tpmc: define actions for all commands for tpm2
[vboot.git] / utility / tpmc.c
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintpmc: define actions for all commands for tpm2
2016-07-27 Andrey ProninModify 'tpmc block' to lock only the FW index
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintlcl: automatically detect if platform hierarchy is...
2016-07-27 Andrey ProninImplement GetCapabilities and reading flags for tpm2
2016-07-22 Andrey Pronintlcl: use different NV_Read authorizations for fw and...
2016-07-21 Andrey ProninSupport 'tpmc setbgloballock' for tpm2 case
2016-07-16 Andrey ProninStub tlcl implementation for tpm2 case
2015-08-10 Kevin CernekeeAdd "tpmc pcrextend" command to extend a PCR
2013-08-28 Luigi SemenzatoAvoid exit code overflow for tpmc.
2013-04-02 Bill RichardsonMassive refactoring of external header files.
2013-03-11 Bill RichardsonWrap all vboot utilities with futility.
2013-01-12 Luigi SemenzatoMake tpmc able to send and receive raw datagrams.
2012-06-13 Kees Cooktlcl: add GetOwner command
2012-03-01 Kees Cooktpm_lite: implement TPM_GetRandom
2012-01-09 Kees Cooktpmc: add PCR reading function
2011-07-21 Gaurav ShahFix "tpmc help" description of pplock
2011-03-16 Luigi SemenzatoAdded TPM_SaveState command.
2010-10-27 Luigi SemenzatoAdd resume command to tpmc.
2010-09-21 Luigi SemenzatoUtility to measure the available size of a TPM NVRAM.
2010-08-30 Luigi SemenzatoAdd a command to enable the physical presence command.
2010-08-25 Luigi SemenzatoAdded new commands and reactivated full rebuild after...
2010-08-17 Luigi SemenzatoAdd some commands to tpmc.
2010-08-10 Luigi SemenzatoAdd clear command.
2010-08-10 Luigi SemenzatoCommand-line utility to execute TPM commands bypassing...