Detect and report VM environment in crossystem
[vboot.git] / utility / crossystem.c
2016-08-10 Nicolas NorvezDetect and report VM environment in crossystem master
2016-04-12 Hung-Te LinSupport doing battery cut-off in firmware stage.
2016-01-06 Mary Ruthvenvboot2: Add try RO software sync flag
2015-11-09 Julius Wernercrossystem: Remove savedmem_base and savedmem_size...
2015-11-09 Julius Wernercrossystem: Remove platform_family field
2015-10-13 Mary RuthvenAdd NV flag to default boot legacy OS
2015-09-18 Randall Spanglervboot2: Support reboot requested by secdata
2015-07-09 Hung-Te Lincrossystem: Revise description of sw_wpsw_boot.
2015-04-07 David Hendrickscrossystem: Deprecate ddr-type
2015-03-26 Vadim Bendeburycrossystem: provide a way to clear wipeout request
2015-03-21 Luigi Semenzatovboot_reference: crossystem: add the "tpm_attack" command
2015-03-13 Vadim Bendeburyvboot: allow firmware to signal a wipeout request
2015-01-31 Julius Wernercrossystem: Add fw_prev_tried and fw_prev_result to...
2014-06-28 Randall SpanglerAdd nvstorage / crossystem support for new vboot2 fields
2014-06-26 Daisuke Nojirivboot2: add a flag to indicate firmware was selected...
2014-06-05 Bill RichardsonUse the TPM to back up some of the nvram fields
2014-05-03 Bill RichardsonAdd an nvram flag to block the use of dev mode
2013-10-31 J. Richard BarnetteMake crossystem.h more polite and more useful.
2013-10-23 J. Richard BarnetteAdd a "debug_build" query to crossystem.
2013-01-12 Randall SpanglerRename files and defines to simplify makefile.