futility: Use only vboot 2.0 APIs for keyblocks
[vboot.git] / futility / futility_options.h
2016-08-10 Randall Spanglerfutility: Use only vboot 2.0 APIs for keyblocks
2016-08-04 Randall Spanglerfutility: Create signatures using vboot 2.0 APIs
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Upgrade VerifyFirmwarePreamble() to vboot2.0
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Disambiguate vb2.1 structs and functions
2015-10-16 Bill Richardsonfutility: Revised support for RO+RW firmware
2015-10-14 Bill Richardsonfutility: Support for signing RO+RW firmware
2015-03-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: add support for usbpd1 images
2015-03-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: export options for the sign and show commands