futility: Use only vboot 2.0 APIs for keyblocks
[vboot.git] / futility / dump_kernel_config_lib.c
2016-08-10 Randall Spanglerfutility: Use only vboot 2.0 APIs for keyblocks
2016-04-21 Mike Frysingerinclude sys/sysmacros.h for major()
2016-01-07 Doug EvansInclude <fcntl.h> instead of <sys/fcntl.h>.
2015-02-19 Nam T. Nguyenvboot_reference: Support MTD devices in dump_kernel_config
2015-02-17 Nam T. Nguyenvboot_reference: Remove mmap() in dump_kernel_config
2014-09-24 Bill Richardsonfutility: Improve help messages
2014-08-25 Bill Richardsonfutility: Reformat to use kernel coding style
2014-07-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: Add remaining vboot binary utilities