Detect and report VM environment in crossystem
[vboot.git] / utility /
2016-08-10 Nicolas NorvezDetect and report VM environment in crossystem master
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintpmc: define actions for all commands for tpm2
2016-07-27 Andrey ProninModify 'tpmc block' to lock only the FW index
2016-07-27 Andrey Pronintlcl: automatically detect if platform hierarchy is...
2016-07-27 Andrey ProninImplement GetCapabilities and reading flags for tpm2
2016-07-27 Randall Spanglervboot: Remove vboot1 init and select-firmware APIs
2016-07-26 Brian Norrisbmpblk_utility: fix build warnings (errors) with USE...
2016-07-23 Randall Spanglervboot: Convert vboot1 SHA calls to use vboot2
2016-07-22 Andrey Pronintlcl: use different NV_Read authorizations for fw and...
2016-07-21 Andrey ProninSupport 'tpmc setbgloballock' for tpm2 case
2016-07-16 Andrey ProninStub tlcl implementation for tpm2 case
2016-04-12 Hung-Te LinSupport doing battery cut-off in firmware stage.
2016-01-07 Bryan FreedUpdate a utility to support the new tpm sysfs class...
2016-01-06 Mary Ruthvenvboot2: Add try RO software sync flag
2015-11-09 Julius Wernercrossystem: Remove savedmem_base and savedmem_size...
2015-11-09 Julius Wernercrossystem: Remove platform_family field
2015-10-13 Mary RuthvenAdd NV flag to default boot legacy OS
2015-09-18 Randall Spanglervboot2: Support reboot requested by secdata
2015-08-10 Kevin CernekeeAdd "tpmc pcrextend" command to extend a PCR
2015-07-09 Hung-Te Lincrossystem: Revise description of sw_wpsw_boot.
2015-05-16 Julius Wernerchromeos-tpm-recovery: Convert to manual TPM reset...
2015-04-29 Luigi Semenzatovboot_reference: remove dependency on trousers
2015-04-07 David Hendrickscrossystem: Deprecate ddr-type
2015-04-02 Adam Langleyvboot: fix name-collision with OpenSSL.
2015-03-26 Vadim Bendeburycrossystem: provide a way to clear wipeout request
2015-03-21 Luigi Semenzatovboot_reference: crossystem: add the "tpm_attack" command
2015-03-13 Vadim Bendeburyvboot: allow firmware to signal a wipeout request
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsoncleanup: Fix some typos in comments
2015-03-10 Bill Richardsonfutility: Add create command to make keypairs from...
2015-01-31 Julius Wernercrossystem: Add fw_prev_tried and fw_prev_result to...
2014-12-15 Dan Ehrenbergvboot: Plumb the two disk sizes and external GPT param...
2014-12-06 Bill RichardsonAllow /etc/defaults/vboot_reference to customise some...
2014-11-15 Julius WernerRevert "vboot: Plumb the two disk sizes and 'gpt on...
2014-11-15 Dan Ehrenbergvboot: Plumb the two disk sizes and 'gpt on device...
2014-10-21 Bill RichardsonAdd hwid digest field to GBB header
2014-10-03 Bill RichardsonConvert vbutil_what_keys to use /bin/sh
2014-09-12 Bill Richardsoncleanup: remove a couple of unused functions and files
2014-09-12 Bill Richardsonfutility: stop using the symlink names in utility scripts
2014-08-29 Bill Richardsoncleanup: remove ancient tests that haven't been run...
2014-08-25 Randall Spanglervboot2: Move vb2_verify_fw inside of futility
2014-08-01 Bill RichardsonUpdate vbutil_what_keys with more sha1sums
2014-07-31 Bill Richardsonfutility: Add remaining vboot binary utilities
2014-07-17 Bill Richardsonfutility: add vbutil_keyblock into the built-in features
2014-07-17 Bill Richardsonfutility: add vbutil_key into the built-in features
2014-07-15 Bill RichardsonCleanup: remove some noisy output from some utilities
2014-07-09 Bill RichardsonSplit libvboot_host.a into external and local libraries.
2014-06-28 Randall SpanglerAdd nvstorage / crossystem support for new vboot2 fields
2014-06-26 Daisuke Nojirivboot2: add a flag to indicate firmware was selected...
2014-06-20 Randall Spanglervboot2: Add end-to-end test of firmware verification
2014-06-19 Randall Spanglervboot2: api-level routines
2014-06-05 Bill RichardsonUse the TPM to back up some of the nvram fields
2014-05-15 Gaurav Shahvbutil_kernel: Add enum for the mips architecture
2014-05-03 Bill RichardsonAdd an nvram flag to block the use of dev mode
2013-10-31 J. Richard BarnetteMake crossystem.h more polite and more useful.
2013-10-23 J. Richard BarnetteAdd a "debug_build" query to crossystem.
2013-08-30 Simon GlassImplementation of Region API
2013-08-29 Yoshiki IguchiRevert "Implementation of Region API"
2013-08-28 Simon GlassImplementation of Region API
2013-08-28 Luigi SemenzatoAvoid exit code overflow for tpmc.
2013-08-22 Hung-Te LinChange flashrom target selection parameter.
2013-04-11 Kees Cookvbutil_kernel: copy zeropage fully
2013-04-09 Bill RichardsonBuild dump_fmap into futility.
2013-04-02 Bill RichardsonMassive refactoring of external header files.
2013-03-29 Bill RichardsonSimplify the exported FindKernelConfig() function.
2013-03-21 Bill RichardsonApply consistent naming scheme for hostlib functions.
2013-03-19 Gabe BlackGet rid of some crufty macros.
2013-03-11 Bill RichardsonWrap all vboot utilities with futility.
2013-02-28 Bill RichardsonRemove the mount-encrypted utility from vboot_reference
2013-02-22 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: issue sync()s between umount stages
2013-02-13 Bill RichardsonRemove hardcoded path in unused chromeos-tpm-recovery...
2013-01-25 Randall SpanglerRemove unused vbutil_ec
2013-01-17 Will Drewrymount-encrypted: expprt nvram contents to tmpfs
2013-01-12 Luigi SemenzatoMake tpmc able to send and receive raw datagrams.
2013-01-12 Randall SpanglerRename files and defines to simplify makefile.
2013-01-11 Randall SpanglerUnify vboot build into a single makefile
2013-01-10 Luigi SemenzatoFix bad free order in tlcl_generator.c.
2012-12-18 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: finalize if keyfile missing
2012-12-18 Bill RichardsonAdd recovery_subcode field to nvstorage and crossystem
2012-12-12 Kees Cooktlcl: move open retry into Tlcl
2012-12-11 Bill RichardsonAddtional -h args to dump_fmap will ignore overlap...
2012-12-10 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: retry TPM open
2012-11-29 Kees CookTlcl: allow OS failures to bubble up to caller
2012-11-27 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: add error reporting to RNG failures
2012-11-26 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: report numeric results on TPM failure
2012-11-02 Mike Frysingerfix linking order
2012-10-16 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: fix mount detection to use device
2012-10-12 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: handle missing TPM on Chrome OS
2012-10-03 Bill RichardsonAllow vbutil_what_keys to examine shellballs too
2012-09-21 Stefan ReinauerAdd CTRL-L in dev screen to support a "legacy boot...
2012-09-13 Hung-Te Linutility: Add "enable_dev_usb_boot".
2012-09-07 Vincent PalatinAllow vbutil_kernel to work on block devices
2012-08-31 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: mount with commit=600
2012-08-28 Bill RichardsonAdd VB_INIT_FLAG_SW_WP_ENABLED to VbInit() input flags.
2012-08-28 Gaurav Shahvbutil_keyblock: Fix argument to PrivateKeyReadPem()
2012-08-22 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: explicitly use uint64_t for sizes
2012-08-18 Bill RichardsonImproved pretty-print for dump_fmap, with gap detection
2012-08-17 Kees Cookmount-encrypted: calculate inode ratio based on final...
2012-08-15 Randall SpanglerAdd clear TPM owner request
2012-08-11 Bernie ThompsonAdd in Kiev FW keys to vbutil_what_keys
2012-08-10 Hung-Te Linbmplk_utility: Libraries should be in end of build...