Julius Wernervboot2: Support VB2_GBB_FLAG_DISABLE_FW_ROLLBACK_CHECK
2015-05-14 Daisuke NojiriDetect GBB 1.1 also as impcompatible version
2015-05-13 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add support for kernel version secure data...
2015-05-12 Julius Wernervboot1: Condition default legacy boot on dev_boot_legacy
2015-05-12 Julius Wernervboot1: Lock TPM physical presence (kernel rollback...
2015-05-07 Randall SpanglerMake SHA library accessible to calling firmware
2015-04-29 Luigi Semenzatovboot_reference: remove dependency on trousers
2015-04-29 Dan Ehrenbergcgpt: Handle read errors gracefully
2015-04-28 Gwendal Grignouvboot: Fix indentation in LoadKernel()