Detect and report VM environment in crossystem
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2016-08-10 Nicolas NorvezDetect and report VM environment in crossystem master
2016-08-10 Randall Spanglerfutility: Use vboot 2.0 APIs for private keys
2016-08-10 Randall Spanglerfutility: Use only vboot 2.0 APIs for keyblocks
2016-08-04 Randall Spanglerfutility: Create signatures using vboot 2.0 APIs
2016-08-04 Randall Spanglerfutility: cmd_show uses only vboot 2.0 APIs
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Upgrade VerifyFirmwarePreamble() to vboot2.0
2016-07-27 sselvar2apollolake: Find GPIO bank offset for write protect pin
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Disambiguate vb2.1 structs and functions
2016-07-23 Randall Spanglervboot: Convert vboot1 SHA calls to use vboot2
2016-04-25 Julius Wernercgpt: Add cgpt legacy parameter to set primary GPT...
2016-04-12 Hung-Te LinSupport doing battery cut-off in firmware stage.
2016-04-11 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: x86: Write VbNv with mosys if using vboot2
2016-04-11 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Move mosys based VbNv functions to shared...
2016-01-06 Mary Ruthvenvboot2: Add try RO software sync flag
2015-11-09 Julius Wernercrossystem: Remove savedmem_base and savedmem_size...
2015-11-09 Julius Wernercrossystem: Remove platform_family field
2015-10-13 Mary RuthvenAdd NV flag to default boot legacy OS
2015-09-18 Randall Spanglervboot2: Support reboot requested by secdata
2015-09-15 Shelley Chencrossystem: Updated crossystem to accomodate Android
2015-08-22 Eric CarusoRevert "crossystem: Updated crossystem to accomodate...
2015-08-20 Shelley Chencrossystem: Updated crossystem to accomodate Android
2015-08-01 Furquan ShaikhVbNvStorage: Add flags for misc settings
2015-07-21 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Add Skylake PCH GPIO controller ID
2015-07-21 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Add skylake platform IDs
2015-07-14 John Zhaocrossytem:Fix the write protect line gpio value
2015-06-30 David Hendrickscrossystem: Add check for "mkbp" back
2015-06-25 David Hendrickscrossystem: Check for "cros-ec" instead of "mkbp" for...
2015-05-29 Furquan Shaikhfastboot: Add fastboot related flags to nvstorage
2015-05-16 Furquan Shaikhnvstorage: Add new flag VBNV_DEV_BOOT_FASTBOOT_FULL_CAP
2015-04-15 Yunlian Jiangvboot_reference: fix several syntax warnings found...
2015-04-13 Anatol Pomazaufutility: Initialize stack variables
2015-04-07 David Hendrickscrossystem: Deprecate ddr-type
2015-04-02 Adam Langleyvboot: fix name-collision with OpenSSL.
2015-03-26 Vadim Bendeburycrossystem: provide a way to clear wipeout request
2015-03-21 Luigi Semenzatovboot_reference: crossystem: add the "tpm_attack" command
2015-03-13 Vadim Bendeburyvboot: allow firmware to signal a wipeout request
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonvb21: Rename struct vb2_guid to struct vb2_id
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonvb21: Replace the key GUID with a sha1sum instead
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonfutility: show sha1sums for private keys too
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonfutility: Display public and private keys for both...
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonfutility: Add create command to make keypairs from...
2015-02-23 Zach Reiznervboot2: add library function for extracting vmlinuz...
2015-02-12 Furquan Shaikhkernel flags: Add flags field to kernel preamble.
2015-02-11 David RileyChanges to compile signing tools on darwin
2015-02-10 Ken Changcrossystem: read recovery switch status from chromeos_a...
2015-02-03 Bill Richardsonfutility: handle truncated BIOS images without segfault
2015-01-31 Bill Richardsonlib21: Close the open file when finished using it
2015-01-23 Shelley Chenvboot: Add flag to vbutil_kernel for reconstruction...
2015-01-22 Nam T. Nguyencgpt: Properly show ChromeOS-scheme MTD partitions
2015-01-14 Julius Wernerfutility: Change find_fmap() to search larger alignment...
2014-12-05 Randall Spanglervboot2: Get rid of extra '2' at end of new struct names
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move knowledge of vboot 2.1 data structures...
2014-12-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move files which use new vboot 2.1 structs...
2014-12-03 Randall Spanglervboot2: Use calloc() in host lib and unit tests
2014-12-01 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host lib function to create a vb2-style...
2014-12-01 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host lib function to create a vb2-style...
2014-12-01 Randall Spanglervboot2: Use new hostlib functions in unit tests
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host library functions for signing to new...
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host lib support for bare hash keys
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host library functions to read/write new...
2014-11-27 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add host library functions to read/write files...
2014-11-26 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: Remove FTS code
2014-11-14 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: cgpt: Treat drive_path as the GPT storage
2014-11-10 Vadim Bendeburycrossystem: add platform for ipa8064
2014-11-10 Vadim Bendeburycrossystem: cache vbnv contents to avoid lengthy reads
2014-10-20 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Add support for multiple gpiochip entries
2014-10-18 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Change ReadFileInt to take an unsigned...
2014-10-09 David Hendrickscrossystem: rename Vb*NvStorage_mkbp to Vb*NvStorage_mosys
2014-10-09 David Hendrickscrossystem: handle "flash" media in Vb*NvStorage()
2014-10-04 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add previously tried slot and result to NV...
2014-09-12 Bill Richardsoncleanup: remove a couple of unused functions and files
2014-09-03 Bill Richardsonfutility: the show command can traverse all file types
2014-08-29 Bill Richardsoncleanup: add some easier-to-use FMAP parsing functions.
2014-08-29 Bill Richardsonfutility: add separate check function for VPbublicKey
2014-08-29 Duncan LaurieAdd broadwell PCI ID for platform family lookup table
2014-08-28 Nam T. Nguyenvboot: cgpt: Refer to partition entries by entries_lba.
2014-07-30 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Add PCH-LP GPIO type
2014-07-09 Bill RichardsonSplit libvboot_host.a into external and local libraries.
2014-06-28 Randall SpanglerAdd nvstorage / crossystem support for new vboot2 fields
2014-06-26 Daisuke Nojirivboot2: add a flag to indicate firmware was selected...
2014-06-05 Bill RichardsonUse the TPM to back up some of the nvram fields
2014-05-03 Bill RichardsonAdd an nvram flag to block the use of dev mode
2014-04-04 Gaurav Shahvboot_reference: Provide crossystem interface stubs...
2014-01-29 Gabe Blacktegra124: Add the tegra124 compatibility string to...
2013-12-11 Aaron Durbincrossystem: handle BayTrail gpios
2013-12-11 Aaron Durbincrossystem: add GpioChipset sturcture for x86
2013-12-11 Aaron Durbincrossystem: make BayTrail a valid platform_family
2013-10-31 J. Richard BarnetteMake crossystem.h more polite and more useful.
2013-10-25 J. Richard BarnetteAllow <vboot/crossystem.h> to be usable in C++ code.
2013-10-23 J. Richard BarnetteAdd a "debug_build" query to crossystem.
2013-09-17 Simon GlassAdd memory leak checking
2013-08-25 Simon GlassCorrect some minor compiler warnings
2013-08-25 Simon GlassImprove kernel tests to pass valgrind
2013-07-31 Albert ChaulkFix some issues with LBA vs byte offsets
2013-06-22 Hung-Te Lindump_fmap: Find correct FMAP structure by checking...
2013-06-20 Vadim BendeburyAdd 5420 to the set of recognizable platforms
2013-05-23 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Add device IDs for haswell
2013-05-07 Duncan Lauriecrossystem: Add LynxPoint to list of valid x86 chipset...
2013-05-06 Albert ChaulkRefactor CgptAdd and CgptPrioitize to remove gpt-specif...
2013-04-02 Bill RichardsonMassive refactoring of external header files.